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Using Chrome-based LinkedIn tools come with a lot of issues, with safety being the number one problem. Looking for an alternative to LinkedHelper? Read more to find out why Chrome extensions are NOT safe and how Expandi stands out from other LinkedIn automation tools.

Why are we talking about LinkedHelper?

LinkedHelper is one of the most popular LinkedIn automation tools that helps people automate their LinkedIn outreach.

However, there’s one issue with it – it’s a Google Chrome Extension.

LinkedIn Helper

As you can see, it’s pretty popular and a lot of people actually like the extension.

So, what’s the problem?

For one, people actually risk getting their LinkedIn profile banned when using this extension! Or any other Chrome Extension for that matter!

It’s no longer available on the Chrome Webstore anymore because of this:

LinkedIn Extension for Chrome

It’s popular, but at the same time – it’s dangerous.

In general, here are some of the other problems LinkedHelper has:

–        SPAM, SPAM, SPAM.

–        Doesn’t work 24/7.

–        Undedicated IP address.

–        Can be detected by LinkedIn.

–        Non-human behavior.

–        High chance of getting banned.

–        Untargeted approach when connecting with people.


Problem With Chrome Extensions

The problem is that LinkedIn detects when people use LinkedIn automation in the forms of Chrome Extensions. This will firstly result in a warning but then LinkedIn will permanently shut down the users’ accounts.

One reason is because these extensions send thousands of messages and connections per day to everyone they find on the platform, which is impossible for a human to do.

That’s how LinkedIn detects spam.

Another reason is that because they don’t give you a dedicated IP address, you may appear at another continent while using the extension, instead of at your actual location.

So you’re on LinkedIn at 5PM in the Netherlands and then at 10PM in China? LinkedIn won’t believe that – especially if it’s a frequent issue!

Overall, LinkedIn hates spam. When people get spammed, they will eventually switch to an alternative platform.

This is why these extensions are against their terms of use.



Another huge reason for cracking down on the use of LinkedIn automation tools is because of GDPR.

Every company, including LinkedIn, is required to protect the privacy of its users.

LinkedIn Automation Chrome extensions are data scrapers and have to scrape personal data from LinkedIn in order for these LinkedIn automation tools to work.

That’s not very GDPR-friendly.

This is the message that you will get if LinkedIn catches you. You wouldn’t like to get that, would you?

LinkedIn Restricted Account

Looking for an alternative?

We  got your back.

Check it out –

LinkedHelper Alternatives:

Chrome Extensions

A lot of automation tools are Chrome-based extensions.

Some other automation tool alternatives you may be familiar with include Dux-Soup, Meet Alfred, WeConnect, Salesflowand many more, which we explore in-depth here.

Dux-Soup can view your LinkedIn prospect profiles for you, endorse their skills, follow their LinkedIn activity and send personalized lead generation messages instead of you.

Meet Alfred is a sales and lead generation software for LinkedIn, email, and Twitter. It covers more ground than most other tools, but this means that you are risking on three fronts.

WeConnect is a LinkedIn automation tool that features analytics, a dashboard, and a timeline that could help you reach your LinkedIn prospects.

Their features may differ, but your account is still at risk of Getting Banned.

This is why Chrome extensions are often unsafe.

As an alternative, you can use –


Cloud-Based tools

Meanwhile, when using a cloud-based tool – you won’t get banned!

Overall, a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool such as Zopto or GrowthLead are safe tools to use, but the safest by far is Expandi.

Expandi safeguards your personal information while being only cloud-based with encrypted HTTPS. Additionally, Expandi’s team continuously maintains its server to avoid attacks.

While using Expandi, the chance of getting banned decreases to almost 0%!

This is because it mimics human behavior by allowing its users to send up to 200 invites and/or messages in one day. This limit is set because we don’t want our customers to get banned!

Another advantage of Expandi is that you can make campaigns (sequences of messages) and even multiple at once!

First, you need to choose who you want to connect with – it can be a targeted approach related to the profession of the person, or their age. Alternatively, you can target one whole company, or simply just the people you may know.

This way, you can make tons of connections by creating personal messages to send (to multiple users at time!) or even a campaign consisting of numerous messages if you wish!

You can reach thousands of new people on autopilot this way, without the fear of getting banned.

And the best of all – Expandi works 24/7!

expandi campaign options

Once you set your desired timeframe to run your campaigns, your messages will be sent even if you don’t turn on your computer. Cool, eh?

Automation with Expandi is not just about connecting with people, it’s also about adding automatic follow ups and creating whole sequences.

expandi performance

See all the differences and why Expandi is the best alternative to LinkedHelper here:

If you want to get better ideas about Expandi, then you can visit our webinar.


Chrome extensions have many advantages but just as many disadvantages.

However, cloud-based tools are clearly superior, with their features.

When it comes to safety, the number one concert for any LinkedIn automation toolExpandi stands above others.

The tool is cloud-based, works 24/7, allows you to send a ton of messages (but still within the limit of LinkedIn), cannot be detected by LinkedIn and decreases your chances of getting banned down to almost 0%.

It’s also affordable, easy-to-use, and offers a ton of unique features.

Interested in the tool and want to give it a try?

Start generating 10x more leads with the safest LinkedIn automation tool now!

Originally published December 12, 2019, updated April 26, 2021


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