Take full control of your sales process. Expandi’s Smart Sequences allow you to create different scenarios for your workflows depending on the prospect’s behavior

Now you can connect with your prospects and increase your chances of replies by using Email and different touch points on LinkedIn within your campaigns

best outreach sequences


Create campaigns combining personalized Emails, connection Invites & InMails all within Expandi

best outreach sequences
best outreach sequences
best outreach sequences
best outreach sequences


Combine 9 different actions in one sequence, define the time delay in between them, and add as many steps as you wish

Visit profile

View your prospect’s LinkedIn profile

Follow profile

Follow your prospect’s LinkedIn profile

Follow company

Follow your prospect’s LinkedIn company page

Skill endoresment

Endorse your prospect’s skills

Connection request

Send an invite to Connect to your 2nd, 3rd-degree and Group connection.

(Followup) Message

Send a LinkedIn message to your 1st-degree connections

Open InMail

Send an InMail to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections directly to their Inbox

Like a post

Like your prospects latest post


Combine Email with your LinkedIn outreach, all in one sequence

Find the right path

Setup conditions in your sequence and create different if/else outcomes based on your leads’ behaviour.

  • If connected
  • If followed you
  • If visited your profile
  • If email opened
  • If email bounced
  • If email clicked
  • If open InMail
  • If post liked
best outreach sequences

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personalized linkedin outreach

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personalized linkedin outreach

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personalized linkedin outreach

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