Growth Hack for Lead Gen Agencies to Generate Clients on Indeed Automatically 

4 mins

Only 5% of people you outreach need your lead gen service right now. 

95% of others don’t (for a million  reasons). 

Sad reality… but how to increase this 5%, so whenever you run outreach campaigns you connect with relevant people who need your help? 

Solution: find companies who are looking for outreach specialists in-house ->  offer your services that may be useful to them!

Here is why: 

  1. B2B brands who are hiring “outreach specialists” have already run outbound campaigns, so you don’t need to explain why it’s important. They know it. 
  2. Such companies have money they want to invest in the outbound game. 
  3. You can show your outreach skills by using a “buyer intent” technique in real life. 

To increase your chances of success, use this combination of tools: 

  1. Indeed to find companies who are hiring outreach specialists 
  2. Browse AI to scrape them
  3. Google Sheets formula to find decision-makers 
  4. Expandi to reach out to them 

So let’s start with finding relevant companies!

Step #1 Find relevant companies

At this stage, we are going to search for companies who are hiring specialists on Indeed. 

how to get digital marketing leads from indeed

We put the title of the person they want to hire (in this case it’s a “LinkedIn outreach” specialist) and some extra filters, such as location, type of work (remote/hybrid), and so on. 

how to search for leads on indeed

Once we do this, we have a list of companies seeking new specialists. Now we just need to copy the URL of this search. 

automate leads from indeed

It’s time to scrape this information! 

Step #2 Scrape with Browse AI

There are tons of scraping products on the market. I choose Browse AI since it’s easy to use. Also, it’ll be free to scrape data for this specific use case. 

Once you create an account on Browse AI, click on “Create a new robot”: 

how to get free leads from indeed

Choose the type of scraping. We want to scrape not only companies who are looking for “LinkedIn outreach” specialists right now but also in 1 week and in 1 month.

Our goal is to reach out to every new company that is starting to hire, so we choose “Monitor Site Changes”. 

how to get digital marketing leads from indeed

We put the URL we got from Indeed in the Broswe AI set up and click “Start recording”: 

how to search for leads on indeed

Browse AI will open a new tab, so click on the “robot” button on the top right side, then click on “Capture List”: 

automate leads from indeed

Now we need to choose what information we want to scrape. In our case we want to know the title of the person they are looking for, Company name, and some extra details. 

how to get free leads from indeed

Once you finish with it, you can double-check the results:

how to get digital marketing leads from indeed

Since we want Browse AI to constantly monitor Indeed, we set up a schedule for  future scraping actions. In our case, I want the robot to automatically scrape new job listings every day: 

how to search for leads on indeed

As a result, Browse AI will return you the list of scraping data that you can download as a CSV file: 

automate leads from indeed

But since we want the data scraping to work as an ongoing process, we need to set up a Google Sheet integration. 

Step #3 Integrate Browse AI with Google Sheets 

The scraping is done. And like every other salesperson, we don’t want to open Browse AI and download CSV files every day. We want to have all the info in the Google Sheets! 

#1 For this, we need to go to the Integrations page and click on “Google Sheets” 

how to get free leads from indeed

#2 Choose the Google Account and create a new Sheet for this particular purpose: 

how to get digital marketing leads from indeed

#3 So now when the robot does the scraping…

how to search for leads on indeed

#4 … it’ll update the Google Sheets file you’ve created: 

Step #4 Find decision-makers

We have a Google Sheet (that is updated dynamically) with companies who are hiring. Now let’s find decision-makers! 

how to get free leads from indeed

We’ll use a FREE Google Sheets Formula to find CEOs. 

Here is how to implement it (again, absolutely FREE). 

So, once you install this new formula, you’ll be able to use “=getPerson(Name of the company)” function: 

how to get digital marketing leads from indeed

In a matter of seconds, it’ll find you the company’s CEO name & LinkedIn profile: 

how to search for leads on indeed

It’s time to reach out to them! 

Step #5 LinkedIn outreach with Expandi

We have everything to start LinkedIn outbound magic! 

Once you sign up for Expandi, you have 7 days to try it for FREE (all features included!). I’ll show you only 1 approach, but you can use your creativity & go wild with Smart Sequences and Image personalisation. 

I’ll use “Mobile connector”, our newest feature that lets you 2x-3x your LinkedIn connection request limits. 

automate leads from indeed

In a few words, Expandi can send connection requests not only via the web browser but also via mobile devices (that shows a positive signal to LinkedIn and after 6 months of testing we can say, Mobile Connector 2x-3x your limits easily!)

Here is a small graph (of my own making) that explains how limits with Mobile Connector work: 

how to get free leads from indeed

Ok, now let’s move to the text templates I’d use: 

how to get digital marketing leads from indeed

And the follow-up: 

how to search for leads on indeed


If you’re reading this, here are a few more useful things:

  1. Sign up for Expandi Free Trial
  2. Connect with me on LinkedIn
  3. Join our LinkedIn Outreach Family community (we share a lot of exclusive things here)


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