18 LinkedIn recruiter message templates to 2x candidates’ responses

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A social platform full of top-notch professionals that’s designed for networking and recruiting is none other than LinkedIn. It has been a recruiter-favorite since time immemorial.

But lately, the platform’s ever-growing number of active and passive candidates has made getting responses seem impossible.

So, if you’re one of those recruiters struggling to cut through the noise–we have news for you. Templates!

A LinkedIn recruiter message template with a tinge of uniqueness can fetch you promising response rates of up to 74% or more.

Is that number even possible, you ask?

Expandi has achieved a 74.2% response rate for an SDR hiring campaign on LinkedIn using a purely outreach process. Read about it here

This guide shows you 18 tested, copy-pastable recruiter message templates you can use immediately to find your “purple squirrel.”

5 tips on how to craft effective LinkedIn recruiter messages

Before exploring the templates, here are five helpful LinkedIn messaging tips to keep in mind:

Tip 1: Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes  

Imagine you’re the candidate and receive a recruiter’s message. What would stir you to open it, read through it, and respond? Is it the way it is structured, or is it the specificity? Implement the same into your messaging to see better results.

Tip 2: Include personalizations 

Candidates are people, too, and love receiving warm, personalized LinkedIn connection requests. 

Try adding simple personalizations like addressing candidates by their first names, opening with a personal hook (congratulating their new certificate or course completion, promotion, etc.), and using creative GIFs and personalized images like so:

linkedin subject line to recruiter examples

Give candidates something to remember you by with dynamic GIFs and images. Going the extra mile with personalization shows candidates your seriousness in filling up the position, and they are more likely to connect with you ASAP.

But wait, curating personal hooks and openers for each and every potential candidate can be taxing. And that’s until ChatGPT comes into the picture.

Did you know the AI-led ChatGPT can be your recruiting assistant? Learn how to harness AI’s power to create LinkedIn connection messaging hooks effortlessly.

Tip 3: Be clear and concise on your intention for reaching out

Without beating around the bush, once you’ve established the candidate’s skills and interests, get straight to explaining:

  • What the open role is about.
  • What skills made you reach them.
  • Who your ideal candidate is.
  • What do you look for in this role.
  • What are the next steps.

These make it crystal clear for you and the candidate if the opportunity and connection is worth pursuing or if you should part ways.

Tip 4: Avoid asking too many questions 

Remember that you’re reaching out to a potential candidate, not vice versa. So always respect their time and commitment to answering your questions. 

Never go overboard asking back-and-forth questions, and make the LinkedIn connection feel like a job interview. Ask only for relevant details. For example, whether they want to discuss the opportunity further or not. 

Tip 5: Provide a clear call-to-action 

End every LinkedIn message with a clear CTA. This way, candidates know what’s next and aren’t left hanging. For example, ask them to reply with “Yes” to suggest interest, fill out a short form, or email them their CV.

A bad and a good LinkedIn recruiter message example:

The bad:

  • Generalized greeting with no personalization. 
  • No role explanations.
  • No mention of job requirements. 
  • Leads to two CTAs – confusing the reader.

LinkedIn recruiter template messages

 The good:

  • Personalized with first name.
  • Short and clear on the intention.
  • Clear CTA.
  • Does not ask too many questions. 

recruiter linkedin message template

18 LinkedIn recruiter message templates you cannot miss

Here are 18 ready-to-send message templates for a LinkedIn recruiter:

1. The introduction 

Send candidates a warm outreach message instead of a cold one to stand out. Introduce yourself, your company, and recent milestones. Keep this brief and ask them if they’re open to learning more about your company and offer.

Purpose: Breaking the ice

Key elements: Greeting, introduction, and brief company/role overview.

Response rate range: 10 to 20%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

I’m a [your position] at [company].

I hope you’re having a great week. I landed on your profile while looking for candidates with [skill 1] and [skill 2]. 

And I must say, you have a great track record of working with two Fortune 500 companies.

A little about [company]. We [were a bootstrapped eCommerce SaaS company in 2020 and now have Series A funding], so we’re looking to expand our team with people like you!

Let me know when you’re available to chat for a few minutes. 

Hoping to talk soon!

[Your name]“

2. The opportunity 

This template gets straight to the point, talking about company benefits and work culture, so candidates are attracted to apply or respond. 

Purpose: Highlighting the job opportunity

Key elements: Job role, benefits, and company culture

Response rate range: 15-25%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

Here’s an amazing opportunity to work with [company] you cannot miss, and we mean it!

I’m a recruiter at [company], and couldn’t help but notice your experience serving as a [role] at leading companies as a remote employee.

We at [company] welcome folks from all backgrounds and promote remote work. I strongly believe this opportunity would excite you – let me know if I’m wrong!

Feel free to message me anytime to talk more about this.

[Your name]”

3. The flattery 

A little flattery can go a long way in getting candidates to respond. After all, your potential candidates would love to hear praises. 

Purpose: Complimenting the candidate

Key elements: Acknowledging their skills, achievements, and personal milestones. 

Response rate range: 12-18%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

Came across your recent LinkedIn post that you’re back from maternity leave and ready to take up new roles. Firstly, congratulations! It takes grit to get back and rolling with work being a new mother.

I’m a recruiter at [company] and am super impressed by what your past clients say about you.

I’d love to talk to you about our company’s recent opening for [role]. Can we chat for a few minutes?

[Your name]”

4. The referral 

Did someone drop in a referral? There’s no better way to break the ice than opening with this hook and getting them to respond.

Purpose: Mentioning a mutual connection

Key elements: Reference, common connection, and job details 

Response rate range: 15-25%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

[Mutual connection name] referred me to you to fill up the position of a [role] at our company [company name]. He/she has been our go-to for all things related to marketing.

And looking at your skills and experience, I must say this was a great referral.

If you’re interested and looking to upgrade your current role, drop me a message anytime!

[Your name]”

5. The industry expert 

It’s okay to brag a little about your company’s stance and expertise. Give numbers if you can, but don’t go overboard with them.

Purpose: Positioning yourself as an industry expert

Key elements: Industry insights, trends, and job relevance

Response rate range: 10-15%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

I hope you’re having a great week! 

Glad to see you’re a MarTech enthusiast, just like us at [company name].

At [company name], our in-house MarTech experts have contributed to industry insights through publications like Forbes, Harvard Business Review, and more.

We would love to have collaborative mindsets like yours to work at our company alongside such professionals.

I’d love to discuss your skills in depth. Can we chat for a bit?

[Your name]“

6. The benefits 

This template lets you drop the job benefits or salary expectations and get candidates interested in learning more. They’d appreciate you for being transparent.

Purpose: Emphasizing what the candidate gains

Key elements: Salary, benefits, and growth opportunities

Response rate range: 12-20%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

I’m [your name], a [role] at [company name]. We’re looking for a strategic and worthy Marketing Manager like yourself, bringing me to your profile.

Our company boasts of offering salaries that are above market standards. So we’d love you to quote us your expectations.

Let me know if we can discuss this soon!

[Your name]“

7. The short and sweet 

A LinkedIn recruiter message is not an ideal place to go on and on about your company or recent wins, especially if you’re contacting someone for the first time. So, be direct and precise, and candidates will love it.

Purpose: A concise and direct message

Key elements: Job title, brief introduction, and a clear call to action

Response rate range: 12-18%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hello [Candidate_first_name],

Congratulations on completing a decade in IT!

I’m a Recruiting Manager at [company name] and would love to talk about a recent opening for a [role].

Interested? Drop me a “Yes” and let’s talk!

[Your name]”

8. The follow-up

Follow-ups boost your chances of responses. So, in case you’ve not received them, try following up to refresh your candidate’s memory. Chances are they forgot to reply or did not have the time to open your message.

Purpose: Reconnecting with a previously contacted candidate

Key elements: Previous conversation reference, updated job details

Response rate range: 15-25%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hey [Candidate_first_name],

It’s been a while since we spoke about a new vacancy at [your company].

Bumping up this message to see if you’re still interested.

We could get on a quick 15-minute call, or you could send me questions here.

Awaiting your response eagerly!

[Your name]”

9. The team showcase 

Don’t be shy to introduce the real people behind your company. For example, if you’re reaching out to a potential Sales Representative, show off your sales team and the Head of Sales and their achievements. This way, candidates know you’re the real deal.

Purpose: Highlighting the team and work environment

Key elements: Team achievements, collaboration, and company culture

Response rate range: 10-15%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

You look like our next SDR, like the ones below:

Meet [SDR 1_name], [SDR 2_name], and [SDR 3_name] – the faces behind our successful sales team at [company_name].

Willing to join us and make the team greater? We’ve looked at your skills and educational background and think you’re the perfect fit.

Let me know if we can chat over a virtual coffee!

[Your name]”

10. The skill match

If you’ve already created a job description, cross-check it with candidates you’ve shortlisted on LinkedIn to find that “perfect” skill match. Highlight the same on your LinkedIn message to get them interested. 

Purpose: Pointing out the candidate’s skills align with the job

Key elements: Skill mention, job requirements, career progression

Response rate range: 15-20%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

We know when we see a perfect match for [company_name]’s recent vacancy for a [role].

Your skills – [skill 1, skill 2, and skill 3] accurately align with our requirements, which made us super excited to speak to you. We really think this position upgrades your skills further.

Let me know if you have a few minutes to discuss this further.

[Your name]”

11. The mentorship offer

This template is great for portraying yourself as someone who cares about your employee’s career growth, not just hiring and forgetting. Once you’ve introduced your role, talk about the personalized career advice and mentorship you offer.

Purpose: Offering mentorship or guidance

Key elements: Experience sharing, career advice, and job opportunity

Response rate range: 12-18%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

We have an amazing opportunity for you at [company_name] for a recent opening of [role]. We not only offer new and challenging roles but also personalized guidance on shaping your career to be future-proof.

We believe professional growth is not just about work but learning, too!

If you’re in for this ride, let me know, and we can get talking.

[Your name]”

12. The event invitation 

Events hold tremendous networking and recruiting opportunities. So, send your potential candidates invites to your upcoming company-hosted industry event.

Purpose: Inviting the candidate to an industry event

Key elements: Event details, networking opportunity

Response rate range: 10-15%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

We love hosting fun and insightful Marketing events at [company_name].

I’ve been sending out invites to eligible candidates for our upcoming event – [event_name] happening this Friday. And guess what? You’re one of them!

Would love to have you at this event and collaborate.

Please RSVP to this message by tomorrow if you’re coming!

[Your name]”

13. The skill improvement 

Most candidates are in pursuit of continued career growth. So pitching yourselves as a company supporting skill improvement is the best way to grab eyeballs.

Purpose: Suggesting skill enhancement

Key elements: Skill gap identification, training resources

Response rate range: 12-18%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

I’m a Recruiting Manager at [company_name].

Going through your LinkedIn profile made me think about how you’ve been working as a [current_role] for a few years. I would love to know the reason behind this.

Our company has an opening for an [upgraded role], and we think it’s the best opportunity for you to enhance your skills.

Let me know if this interests you, and we’ll get talking!

[Your name]”

14. The thank you

If you’ve already connected or met with a potential candidate before, send them a short thank-you note for their time and patience. You may receive a referral or a final response on sending one.

Purpose: Expressing gratitude for a previous interaction

Key elements: Thank you, reference to a previous engagement

Response rate range: 10-15%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

Thanks a lot for the meeting last Friday! Your ideas were outstanding and showed off your expertise in the [field].

Hope we stay in touch and continue our conversations!

[Your name]”

15. The inquisitive approach

Asking open-ended, relevant questions is the best approach to having a healthy conversation with potential candidates. So, without bombarding them with questions, note only relevant ones to ignite their interest in joining your company. 

Purpose: Asking open-ended questions

Key elements: Questions about career goals, interests, and fit

Response rate range: 18-25%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

I’m a [role] at [company_name]. I ran into your profile while searching for SEO experts.

You have an interesting list of certifications in SEO. Keen to know, what’s been your inspiration behind choosing those certifications? 

Would love to know your career goals in SEO!

Let’s connect over a quick virtual coffee?

[Your name]”

16. The similarity angle 

Found something similar between you/your company and the candidates you’re reaching out to? Add them to your hooks to boost response rates.

Purpose: Highlighting similarity and creating natural connections

Key elements: Highlight similar group presence, events attended, or education

Response rate range: 15-20%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

Would love to connect with you! I’m a fellow alumnus at [school] from [city] as yourself, so I think we already have a lot in common. 

I’m a recruiter at [company_name], and currently actively hiring talented marketing professionals like you. 

Would you be interested in a quick chat? Let me know, and I’ll send a few timings.

[Your name]”

17. The post-networking 

You’re already acquaintances if you’ve just networked with someone from your industry at an event or a party. Post-networking is the perfect time to send them a warm LinkedIn recruiter message to see if they’re interested in filling a position.

Purpose: Keep the conversation going post-events.

Key elements: Events, luncheons, future employment potential

Response rate range: 17-25%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

It was great meeting you in person last Friday at [event_name]. I hope you loved interacting with my team as well.

I’m reaching out to discuss a potential job offering at my company – [company_name]. I strongly think you’re the perfect fit for the role – [role].

If interested, send me a few times to chat, and we’ll continue talking!

[Your name]”

18. The light-hearted one

Tickle the candidate’s funny bone using catchy opening lines and light-hearted GIFs. Although LinkedIn is viewed as a professional social network, there’s no harm in being funny with your messages as long as you’re not overdoing it.

Expandi’s Image and GIF personalization for outreach lets you have a 2x response rate of up to 55%! Include dynamic GIFs in your first-time LinkedIn outreach messages, follow-ups, and reminders.

Purpose: Amuse readers to get them to respond.

Key elements: Funny hooks, dynamic images, and GIFs.

Response rate range: 30 to 55%

LinkedIn message template:

“Hi [Candidate_first_name],

Thank god it’s not Monday!

Although Mondays at [company_name] are not that bad…

I’m a hiring manager at [company_name], and couldn’t help but notice how brilliantly your skills align with our requirement for a [role].

Want to join the fun at [company_name]? Let’s have a quick chat this week and see if we suit each other. What do you say?

[Your name]”

A/B testing and iteration 

No two people are the same. So, how can one be sure that a single message template can work for all distinct audience types?

Candidate backgrounds, work timings, messaging styles, etc., influence candidates’ response decisions.

Always A/B test your LinkedIn message templates to find your ideal ones and slowly optimize for better results.

Here are some parameters to consider while A/B testing your campaigns:

  • Messaging frequency and timings. For example, sending LinkedIn connection messages on Wednesday and follow-ups on Friday.
  • Different opening hooks–using light-hearted, personalized ones vs. the benefit ones. 
  • Try different lengths. 
  • With or without visual elements, like images and GIFs.
  • And more!

Next come the results of your recruiting outreach campaigns. Measure them based on the total open rate, click-through rate, follow-up response rate, and conversation rate. 

Eventually, continue to refine your LinkedIn recruiter template messages to scale up and adapt to new trends that may arise in the market. 

Wrapping up

Remember, there’s no one magical template capable of getting the promised responses for any use case. But ensure to personalize, be clear, and straight to the point to stand out.

Expandi helps you personalize and automate LinkedIn outreach for various recruiting objectives without spamming candidates. 

Find the right candidate using Expandi’s 14-day free trial to see for yourself! 


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