Introducing the New Mobile Connector Campaign from Expandi: Enhance Your Networking Reach

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Expandi is excited to introduce a powerful addition to our suite of campaign types: the Mobile Connector Campaign. This innovative campaign is designed to significantly increase your daily volume of LinkedIn connection requests, seamlessly integrating with our existing campaign types to enhance your networking strategy.

Key Features of the Mobile Connector Campaign

  • Streamlined integration

The Mobile Connector Campaign is easily accessible via the campaign creation panel on Expandi. This streamlined approach ensures you can quickly set up and deploy your campaigns without needing a direct message at the connection stage, though follow-ups are supported.

  • Bypass LinkedIn limits

One of the standout features of the Mobile Connector Campaign is its ability to help you safely bypass the standard LinkedIn connection request limits. With this campaign, you can add 10-15 more connection requests daily. This feature is ideal for active LinkedIn users seeking to maximize their networking opportunities.

  • Mobile-simulated requests

The Mobile Connector Campaign lets you send mobile-simulated connection requests directly through Expandi. This eliminates the need to manually access your phone for each new connection request manually, streamlining your outreach efforts.

  • Safety of your accounts

Safety is a priority at Expandi. While the Mobile Connector Campaign enables you to exceed LinkedIn’s standard 100 connection requests per week limit, we recommend sticking to a safe range of 70-105 requests per week. This consideration helps ensure your LinkedIn account remains in good standing without compromising on outreach potential.

  • User-centric customization

You can control the limits of your connection requests through profile settings under the “LinkedIn account limit.” This flexibility allows you to adjust your outreach based on the quality of your LinkedIn profile and previous activities.

  • Integration with Campaign Builder

You can also add the Mobile Connector Campaign as a step within the Expandi Campaign Builder, allowing seamless integration with your existing campaign strategies.

  • Future Enhancements

Our product team is committed to ongoing research and development, aiming to expand the safe limit range in the future. This dedication ensures that our users continually receive the most effective tools for their networking needs.

Expanding Your Networking Capabilities

With the addition of the Mobile Connector Campaign, Expandi now offers ten distinct campaign types, each designed to enhance different aspects of your outreach. This new feature complements our existing campaigns by significantly boosting the volume of connection requests you can send, widening your networking circle, and opening up more professional opportunities.

Explore the full potential of your professional networking with Expandi’s new Mobile Connector Campaign. Watch our helpful video series here for a detailed walkthrough of this campaign type and other features.

Unlock new opportunities and broaden your professional landscape with Expandi today!

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