Accelerating Talent Acquisition How Quoleady Slashed Hiring Time with Expandi by 4x

Accelerating Talent Acquisition How Quoleady Slashed Hiring Time with Expandi by 4x

Explore how Quoleady significantly reduced its hiring process from months to weeks by effectively utilizing Expandi’s automation.


Introducing Quoleady

Quoleady is a content marketing agency specializing in services for SaaS (Software as a Service) companies. They focus on generating quality leads through the creation of evergreen content.

The agency offers various services, including SaaS content strategy, writing, updates, consulting, and link building. They also feature article publishing on platforms like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

Quoleady is a remote team dedicated to empowering SaaS product growth through conscious content marketing. Their approach emphasizes quality, care, and consistency in service delivery. 

But the main problem with LinkedIn outreach is doing it on scale.


Scale Up Hiring Exceptional Talents in a Competitive Market

Quoleady, a company specializing in content creation, faced a common industry hurdle: the recruitment of exceptional talent in a competitive market. They were in urgent need of content creators, link builders, and consultants to expand their team. 

LinkedIn was their primary platform for talent acquisition, offering the ability to search for candidates, initiate conversations, and schedule interviews. Despite the platform’s efficiency, the manual aspect of this recruitment process was labor-intensive, slowing down Quoleady’s desired pace of growth.

Since Quoleady had been working closely with Expandi, Iryna, the Director of Operations at Quoleady, came up with the idea to try Expandi for their recruitment needs. They had three main things in mind:

  1. Good value — the tool needed to be affordable and offer great features.
  2. Safety first— it was important that the tool keep their data safe and secure.
  3. Helpful support — they wanted a service with a friendly team always ready to help.

So Quoleady chose Expandi. Here’s why:

  • Expandi is brilliant for finding and personalizing outreach. Growth-hacking Search options simplify identifying the right contacts and customizing communication, making it highly effective.
  • Expandi is safe and cloud-based software. Expandi’s cloud-based system came with advanced safety features like country-specific proxies, active hours scheduling, and account warm-up, ensuring that Quoleady could rely on the tool without compromising account security.
  • And Expandi’s team was always there to help, which made Quoleady feel supported.

With Expandi, Quoleady found a solution that not only automated the routine aspects of talent sourcing on LinkedIn but also provided sophisticated features and reliable customer service. This partnership enabled Quoleady to scale its operations efficiently, enhance its talent acquisition process, and continue its trajectory as a leader in content creation and digital marketing services.

Director of Operations

Thanks to Expandi, we’ve transformed our hiring process. What previously took months and even seemed to require hiring additional experts is now accomplished in just one to two weeks with Expandi. It’s super efficient.


Speed Up Your Hiring Process 4x with Expandi: Effortless and No Additional Experts Required

Quoleady embarked on a mission to expand its team with top talents regularly. Their approach was simple yet effective. Quoleady’s journey with Expandi began with a clear goal: effectively leveraging Expandi’s Basic Search for precise talent acquisition.

With Basic Search, you can harness the power of LinkedIn filters to sharpen your search focus. Basic Search empowers you to identify and connect with the right people, whether by country, industry, or job title. Each search allows you to import up to 1,000 contacts, streamlining your networking and outreach efforts efficiently.

The heart of Quoleady’s hiring strategy revolved around Expandi’s Classic Connector Campaign. They used it with precision, customizing their connection requests and messages for each candidate, much like a personalized pitch.

Their use of Expandi wasn’t just about sending messages; it was a well-thought-out process. Each step was designed to spark interest and build engagement, going beyond screening to explore potential collaborations and partnerships.

In their messages, Quoleady combined analytical expertise with a personal touch. Their communications blended professionalism and personalized engagement, resulting in better response rates and meaningful business conversations.

As this phase in Quoleady’s journey concludes, their collaboration with Expandi stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning, innovative execution, and personalized communication. It’s a powerful example of how tailored strategies and thoughtful engagement can drive business growth in today’s competitive landscape.

Quoleady’s partnership with Expandi has made hiring much faster and cost-effective. They used to take months to fill positions, even the tough ones. It only takes a few weeks, saving them time and money. This collaboration shows how using the safest LinkedIn automation with a personal touch can help a business grow.

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