Join Expandi’s affiliate program

Our Affiliate Program is completely free for you. It takes just a few minutes to set up an affiliate account and start earning a 20% commission on each referred customer’s sign-up, for 12 months from their sign-up date. And the best part? The more referrals you bring, the higher your commission will be!

Increase Your Commission

If you refer up to 10 referrals, you will get 20% commission. For over 10 new Expandi users — 25% commission. If you refer over 20 users — 30%  + Custom commission for VIP Affiliate. 

Transparent Conversion Tracking

Generate your unique ambassador links, share them with your audience, and track sales from your private dashboard in the First Promoter.

Popular and safe software

A cloud-based, competitively priced product that will catch the immediate attention of your prospects. Target anyone that uses LinkedIn for prospecting. Huge audience!

💡Commission Tier applies to all sales from the previous tier as well. 
💡All existing affiliates will complete the previous commission cycle on the old referrals and the new tiers will apply only to the new referral sales generated after this announcement.
💡To apply for our VIP affiliate support program please contact [email protected]


Affiliate Terms and Conditions

As an ambassador, you have the unique opportunity to earn by promoting our services to your network. It’s a fantastic way to spread the word about Expandi and get rewarded for your efforts.

Before you get started, we want to ensure you are familiar with the program’s key terms and conditions:

1. Use Expandi First. Before becoming an ambassador, use Expandi actively for at least 14 days to understand it better.

2. No Self-Referrals. Don’t refer yourself and focus on bringing in new Expandi customers.

3. Conversion Tracking. We use a tracking software, First Promoter, to monitor conversions that result from your unique ambassador link. This method ensures accurate attribution and appropriate compensation for each new customer you refer.

4. No PPC Advertising. Avoid using Pay-Per-Click ads to promote Expandi.

5. 60-Day Cookie. You earn a commission for any purchases made within 60 days after the first click on your affiliate link.

6. Stay Active. If an account shows no activity for three months, it may be terminated. Keep promoting Expandi regularly to keep your affiliate account active.

7. Follow the Rules. You must follow our Ambassador Terms carefully. If you violate or misuse them, we may immediately terminate your ambassador account. We do this to maintain a fair and ethical ambassador program.

8. Promotional Responsibilities. As an ambassador, your task is to authentically promote Expandi to your network. This responsibility serves our mutual interest and promotes overall growth.

9. Conversion Criteria. Conversion is only counted once your referral becomes a paid customer. Please note, free trial users and customers refunded within our 7-day money-back guarantee do not count towards conversions.

10. Payout Timetable. We pay out ambassador earnings on the 15th of each month for the previous month’s earnings.

11. Minimum Earnings. You should earn at least €100 before receiving a payout.

12. Use Your Unique Links.  Share your referral link for trackable leads and proper commission. Only purchases made through your link will be considered for a commission. 

13. Tier Review. We review affiliate performance every month and adjust tiers based on churn and new revenue added by the affiliate. Therefore, please note that an affiliate tier may be downgraded.

14. Dispute Resolution. Any disputes will be reviewed by Expandi, and their decision will be final.

 Thank you for your interest in the Expandi Ambassador Program! Hope to see you in the top 10 Expandi ambassadors very soon!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us: