The Safest Approach To Automating LinkedIn Lead Generation

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LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation is Constantly Changing

According to a State of B2B Marketing Report from Wpromote, 89% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn for lead generation, and 62% say it generates them leads, over two times more than the next-highest social channel. At a time when connecting with the right audience and reporting accurately on results are top marketing priorities, LinkedIn helps you do both, with robust professional targeting filters and in-depth analytics.

Expandi Is Trusted By 12,500+ Professionals

Sales and marketing professionals

You know the importance of following up. With Expandi, you can use automation to connect, nurture, follow up, and convert leads without you sending each message manually.

Human resources
and recruiters

Using LinkedIn automation is one of the best alternatives to not paying $825/mo for LinkedIn recruiter. Find the right people fast and take talent acquisition to the next level.

Growth hackers and lead generation agencies

Manage more than one LinkedIn account? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the data. With Expandi, you control all of your clients and see the analytics — all in one place.


Set up a lead generation campaign and watch the leads fly in! Alternatively, pass the tool to your sales teams to increase productivity while you work on your business, instead of in it.

Supercharge Your Lead Generation LinkedIn Campaigns

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Everyone in Expandi gets a dedicated IP address when they select their country of origin (or location). This helps our algorithm ensures your account stays safe.

Expandi lives in the cloud. You won’t have to have your computer turned on 24/7 and your campaigns will be running even if you’re sleeping.

Expandi helps you automatically warm up your account before jumping into lead generation. This simple but powerful feature significantly reduces the chances of getting your LinkedIn account suspended.

You can create as simple or sophisticated lead generation campaigns as you want. Integrate with any workflow you want and push your lead data with Zapier or Make.

“I’ve tried every single LinkedIn tool under the sun… The reality is, nothing is safer and more effective than Expandi”

Houston Golden, founder of BAMF

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linkedin b2b lead generation

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

Lindsey Mattinson
Career Coach

Amazing customer service. I just started my coaching business a few months ago and decided to try Expandi as part of my LinkedIn marketing outreach. I have to say, it has been a really great tool to help me in my automation efforts. Initially, I had a lot of questions when I was just starting out, but Expandi’s customer support team was always responsive and quick to help me find a resolution. Highly recommend!

Matthew Cretzman
CMO & Growth Hacker

Expandi is the best platform out there. I’ve used a couple in the past but this one has gotten me my best acceptance in response rates ever — just under 70%. All because of the features they have that others don’t. Not to mention the killer service from guys like Stefan Smulders. You won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

Carsten Schaefer
Founder & CEO Of

I am using and it’s working like a charm. Support is fast and outstanding.

Matteo Mirabella
Growth Partnership Agency

Expandi is outstanding. I loved it since the first moment! Support 24h, and it’s great UX for agencies managing multiple accounts. I would spend a word also for the webhooks, you can integrate it with almost anything you need to make lead generation.

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Why Generate B2B Leads With Expandi?

Warm-up mode

Integration with LinkedIn Premium & Sales Navigator

Connect any email provider

Personalized Invites to Connect, Messages, InMails and Emails

Detailed metrics and reporting

Duplication security

A/B Testing

Mimics human behavior

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Common Questions On Using LinkedIn For B2B Lead Generation

LinkedIn B2B lead generation is the process of using LinkedIn to generate, reach out to, nurture, and eventually, convert leads on the platform to customers. There are many different ways you can generate leads on LinkedIn. But at the end of the day, using automated lead generation is one of the best ways to save a lot of time and money in the long run.

Doing lead generation on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to scale your B2B company. When getting started with LinkedIn lead generation, you should:

  1. Optimize your profile for outreach based on your target audience.
  2. Define your ideal customer persona.
  3. Experiment with different LinkedIn filters and Sales Navigator settings to look for leads on LinkedIn.
  4. Craft the right outreach template.
  5. Use automation to save a lot of time on manual actions such as sending connection requests or follow-ups.

Good question!
It largely depends on the tool. As a rule of thumb, it’s not recommended to use browser-based tools, as they’re significantly easier for LinkedIn to detect. That’s because they take control of your actions from your browser. Meanwhile, if you use a cloud-based LinkedIn automation solution, take it slow, warm up your account, and follow the best automation safety practices, your LinkedIn account should be safe.

Essentially, you can automate certain LinkedIn actions that otherwise take a lot of time when done manually. This includes LinkedIn lead generation tasks such as scraping potential customers’ info in a bulk, sending connection requests, sending follow-ups, liking their posts, and so on. Using merge tags for personalization, you can use automation to save time while still producing valuable lead data.

When using automation to generate leads on LinkedIn, it’s essential you’re following the best safety practices so you don’t get your account suspended. These best practices include:

  1. Starting slow and warming up your LinkedIn profile.
    Using the best, proven outreach templates that get you the highest acceptance rates possible.
  2. Using personalization so that your outreach is human and not spammy.
  3. Considering Sales Navigator to find even more specific leads.
  4. Using the right LinkedIn automation tools such as Expandi that won’t get your account restricted.

Start Generating Leads Today And Expand Your Outreach

Stop wasting your precious time on manually generating leads. Get started with a free, 7-day trial to see how Expandi can level up your lead generation.


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