How Expandi Helped Provoke Agency Grow from $0 to $1.8 Million ARR in Less than 2 yr.

Provoke Agency is an agency that provides LinkedIn prospecting and lead generation services.

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The Problem

With many responsibilities, the team knew there was an opportunity for automation. As part of the FundApps sales process, financial institutions will conduct due diligence to ensure that FundApps security protocols meet their high standards. This process includes due diligence questionnaires, which contain dozens of questions about a business’s security operations.

“We use Expandi with our team because when you’re in the creative process, writer’s block is a real thing – Expandi helps our team breakthrough that. We recommend Expandi to any teams that create content often!

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Richard Mechaly
Co-founder and Brand Strategist of


Expandi’s combination of automation and human review offered time savings and standardization.
Richard and his team needed a solution to help them automate security questionnaires. They looked at Expandi, as well as a few competitors. One competitor, in particular, offered more comprehensive products for the entire sales process. But Richard would have to take a gamble after only seeing a demo as there was no option for a paid test.


Provoke Agency now has a streamlined process for creating time-saving, accurate, and automated security questionnaires. Now that Provoke Agency has been using Expandi for several months, they’re able to reflect on all the benefits. Thanks to Expandi, more team members can participate in the process, substantial time is saved, and security questionnaires are not only automated, but accurate.

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