Tired of Lemlist? Here are the 3 Best Lemlist Alternatives To Consider [In-Depth Review]

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Lemlist can be a great email outreach software for some, while others will find it’s simply not their cup of tea.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of the top Lemlist alternatives. 

We’ve analyzed and compared their:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Best use cases

That way, we’ll make finding the perfect sales engagement tool much easier for you.

But, first things first: we’ll quickly review Lemlist’s strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between to provide you with a better understanding of how Lemlist compares to its competitors.

Here’s what we’ll cover in detail:

And if you’re in a hurry, here’s a summary of our findings:


  • Lemlist is an email outreach tool designed for creating personalized email campaigns. However, its functionality is too basic for anyone except micro teams and individual marketers with relatively modest outreach needs.
  • Email outreach isn’t everything — LinkedIn is the best channel for B2B leads. Expandi is the perfect choice for all types of users that need a cutting-edge solution for hyper-personalized LinkedIn outreach. You can give Expandi a go with a 7-day free trial.
  • Right Inbox is a budget option best suited for individuals and small teams that need a tool for email outreach alone.
  • Reply.io is a multichannel sales engagement platform with a pretty hefty price tag. It’s best at automating and optimizing cold email campaigns. Its options for managing other outreach channels are rather underdeveloped.
  • SalesHandy is a user-friendly email outreach software solution fit for users that need an elementary email outreach tool

An alternative for those wanting to try an omnichannel approach — Expandi

An omnichannel approach allows you to engage with leads through multiple channels — increasing your chances of success. 

Expandi is a cloud-based sales engagement platform that creates and runs hyper-personalized LinkedIn campaigns for optimal outreach results. Expandi can send follow-up emails as part of a campaign sequence — making it the best omnichannel outreach tool. 

Expandi has numerous versatile functionality that enables it to excel in providing users with high-quality leads. It’s also the best omnichannel platform for outreach.

Why choose Expandi over Lemlist?

  • It has advanced automation options — Unlike Lemlist, Expandi can automate smart sequences on LinkedIn, allowing you to define what activity will trigger which action and set up conditional steps. That way, you can create elaborate and personalized outreach campaigns that never fail to deliver a steady stream of qualified leads on autopilot. Moreover, there are options to include automated email follow-ups as a step in your campaign.

A screenshot of Expandi's smart sequences

  • It’s safe to use on LinkedIn — Since Expandi is cloud-based, you don’t need to download an extension for the platform to work. Additionally, Expandi takes numerous other measures to keep your account safe. These measures include:
    • Providing each user with a dedicated IP address. This minimizes the chances that LinkedIn’s algorithms will view your account as suspicious. 
    • Mimicking human behavior. Expandi does this by adding delays between various actions (like viewing a profile), gradually warming up new or previously inactive LinkedIn profiles, withdrawing pending requests, setting up working hours and time zones, etc.
    • Having smart safety limits that limit you to 100 connection requests and 100 messages per day. Even with these limits, you’ll still get to send way more requests and messages than LinkedIn’s weekly limits normally allow. Expandi lets you customize your own daily activity limits within this range.

A screenshot of Expandi's settings

  • It has excellent scraping features — Expandi can find and extract all the data you need and capture streams of highly-targeted leads from LinkedIn posts, polls, groups, and events. You can even scrape your profile viewers.

A screenshot of Expandi's new search options

  • It provides detailed and comprehensive analytics reports — Expandi tracks all the vital lead generation metrics for you and packs them into easy-to-navigate reports. This is especially significant for agencies that need a straightforward way to show their clients some tangible results.
  • It enables you to hyper-personalize each message and connection request you send — Expandi allows you to send customized images and GIFs to each lead, among other things. You can also send follow-ups.

A screenshot of a LinkedIn message created with Expandi

  • Expandi offers many integrations — Including integrations with Zapier, Google Sheets, and many popular CRMs.
  • Expandi has an exceptionally user-friendly interface backed up with excellent customer support — In addition to having a customer support team available around the clock, Expandi also has a help center, video blog, LinkedIn Outreach Academy, and free eBooks like:

How do Expandi and Lemlist compare in price?

Expandi has one pricing plan at $99 per user per month. There are no hidden extra costs or set-up fees.

A screenshot of Expandi's pricing

This package includes all of Expandi’s numerous features plus unlimited access to all its learning resources. 

And if you’re unsure whether Expandi is right for you, there’s a 7-day free trial that allows you to try it out before making a decision.

Also, If your business needs accounts for multiple users, Expandi offers a group discount. 

Who is Expandi for?

Expandi’s cutting-edge and versatile functionality, backed with a user-friendly interface and military-grade support, makes it an ideal sales engagement platform for many types of users.

In addition, Expandi’s features are fine-tuned to LinkedIn outreach.

That’s why Expandi is a perfect choice for all professionals who focus their efforts on this channel, including:

  • Individual marketers
  • Sales and marketing teams
  • Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs 
  • Agencies that juggle multiple clients

Curious if Expandi can deliver swarms of hot new leads to your business?

Start Expandi’s free 7-day trial today and find out.

Or, maybe you want a more traditional alternative. Like one of these…

Why people are abandoning Lemlist

Lemlist is a cold email outreach and sales engagement platform, but its functionality may be a little too basic for more advanced users, as we’ll shortly see.

Namely, Lemlist focuses almost entirely on email marketing. Because of that, it can’t really be considered a multichannel sales engagement platform.

A screenshot of Lemlist

This is a pain point for many users who need a more sophisticated email outreach and sales engagement solution.

What’s good about Lemlist?

  • It emphasizes personalization — With Lemlist, you can create custom images, videos, and even landing pages tailored to each lead. It also has a Liquid Syntax feature that enables users to create and send entire batches of personalized emails. Liquid Syntax is an excellent solution for users who run email campaigns at scale. 

A screenshot of Lemlist's follow up email dashboard

  • It has an email address and domain warmup solution called Lemwarm — Lemwarm helps you build a warmup strategy around your industry, goals, target audience, and domain age. The main purpose of this is to keep your emails away from the spam folder and increase their deliverability. 
  • It has some sales engagement features — For example, users can make cold calls directly in the app, assign tasks to team members (which is a nifty thing for sales teams), and create multichannel sequences. Keep in mind, though, that the only thing Lemlist can automate is email campaigns. You’ll need to do everything else manually.

A screenshot of Lemlist in action

  • It can test email deliverability in real time — Lemlist achieves this by sending an email preview to its email server to try it against spam. This feature is still experimental, though, so some bugs are to be expected when using it.

What’s not so good about Lemlist?

  • It doesn’t have a particularly user-friendly interface — After its last update, more than one user complained about Lemlist’s UI being pretty complex to navigate. To make matters worse, there aren’t enough learning resources for new users who need help with onboarding.
  • No advanced automation — There aren’t any options for setting up smart conditional steps. Consequently, users won’t be able to create complex flows and elaborate campaigns. Moreover, it cannot effectively automate LinkedIn. 
  • Its scraping features are pretty lacking — To extract data from LinkedIn, you need a Chrome extension (which is a fast way to get restricted on LinkedIn), and even then, you won’t get your leads’ email addresses. If you want these as well, you’ll have to integrate Lemlist with DropContact first.
  • Its email reporting analytics feature is faulty — Lemlist’s reports lack vital metrics and are pretty difficult to comprehend if you aren’t a data scientist. 

How much does Lemlist cost?

Lemlist has two pricing plans with defined prices — $59 and $99 per user per month. 

Agencies are charged a custom price tailored to their size and requirements.

A screenshot of Lemlist's pricing

We should note that cold calling, custom landing pages, and videos are only available with the Sales Engagement plan.

Lemlist also has two separate plans for users who want only email domain warmup:

  1. Essential — At $29 
  2. Smart — At $49 per month

A screenshot of Lemlist's email domain warmup pricing

If you opt for one of the standard Lemlist plans, you’ll get a $29 discount on Lemwarm per seat per month. 

A screenshot of Lemwarm's pricing


Lemlist also offers a 2-week free trial.

Who is Lemlist for? Who isn’t it for?

In truth, Lemlist is a far cry from a true multichannel sales engagement platform.

Its only real strength lies in creating email outreach campaigns and enabling personalization to an extent.

Its lack of sophisticated features makes it a poor choice for advanced users.

On the other hand, smaller sales and marketing teams that need email outreach software first and foremost could benefit from Lemlist.

Think Lemlist may not be for you? Check out these alternatives…

Lemlist alternative #1. — Right Inbox

A screenshot of Right Inbox

Right Inbox is an email tracking tool with options for automating basic email outreach campaigns.

However, we should note that it is a Chrome extension that works with Gmail alone.

Why choose Right Inbox over Lemlist?

  • It tracks who opened your email and clicked your email links — Right Inbox will notify you when someone opens your email and tell you how they interact with it. That way, you’ll get a clear insight into what emails, schedules, and strategies work best with your leads. 

A screenshot of Right Inbox's email options

  • You can schedule the sending of emails and follow-ups — You can also sync your mail with different time zones to ensure leads will get your email at the right time for them.
  • You can add private notes to your email that will be visible to you alone — You can also set up reminders so that you won’t overlook an important conversation or follow-up.
  • You can automate the sending of recurring emails — You can set your sending frequency, select the specific days and times when you want them sent, and adjust the time zone they are sent from.

How do Right Inbox and Lemlist compare in price?

Right Inbox does offer a free-forever plan. However, it’s limited to five emails per month.

Moreover, features like automated email sequences, recurring emails, and CRM integrations are excluded from this plan.

A screenshot of Right Inbox's pricing

Right Inbox’s paid-for plans cost $7.95 and $14.95 per month when billed annually. Both have unlimited emails. 

Teams get a discount on this price.

However, as appealing as Right Inbox’s prices may seem, you should know that the Personal plan also omits all the automation functions. 

So, if you’re looking for email outreach software that can automate email outreach campaigns, you’ll have to go with the more expensive plan.

Moreover, its automation isn’t exactly cutting-edge.

Who is Right Inbox for?

Right Inbox doesn’t have that many sophisticated features, which is probably why it’s so affordable.

It’s designed for email tracking and basic email automation. And in this niche, Right Inbox is an entirely decent option.

Individual marketers and micro teams that are just setting out on their email outreach journeys (and would like to pinch a few bucks) could do just fine with Right Inbox. 

It’s not suited to more sophisticated use cases, however. 

Lemlist alternative #2. — Reply.io

A screenshot of Reply.io

Reply.io is a multichannel sales engagement platform that emphasizes cold email outreach and email outreach.

In addition to automating email outreach campaigns, Reply.io has options for automating LinkedIn to an extent and making in-app cold calls.

Why choose Reply.io over Lemlist?

  • It’s better at scraping email addresses from LinkedIn — But it also needs a Chrome extension to do it. In addition, it has options for verifying email addresses and phone numbers (from certain countries).
  • It has some LinkedIn automation options — Reply.io can automate several LinkedIn actions, such as sending messages and connection requests, liking recent posts, and viewing profiles. However, this feature requires you to download a Chrome extension, and you’re limited to no more than 30 of each activity per day.
  • In addition to making cold calls, you can also send SMS and WhatsApp messages in the app — This comes in handy when nurturing leads.

A screenshot of Reply.io's sequence building

  • It has AI-powered features that enable automatic email categorization — Reply.io evaluates emails based on several factors and suggests an appropriate action based on prospects’ activities. 

How do Reply.io and Lemlist compare in price?

Reply.io’s pricing is a little complicated because they have different plans for sales engagement, email search, and email warmup. 

If you want LinkedIn automation thrown in, it will cost you an extra $49 per month for each LinkedIn account you connect. 

When it comes to Reply.io’s sales engagement plans, there are three in total. You can see them in the image below. 

A screenshot of Reply.io's pricing

The most affordable plan omits multichannel campaigns, which immediately excludes it as an option for more advanced users. 

If you opt for the Custom plan, you’ll get to connect one LinkedIn account and use Reply.io’s automation features on it for free.

The Professional and Custom plans include email warmups in their packages. Subscribers of the Starter plan will have to pay extra for it.

Email warmup costs $29 per email account per month. You can opt for this package alone if an email domain or address warmup is all you need.

A screenshot of Reply.io's email warmup plan

The email search solution also has three plans in total: 

  1. The free version — This plan includes up to 200 email searches
  2. Advanced — This plan costs $49 for 5000 email searches
  3. Unlimited — This plan costs $99 for unlimited email searches

A screenshot of Reply.io's sales engagement plans

The Unlimited search plan is free for users who buy any of the annual sales engagement plans.

Reply.io also has a 14-day free trial for all of its plans.

Who is Reply.io for?

Reply.io is more sophisticated than Lemlist, particularly when it comes to LinkedIn automation options.

Its ability to send SMS and WhatsApp messages, besides making cold calls, makes it a more comprehensive multichannel sales engagement platform than Lemlist.

However, Reply.io isn’t the most affordable tool out there.

Namely, its standard plans omit some of Reply.io’s most attractive features, and you’ll have to pay extra if you want things like LinkedIn automation and email search and warmup.

So, Reply.io is only a viable option for big sales teams and agencies that:

  1. Want a sales engagement tool optimized for email outreach and outreach
  2. Have a liberal budget that allows opting for this tool

Lemlist alternative #3. — SalesHandy

A screenshot of SalesHandy

SalesHandy is an email outreach tool that optimizes and automates cold email outreach campaigns. 

In addition, it can also scrape email addresses from LinkedIn profiles via a Chrome extension (are you sensing a theme with the Chrome extensions?).

Why choose SalesHandy over Lemlist?

  • It has a very user-friendly interface — SalesHandy is exceptionally easy to use, mostly thanks to the fact that it doesn’t have too many features. That makes its interface clean, simple, and effortless to navigate.
  • It has options for creating an Email Preheader — This provides prospects with a preview of your email. Writing a compelling email preview that summarizes what your email is all about is a great way to increase your email open rate.

A screenshot of SalesHandy's email functionality

  • It delivers basic yet easy-to-understand email reporting analytics — Unlike Lemlist, SalesHandy has direct and comprehensive reports on essential statistics that help users keep track of important metrics.
  • It has a real-time AI writing assistant to help you write optimal email copy — It scans for any spammy words and provides suggestions for things to personalize so that your emails stay out of the spam folder. 

How do SalesHandy and Lemlist compare in price?

SalesHandy has four pricing plans:

  • Basic At $34 per month
  • Pro At $94 per month
  • Scale At $179 per month
  • Custom At a custom price

Lemlist alternatives

Each plan allows users to connect as many email addresses as they want.

However, there are limits on the number of emails you can send per month, the total number of prospects you can have in SalesHandy, and the number of verification credits you get. 

These numbers vary depending on the plan you choose.

Moreover, the number of prospects and verification credits you get does not renew monthly.

So, if you exceed the number of prospects, you’ll be charged pro rata for each additional prospect.

And if you need more verification credits, you can buy another 30,000 for $60.

A screenshot of SalesHandy's sales verification plan

Who is SalesHandy for?

SalesHandy has a fairly limited number of functionalities, and they are all focused on email outreach. Due to that, users with more complex and advanced needs won’t find SalesHandy to be a match.

On the other hand, SalesHandy has a very user-friendly interface and multiple pricing plans that can fit various budgets.

In addition, it has an unlimited number of email addresses and team members included in each package.

All this combined makes SalesHandy a rather attractive option for teams and start-ups with less sophisticated needs.

Final thoughts: Lemlist alternatives

There you have it — the ultimate list of the best Lemlist alternatives. 

We’ve included platforms with different core functions, price ranges, and optimal use cases.

That way, users of all kinds, needs, and sizes will be able to find the ultimate sales engagement tool that fits them like a glove.

Users focusing on email outreach and outreach alone can do equally well with Right Inbox, Reply.io, and SalesHandy. The final decision will depend solely on your team size and requirements.

On the other hand, agencies, teams, and individual marketers looking for a way to master their LinkedIn outreach should go with Expandi.

Expandi is a cloud-based LinkedIn outreach solution that can personalize and run your outreach efforts on autopilot.

Sign up for Expandi’s free 7-day trial and start rocking your outreach game today.


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