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Amy will give a quick product tour covering some of the use cases of Expandi. Let’s see if Expandi l is right for your outreach today.

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Common questions

How are we different?

Custom Campaign

Build your own campaign with the touch points and actions that suit your outreach

A/B Test

Easily test campaign strategies with A/B testing capabilities

Scrape LinkedIn Posts

See who has liked & commented on any post on linkedin and easily outreach them


Certain companies you want to avoid outreaching? Upload your list directly in Expandi


For highly efficient campaigns, Expandi should be well integrated tool to your current infrastructure using webhooks

Event Campaigns

Invite people to & message attendees of your LinkedIn event

Reliable software you can trust

Because of the dedicated country based IP address, smart limits, delay between actions, blacklisted contacts and auto-warm up feature, you won’t find a safer LinkedIn automation tool.

linkedin outreach

Your own dedicated country-based IP-address

A new proxy IP address is assigned to each account and our algorithm mimics human behavior.

personalized linkedin outreach

Delay between actions

Randomized delays between actions, to replicate human behavior.

automate linkedin outreach


This means that it isn’t required to have your computer turned on. It runs 24/7 in the cloud (or on specific times, depending on your settings).

personalized linkedin outreach

Smart limits

Allowing our users to send up to 100 invites and 100 messages in one day. We also withdraw your pending invites on autopilot.

linkedin outreach

Auto-warm up feature

This will ensure that your daily campaign limits will gradually increase every day to mimic human behavior even better.

personalized linkedin outreach

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