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We are an amazing international team of 30+ young professionals. Our mission is to make social selling outreach easy and accessible.

Meet the team

Our software helps customers to supercharge their automated LinkedIn outreach game


Personal Growth

You are not a number. We value personal growth and ambitions. With the right mentality, the opportunities are endless.

International Team

We have an international and diverse team of tech, creatives & more commercial roles.

Freedom and Responsibility

You get lots of freedom to grow and stretch yourself to the max. You will have a direct impact on the growth of our company and on our clients.


Life at Expandi

“Joining Expandi after graduating has not only helped me grow professionally, but I have watched Expandi grow with me.”

Amy Bateson, Marketing Manager

“We strive to help our customers in a timely fashion. Is it time you gave it a go?”

Ivan Spasov, Product Owner

“Working at Expandi, I have built strong professional connections as well as great personal relationships within our family. We would love for you to join it!”

Sharon van Donkelaar, Customer Relationships Manager

You are the pilot of your own career, and let us be your co-pilot

What holds us together


Our customers’ challenges are our challenges. To spot and seize an opportunity and push it to the finish line, you need guts and you need grit.

Energy & Drive

Nobody tells us it cannot be done. Where others see adversity, we see adventure. Aligning our own purpose with the company ambition fuels the energy we need to be successful. Starting with the end already in mind.

Open & Honest

We are fully open in how we work. Within our (customer) team, we communicate every step of the way.


We believe teamwork is more than the sum of each team-member’s talents and contributions.

Perks and benefits

We do everything we can to provide our People with the tools, coverage, and policies necessary for professional success and personal well-being.

Competitive Salary

Quarterly Bonuses

Provided Office Equipment

Seasonal Healthy Snacks

Monthly Team Building

Quarterly Learning Opportunity

Open roles

We’re looking for passionate people to join the Expandi family.

Sales Representative


Located Netherlands, Eindhoven

Technical Customer Support


Located Anywhere

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Sharon van Donkelaar

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