Top 10 LinkedIn Recruiting Tools to Try in 2024

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Tired of looking for an efficient LinkedIn recruiting solution? You’re not alone.

The market is saturated with commoditized recruiting tools, leading to tough decision-making. However, we’ve done the research for you. 

Read on to find the ten best-in-class LinkedIn recruiting tools you must try in 2024 to cherry-pick ideal candidates on LinkedIn before your competitors do. 


1. LinkedIn Recruiter 

LinkedIn’s premium tool for recruiters offers advanced search capabilities and access to a vast pool of talented potential candidates. It helps fetch optimized search results through keywords.

LinkedIn recruiter tool


  • Advanced search filters: You can refine your search and narrow down candidates based on your industry, skills needed, educational backgrounds, location, etc., with more than forty filters. 
  • InMail messaging: Offers access to LinkedIn’s InMail, where you can engage with candidates directly without being connected to them. 
  • Recruiting insights and analytics: Helps keep track of your recruiting efforts with analytics.
  • Easy integration: You can integrate enterprise tools like Outlook, Google Workspace, and an Applicant Tracking System (ATS).


  • Can be expensive for small to midsize companies.
  • Some users have frequently experienced application crashes.
  • Could have more granular industry categories for better search results. 


  • LinkedIn Recruiter Lite (20+ filters and no ATS integration) costs $170 per month.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter Professional (40+ filters) costs $1080 per month.

2. Expandi

Expandi is your go-to tool for active recruiting on LinkedIn via automated outreach. It helps you scrape LinkedIn searches for top-quality candidates, identify them quickly, and do the outreach for you.


  • Saves time and effort: HR professionals and recruiters can build outreach campaigns in minutes to send personalized connection requests and InMails to potential candidates automatically.
  • Advanced integration: Use Zapier to integrate your Expandi account with other recruiting tools and content management systems.
  • Replicates human behavior: Expandi’s automation is human-like, letting you add delays between responses.
  • Powerful Smart Sequences: Expandi offers Smart Sequences, where recruiters can create an auto-action workflow before sending out candidate connection requests. For example, visiting their profiles or engaging with their posts to boost familiarity and response rates.  
  • Safe from LinkedIn account restrictions or bans: Hiring on LinkedIn with Expandi is stress-free. The tool understands LinkedIn algorithms to prevent account banning. For example, it limits the number of messages you can send daily to a hundred. 

LinkedIn recruiting tools


  • The UI could use a little improvement for smaller screens like mobile devices. 


Expandi is priced at $99 per seat per month, with a 7-day free trial.  

3. Recruitee

Recruitee is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that helps hiring teams source talent, automate manual hiring processes, and scrutinize candidates. 

LinkedIn recruiter tools


  • Easy of use: It’s a user-friendly, extensive collaborative software with hiring features like applicant tracking, candidate evaluation, and management. 
  • Quick and easy auto-job posting: Multi-posting to job boards and LinkedIn automatically as and when opportunities arise.
  • Gamify referrals:  Boost employee engagement by gamifying employee referrals with rewards. 
  • Custom reports: Create custom dashboards and reports to monitor and improve your recruiting processes.


  • The mobile version lacks the complete functionality of the desktop version. 
  • Lack of personalization features that could make candidate sourcing more efficient. 
  • Many users faced billing issues despite canceling plans. 
  • Plants can be expensive for some.


  • The basic plan (without automation) costs $224 per month for annual payments and $269 per month for monthly payments.
  • The Scale plan costs $339 monthly for annual payments and $479 monthly for monthly payments.

5 better ATS alternatives to Recruitee

  • Workday

Workday has an AI & ML-backed talent acquisition suite helping teams automate workflows, such as social media and job board job postings on LinkedIn and others.  

  • Greenhouse

Greenhouse is a leading ATS for enterprises that handle manual hiring tasks and offers a structured hiring process, from sourcing talent to onboarding and talent engagement. 

  • iCIMS

iCIMS’ ATS is tailor-made for candidates and HR/recruiting teams. It used advanced AI for tasks like job matching and resume parsing. It promises to cut recruiting costs and make candidate hiring more efficient with AI.

  • BambooHR

The BambooHR has a built-in, fully integrated ATS to create a seamless hiring experience for candidates and recruiters. It ensures timely communication, and better evaluation, automates sending offer letters, and more.

  • Lever

Lever is a top-rated ATS with clients like Netflix and Mercedes. Apart from regular ATS functionalities, Lever looks to build healthy candidate relations and strategize recruiting goals to the best talent on board.

4. Indeed

Indeed is a leading job board and search engine allowing recruiters to post jobs and source top talent. It holds an extensive database of millions of jobs for candidates to search and apply to and for recruiters to find suitable talent. 


  • Automate candidate outreach: You could scrape suitable candidates from Indeed and reach them on auto-pilot using a LinkedIn outreach tool like Expandi

LinkedIn tools for recruiters

  • Easy searchability: Indeed has a basic UI with advanced filtering options, such as using specific keywords, job titles, locations, etc.
  • All-devices friendly: Indeed’s mobile app can be used on the go and has all the features of the desktop version. 
  • Free job posting: Indeed offers both free and sponsored job posting options. 
  • The Indeed Hiring platform helps in candidate screening at scale and schedules interviews with your teams.


  • High competition makes it hard to find top talent.
  • Free job postings have lesser visibility.
  • Recruiters have found it harder to source senior roles. 


Indeed’s pricing starts from $5 per job post.

5. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a widely used digital platform and website where job seekers drop company reviews anonymously. For recruiters, Glassdoor allows job postings and access to insights about company culture and salaries as per current market standards. 


  • Boosts transparency: Glassdoor is a one-of-its-kind platform for employees and recruiters to be transparent about their workplace thoughts, such as company culture, pay, disadvantages, potential growth opportunities, etc.
  • Verified reviews and candidate profiles: Glassdoor only posts reviews and profiles of LinkedIn-verified employees and candidates.
  • Access to candidate demographics: Companies can create a profile on Glassdoor and access candidate-visitor demographics, such as age, gender, location, years of experience, etc.
  • Premium features for recruiters include job posting, competitor comparisons, Glassdoor Display ads, etc.


  • Has no built-in ATS.
  • Users found the mobile app unoptimized.
  • No candidate management tools.
  • No free trial.


Not listed.

6. Calendly

Calendly is a popular meeting scheduler that allows recruiters to set up interviews with shortlisted candidates and meetings with potential applicants found on LinkedIn. It eliminates the back-and-forth exchange of messages and emails.

LinkedIn recruitment tool


  • Seamless integration: Calendly has smooth integration and syncing with tools like the Google Calendar, Zoom, Notion, HubSpot, and Expandi via Zapier to trigger LinkedIn connection messages to potential candidates as soon as they book a Calendly meeting with you.   
  • Extremely user-friendly: Calendly is preferred by both candidates and recruiters due to its user-friendly interface. 
  • Free version: Calendly has a decent and robust free version. 


  • Could have more training guides and support documents.
  • Could have better customization options.


  • The Essential plan for individuals is priced at $8 per seat per month for annual payments and $10 per seat per month for monthly payments.
  • The Professional plan for smaller teams is priced at $10 per seat per month for annual payments and $12 per seat per month for monthly payments.
  • The Teams plan is priced at $16 per seat per month for annual payments and $20 per seat per month for monthly payments.

7. Talent Relationship Management (TRM) Systems

Talent Relationship Management refers to the consistent recruiting process of maintaining a warm candidate influx and retaining employees.

Let’s discuss two popular TRM systems you could include in your tool stack:  

  • SmashFly

SmashFly (acquired by Symphony Talent) helps recruiters source, initiate, and nurture candidate relationships efficiently to determine suitability so companies can minimize hiring costs.


  • Candidate engagement marketing: Recruiters using SmashFly can engage with potential candidates and applicants sourced through LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster Jobs, etc.
  • Talent organization: SmashFly lets recruiters visualize the step-by-step process from finding candidates to interviewing. 
  • Talent reporting: Recruiting managers can get an in-depth look at response rates and other metrics.
  • Customized application forms for candidates, allowing better data capturing.


  • Lack of a proper guide for new users.
  • No free trial or a freemium version of the tool.


Not listed.

  • Yello

Yello is a recruitment CRM best for enterprises dealing with high-volume recruiting, such as campus recruiting. It simplifies talent management and builds frictionless talent pipelines.


  • Video interviews: Yello’s video interviews let you screen potential candidates and move them to the ready-for-hiring stage.
  •  A one-of-a-kind early talent acquisition platform: Yello delivers personalized candidate experience to all potential candidates, resulting in quicker hiring and faster talent pipeline fills. 
  • Nurtures candidate relationships: Yello builds and nurtures your talent pool and organizes candidate profiles sourced from LinkedIn and other job boards, with advanced segmentation and engagement capabilities. 


  • No free trial or a freemium version.
  • The interview scheduling tool could be a bit more flexible, as per a few users.
  • Few users found the tool expensive.


Not listed.

8. Social media management tools

Most candidates are active on popular social networks and online forums. So, recruiters using social media management tools can share job postings on social platforms and engage and attract potential talent.

Let’s discuss two popular social media management tools for recruiting:

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite lets you do social media recruiting from a single place. You can auto-publish job opening posts to social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., and figure out the best times to engage with candidates. 


  • Build an attractive employer brand: Hootsuite is the best platform to encourage candidates to apply for open roles by showing off company benefits on social media. This creates a positive online brand presence.
  • Competitor monitoring: Hootsuite’s analytics lets you monitor competitor social media recruiting campaigns and analyze trends.
  • Social media engagement: With Hootsuite, you can automate candidate engagement on social media posts’ comments in real time. 


  • Steep learning curve.
  • Lacks in-depth analysis and social listening features.
  • The free version’s features are quite limited.


  • The Professional plan costs $99 per month for one user and ten social accounts.
  • The Team plan costs $249 per month for three users and twenty social accounts.


  • Buffer

Buffer is another social media management platform that recruiters can use to schedule, publish, promote, and analyze job posts on various social media channels, including LinkedIn.


  • Buffer AI Assistant: Have no time to create compelling job opening posts for social media? The Buffer AI Assistant can auto-generate ideas for you to attract the right talent.
  • Schedule posts: Schedule and upload job announcement posts to your company’s social media pages as soon as there are openings at your company.
  • Track and manage candidate engagement: Buffer can help you track candidate engagement and interactions across social media profiles and stay in touch with them.


  • The interface was a little confusing for a few users.
  • The analytics feature is not as advanced as a few other social media management tools.


  • The Essentials plan costs $6 per month for one channel (monthly payments) and $5 a month for annual.
  • The Team plan costs $12 per month for one channel (monthly payments) and $10 a month for annual.
  • The Agency plan costs $120 per month for ten channels (monthly payments) and $100 a month for annual.

9. Skill assessment platforms

Skill assessment platforms help recruiters decide the candidate fit and competency of both existing and potential candidates.

Let’s discuss two leading skill assessment platforms: 

  • HackerRank

HackerRank is the best interview and assessment solution to fill technical roles, such as developers across technologies.

LinkedIn recruiting tool


  • Competitive programming challenges: HackerRank’s programming challenges are perfect for recruiting teams that need to hire a strong technical candidate.
  • Remote hiring support: HackerRank supports an end-to-end remote, stress-free hiring process.
  • AI-enabled plagiarism detection: Recruit only highly skilled developers with HackerRank’s plagiarism detection that’s 93% accurate.
  • Strategic university recruiting: HackerRank supports up to 50,000 concurrent participants in coding assessments so that you can recruit at scale in less time.


  • Could include project-based assessments.
  • No freemium version or trial.


  • Vervoe

Vevoe is a leading AI-backed skill assessment platform for various industries, such as hospitality, retail, marketing, etc., and for almost every company type. It aims to transform the way companies hire by creating solutions that make hiring decisions based on merit rather than bias.

LinkedIn recruiter tool


  • Promotes skills-based hiring: Vervoe aims to eliminate bias and focus only on top candidates based on merit, not their CV. 
  • Assess technical and non-technical skills: Apart from technical skills, the tool also assesses candidates’ soft skills to see if they fit your company culture. 
  • Auto-ranks candidates: The tool auto-ranks candidates based on its job simulations, aka job tests, making recruiters’ work easier in identifying best-performing candidates. 


  • The inability to talk to candidates directly.
  • Some industries, like IT, find it hard to depend on AI for candidate ranking solely. 
  • Behavioral assessments could be improved. 


  • “Pay and go” pricing plan for immediate hiring needs and just one assessment costs $228 per year.
  •  The Skills-based hiring plan is custom-priced and not listed.

10. Video interviewing platforms

Video interviewing platforms are a must-have for remote hiring and faster candidate screening. They save time while letting you collaborate on the spot with interested candidates.

Here are two video interviewing platforms worth noting:

  • Zoom

Zoom has been a hiring favorite for remote recruiting teams across the globe. Its video recording and easy accessibility make video communications seamless.


  • Quick and easy interview scheduling: With Zoom, recruiters can send interview invites via Zoom links. Candidates do not have to install the Zoom app and can attend the interview through their chosen device.
  • Affordable: Zoom has a decent free version, and its paid plans offer extensive features, such as Cloud storage, additional meeting minutes, etc.
  • Easy integration with recruiting tools: Zoom can be integrated with ATS, Microsoft Teams, and other recruiting software for better candidate management. 


  • Limited free meeting minutes–up to 40 minutes per meeting.
  • Needs high-speed WiFi for better meeting quality and audio recordings that could affect candidates in remote areas with weaker WiFi.


  • The Pro plan starts from $14.99 per host per month.
  • The Business plan starts from $19.99 per host per month.


  • Spark Hire

Spark Hire is a powerful, dedicated video interviewing platform designed to fasten hiring processes and screen candidates efficiently.

LinkedIn recruiting tools


  • Quick integration with multiple ATS: Spark Hire offers integration with 50+ leading ATS and hiring software to let recruiting teams build well-rounded workflows.
  • Speeds up the interview process: Saves hiring and recruiting managers’ hours from bringing unqualified candidates by streamlining the selection process.
  • On-stop for video interviewing: Since Spark Hire is tailored for hiring, it offers extensive features for recruiting teams, from conducting one-way or live interviews to interview scheduling and team collaboration. 
  • Video messaging made easy: You can host and share branded videos at scale with anyone and get notified when video messages are viewed. 


  • Has a bit of a learning curve due to more setup needed than usual.
  • Some users wished there were more customizations to email templates.


  • Spark Hire Lite starts from $149 per month for monthly payments and $119 per month for annual.
  • Pro starts from $299 per month for monthly payments and $249 per month for annual.
  • Growth starts from $499 per month for monthly payments and $399 per month for annual.

And that’s a wrap on our top LinkedIn recruiter tools to watch out for in 2024!

Some final thoughts

2024 is the year for advanced AI applications and automation software that can easily perform complex human tasks and save us time. And a perfect LinkedIn recruiter tool with such functionalities is your best bet to stay ahead in the game.

LinkedIn outreach is here to stay to add a human touch to recruiting talent. Using Expandi, you can fully automate the process without combing through thousands of underqualified candidates.

Try the 7-day Expandi free trial to see it for yourself!


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