6 New Demos and $250k in Pipeline in Just 3 Weeks with Expandi

6 New Demos and $250k in Pipeline in Just 3 Weeks with Expandi

Salescout is a B2B sales development agency that runs outbound B2B lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn as its primary outreach channel.


Finding white-label solution that can be quickly implemented and further customized

LinkedIn has long since become the ultimate gold mine for B2B prospecting and lead generation, overriding most other channels by far. 

That’s why it’s no wonder that Salescout decided to focus on LinkedIn as its main outreach channel.

But the main problem with LinkedIn outreach is doing it on scale.

Salescout’s team wondered how to reach the widest target audience possible without sacrificing the quality of their outbound campaigns. 

Since reaching out to thousands of people manually is impossible, the only reasonable solution was to find a great (and safe) LinkedIn automation tool that can do the heavy lifting.

However, finding the platform that was just right proved to be more difficult than expected.

At first, Salescout tried white labeling a different LinkedIn automation tool, but they experienced a wide variety of issues, such as:

  • The implementation of the white-label solution was more than 6 months late;
  • Numerous hidden costs came up after they started using it;
  • Bad customer support

That’s when Salescout’s founder and CEO, Ryan O’Connor, stumbled upon Expandi and joined their Facebook group to find out more.

What impressed Ryan right from the start was how Expandi’s team immediately reached out to him and took a very personal approach from day one.

And given that Expandi is a cloud-based, feature-rich solution that offers white labelling, Sale Scout’s team was more than eager to switch over to it. When they did, their business started changing for the better.

Results after just 3 weeks

Unlike the LinkedIn automation solution Salescout used previously, Expandi’s team was quick to develop, adjust, and set up their white-labeled platform. Of course, the platform was custom-tailored to include Salescout’s brand coloring and name.

In addition, the Expandi-powered platform was easy to integrate and further customize. That enabled Salescout’s team to connect it with a sentiment-recognition AI via webhooks which immediately recognizes whether a prospect’s reply is positive, negative, or neutral. 

That functionality, combined with Expandi’s standard set of cutting-edge features, delivered amazing results.

After using Expandi’s solution for just 3 short weeks, Salescout got:

  • 6+ new demos booked;
  • $250,000+ in their pipeline

All that was made possible by the Expandi-powered LinkedIn outreach solution that enabled Salescout to find and win over new clients as well as to easily retain existing ones.


Sequence that brought over $250k into the new pipeline in 3 weeks

There are several things Expandi’s team did to help Ryan and Salescout get these amazing results.

As mentioned before, Expandi’s white-labeled solution was easy to integrate with different technologies. As a result, Salescout’s team connected it with a sentiment-recognition AI and got a bespoke solution that gave them a sharp edge over their numerous competitors.

That means that when Salescout’s team creates and runs LinkedIn outreach campaigns using Expandi’s platform, they know right off the bat which reply is positive, negative, and neutral. 

It’s worth mentioning here that Expandi has recently introduced their own add-on called Expandilitics — a dedicated sentiment-recognition software that uses AI to determine a reply’s sentiment without a fault. 

This option allows users to segment replies based on their sentiment without breaking a sweat. And once combined with the rest of Expandi’s cutting-edge features, it results in giving users a sharp edge over competitors.

So, by automating the entire prospecting and outreach process, Expandi allowed Salescout’s team to do things that were impossible to accomplish manually. 

By using Expandi, Salescout agency could reach out to thousands of prospects on behalf of every single client they have without unnecessary hassle.

Message templates that resulted in amazing response & acceptance rates

Here are a couple of examples of winning message templates Sale Scout sent to prospects via Expandi:

These messages alone, once sent to prospects as part of Expandi’s automated campaigns, resulted in response rates of over 40%.

In fact, Salescout is also using Expandi for its own lead generation:

Salescout Founder and CEO

With Expandi, I basically have a team of sales development reps working for me 24/7, 365 days a year. They never sleep and are extremely good at getting the outcomes we seekl to achieve, such as engagement bookings for demonstration meetings, among others.

Expandi’s features that most contributed to Salescout’s success

Some of the things that helped Salescout the most to get a stream of new leads in their pipeline in less than a month included: 

  • Being able to set up profiles in various time zones with dedicated IP addresses.
  • Option to create omnichannel sales sequences that run on autopilot.

And one of Expandi’s most significant strong points is that its campaigns are so hyper-personalized that prospects don’t have a clue they’ve got an automated message.

Salescout Founder and CEO

We have a couple of Expandi-powered profiles that are not real people. They’re just placeholder profiles. And the funny thing is that we’ve had customers say — If it weren’t for this person, we wouldn’t have signed with you. Which is amazing.

In addition, it’s worth mentioning that Expandi’s got quite some experience with LinkedIn-based lead generation agencies under its belt. That means they know the perfect formula for creating solutions that are optimized for agencies.

Some of the things B2B lead generation agencies get when white-labeling with Expandi are:

  • A comprehensive dashboard that provides a clear overview of all the clients in one place.
  • Continuous training and invaluable insight into LinkedIn lead generation best practices for as long as they use Expandi;
  • Frequent software updates, so it’s always up-to-date with current trends and needs;
  • Excellent reporting functionality allows agencies to keep track of each client’s profile performance:

That’s how, in a nutshell, Expandi helped Ryan and Salescout book 6+ new demos and get $250,000 in their pipeline after only 3 weeks

Keen to see whether Expandi could get you a steady stream of hot SQLs and increase your customers’ lifetime value as well?

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Book a free demo right now, and our team will give you a tour of all of Expandi’s capabilities