Top 20 AI Sales Tools for High-Performing Sales Teams

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From lead generation to cold outreach and lead scoring, salespeople perform endless tasks. A little help from AI can ease their efforts and help them close more deals in less time. 

AI sales tools use machine learning, automation, predictive analytics, and other technologies to streamline sales operations. 

But there’s an ocean of AI tools for sales making it confusing to pick the best fit. 

That’s why we’ve handpicked the 20 best AI sales tools to enhance your daily workflow and increase the efficiency of your sales tasks. 

20 Best AI sales tools

1. Taplio – best for building a personal brand on LinkedIn

A strong personal brand on LinkedIn is the ultimate strategic move to put yourself above competitors. And Taplio makes this possible.

Taplio is an AI-powered content creation and lead nurturing tool for sales teams looking to grow on LinkedIn. 

ai tools for sales

It’s a feature-rich tool where you can:

  • Use AI to generate content and attract the right prospects 
  • Auto-import leads who engage with your or your competitors’ posts for LinkedIn outreach
  • Use AI to generate LinkedIn carousels with its built-in editor


  • Clean and simple interface 
  • Cuts down LinkedIn content creation time significantly, so salespeople can spend more time on outreach
  • In-built analytics lets you track engagement progress


  • Multiple users on an account may find the tool cluttered with functionalities 

Taplio pricing: Starter ($65/month), Standard ($99/month) and Pro ($199/month)

2. SetSail: best for getting centralized sales insights

SetSail is an AI-based sales activity tracking tool that gives salespeople valuable insights, such as suggested follow-ups, deal insights post-interactions, etc. These help you prepare for sales meetings in advance and drive higher deal closure rates.

best ai sales tools


  • Access customizable signals and insights to boost sales rep performance and overall productivity 
  • Get automated MEDDIC analysis of every deal for a more holistic look into every prospect interaction 
  • Build your sales processes on a solid foundation through insightful sales data


  • Some users complain of occasional bugs and lags
  • Slight learning curve 

SetSail pricing: Available on request 

3. Tavus: best for creating personalized outreach videos

Tavus is an AI video personalization tool perfect for sales teams who wish to take a video-first prospecting approach. The tool boasts of its error-free ability to create realistic AI-generated videos based on the general message you want to share.

For example, you record a video with the general message, type in variables (name, company, product, etc.) you wish to personalize for each prospect, and let Tavus generate personalized AI outreach videos based on this template.

best ai tools for sales


  • Advanced AI that auto-lip-syncs and adjusts facial movements accurately for every personalized outreach video
  • Hyper-personalize templates and elements like CTAs, video backgrounds, messages, and more


  • Some users would love to see more advanced video customizations

Tavus pricing: Available on request 

4. Clay: best for hyper-personalized outreach messages that get replies

Clay’s AI is used to generate “human-like” outreach messages at scale. It builds on the power of ChatGPT and 50+ data providers to curate hyper-personalized outreach messages. 

Clay helps you make sense of lead data so you score and qualify them better. And not just messages, Clay helps you personalize your entire email sequence and keeps your outreach fresh.

ai tools for sales and marketing


  • Write unique first lines for every outreach message using Clay AI. For example, cite something from company research, roles, promotions, etc.
  • Easy email campaign building with Clay AI email that brings together lead enrichments and unique copywriting abilities
  • The AI web scraper helps scrape prospects through website data


  • Its heavy dependency on AI makes it a slightly unreliable tool for critical prospect outreach activities

Clay pricing: Starter ($149/month), Explorer ($349/month), Pro ($800/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing)

Read this practical guide on how to personalize LinkedIn outreach using AI and ChatGPT.

5. best for defining your target audience is a buyer intelligence platform for sales teams looking to identify their target market and personalize outreach.

Its predictive intelligence lets you uncover the top decision-makers and early adopters who would bring in over 75% of revenue. 

best ai tools for sales prospecting


  • Eliminates guesswork and provides ways to understand prospects’ personalities and behaviors before interacting with them
  • Accurate targeting to cap wasted efforts pursuing the wrong leads 


  • Accuracy could be affected if the early adopter is not active on LinkedIn
  • Works well majorly for the US and EU markets and not Asia
  • Slight learning curve pricing: Startup ($225/month), Growth ($950/month), and Enterprise (custom quote)

6. best to summarize sales meeting recordings

Ever caught yourself taking meeting notes instead of keenly listening to what the prospect has to say? You can automate this task and save time.

Meetgeek is an AI meeting automation platform that helps you auto-record videos, transcribe them for clarity, and share in-depth insights to uncover trends.

For example, the tool creates meeting highlights and converts them into a shareable note for Slack, Notion, or Trello. 

ai for sales prospecting


  • AI Meeting Minutes feature to auto-transform lengthy meeting recordings into bite-sized topics for a quick sneak peek
  • AI bot joins meetings automatically and needs no exclusive addition 
  • Meeting insights helps sales teams explore prospect sentiment and objections 


  • The bot fails to join last-minute meetings sometimes
  • Few users notice that AI cannot always capture natural language happening in meetings
  • Not the best at pulling out action items from meetings pricing: Pro ($19/month), Business ($39/month), and Enterprise ($59/month)

7. Amplemarket: best for finding leads’ information

Amplemarket’s AI-powered lead generation offers a vast B2B contact database. 

Once you’ve extracted your targeted lead lists, Amplemarket helps you perfect your outreach by identifying buying intent signals, sending job change alerts, and more. As a result, you save time researching, see email bounce rates drop, and ensure higher response rates.

top ai sales tools


  • A tool with everything under one roof, Amplemarket performs smart lead generation, data enrichment, and AI-powered engagement 
  • Clear and easy-to-understand dashboards 
  • Seamless integrates with internal workflows and CRMs


  • The onboarding process could be more intuitive and beginner-friendly
  • The tool has sometimes fetched outdated lead information
  • No free trial

Amplemarket pricing: Available on request

8. Trumpet: best for creating personalized landing pages

Picture consolidating your entire sales process into a single customizable workspace or landing page. For example, action items, product demos, documents, educational content, and more. That’s what Trumpet is for.

Through the tool’s auto-branding feature and ready-to-use templates, you can create a full-fledged microsite in under a minute and personalize it to match your brand’s tone.

ai sales prospecting tools


  • Centralized data on a micro-website-like landing page lets you stand out to prospects 
  • Easy and painless organization of documents to be shared in between calls with leads
  • Automated branding and templating save time and keep your messaging aligned with the brand’s voice


  • Can take some time to adapt to the tool
  • Lack of advanced analytics 

Trumpet pricing: Pro ($38/month), Scale ($79/month), and Enterprise ($132/month)

9. Lavender: best for improving outreach copies

It’s high time we covered an AI-powered sales email tool. Lavender helps salespeople increase their email response rates by generating strategic email copy through AI.

Lavender offers instant feedback and suggestions on improvements so you don’t miss out on a high-intent lead due to poor email copy.

ai tools for sales


  • Easy-to-use email assistant that teaches you the principles of creating highly responsive emails
  • Customers (SDRs) saw a massive rise in email response rates
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing sales platforms 


  • Despite an intuitive UI, few users have noticed some recurring glitches 

Lavender pricing: Starter ($25/month), Individual Pro ($41/month), and Teams (Custom quote)

10. for an AI sales tool suite offers an extensive suite of generative, automation, and analytical AI tools for sales processes. These features aim to make prospecting easier, generate relevant content, and create strategic nurtures for high-quality leads. is perfect for sales teams looking to manage prospecting and nurturing campaigns end-to-end through automated messaging, dynamic sequencing, predictive prospecting, and more. 

best ai sales tools


  • Extensive and all-in-one GenAI and analytical features for sales teams
  • Helps curate personalized messages and emails in less than a minute
  • User-friendly with a minimal learning curve


  • A limited number of integrations
  • Occasional typos pricing: Available on request

11. My AI Front Desk: for a dedicated AI receptionist

Handling a large volume of prospect calls but unable to serve them 24/7? An AI receptionist, like AI Front Desk, can do the trick. 

It’s the first AI-powered tool to handle customer care requests, such as scheduling appointments, answering certain questions, and responding via phone or text around the clock.

best ai tools for sales


  • Automated scheduling and lead generation tool that works 24/7 so you don’t miss critical prospect inquiries
  • Easy and quick setup with the flexibility to update
  • Can transfer calls to sales representatives 


  • Limited customization of voice and tone, therefore it may not be adaptable to accents around the world
  • Unsuitable to handle advanced queries
  • Cannot replicate the personal touch that some SDRs and human receptionists provide

AI Front Desk pricing: Small Business Plan ($65/month) and Advanced Integration Plan (custom quote)

12. Avoma: best for sales meetings

Avoma is an AI meeting assistant that’s perfect for all kinds of sales meetings. It generates transcripts and AI notes for each meeting so you focus on the conversation rather than note-taking. 

Although there are a ton of AI meeting assistants in the market today, Avoma stands out as the sales-specific meeting assistant that can schedule meetings using round-robin, transcribe calls, and curate details MOM post-meeting. 

ai tools for sales and marketing


  • Human-like AI note-taking saves time during and after meeting
  • Can score meeting performance
  • Can capture key moments during a meeting without distracting you and track business signals through specific keywords or phrases 


  • Limited Starter and Plus paid plans
  • Call scoring and AI scorecards are available only for the Business plan 

Avoma pricing: Starter ($24/month), Plus ($59/month), Business ($79/month), and Enterprise ($129/month)

13. Postaga: for outreach sequencing

Postaga is an AI-driven outreach platform used to generate ready-to-execute outreach campaigns. 

It’s extremely easy to use. All you need to do to start is enter your domain for Postaga to analyze your site for fetching high-converting campaign ideas. It pinpoints the best sales opportunities, such as getting new customers and building new partnerships. You can also build and personalize outreach emails at scale.

best ai tools for sales prospecting


  • End-to-end cold sales outreach campaign generation
  • Performs in-depth analysis of your website to suggest future campaigns


  • The interface is too basic
  • Lead capturing is not efficient for lead scraping

Postaga pricing: Pro ($99/month), and Agency ($299/month)

14. (Suede): for cold emails

Fast Outreach uses AI to create personalized outreach emails for sales teams. It can automate parts of the email-sending process.

The tool trains on your emails so future cold emails adapt to your style of writing and conversation. It is simple and easy to use for complete beginners. 


  • Beginner-friendly and no learning curve
  • Learns from email copy with time rather than creating generic messaging for outreach


  • Limited to cold emails
  • A limited number of integrations

FastOutreach pricing: Lite ($49/month), Core ($79/month), and Enterprise (custom quote)

15. Freshworks: a sales CRM to close deals faster

Freshworks’ Freshsales is an AI-powered sales CRM software best suited for running smart sales campaigns and planning sales processes through Kanban views.

Track your sales campaigns using Freddy AI to capture the best leads.

ai for sales prospecting

✅ Pros

  • Freddy AI offers deal recommendations, so you avoid last-minute bottlenecks 
  • Automate mundane tasks, such as sending welcome emails, setting call reminders, adding new deals to CRM, customer onboarding, etc.
  • AI-powered insights for superior lead tracking 


  • Slow customer service and inaccurate documentation
  • Integration and data export limitations

Freshworks pricing: Growth ($11/month), Pro ($48/month), and Enterprise ($72/month)

16. Apollo AI: to access a massive lead contact database

Apollo AI lets you access accurate B2B data of over 250M+ contacts and 70M+ companies. Apart from contact search, Apollo scores your prospects based on customer and behavior fit, so you reach out to the best people.

Take a look at this use case:

  • Using Apollo, you filter contacts, for example, the Head of Sales, CMOs, Directors, etc. 

top ai sales tools

  • Once you add more relevant filters (Company name, industry, or title), you can access a potential list of lead contacts worth pursuing.
  • Enrich your list using’s “Enrich Data” function where you can add new information to your list and filter out dummies.
  • Set up an automated LinkedIn outreach using Expandi. You can set up a “Smart sequence” campaign to send LinkedIn connection requests to your extracted list and also follow-up with them.

ai sales prospecting tools

Read our guide on AI lead generation to access detailed steps on using Apollo, Clay, and Expandi.

17. Drift: for strong prospect and customer relationships through timely conversations

Drift is an AI-led engagement platform that trains by automatically listening, understanding, and learning from buyers. Doing so helps create a personalized buying experience so prospects don’t forget about you.

Further, you can access real-time analytics to see which users to target and prioritize accounts based on buying signals.

ai tools for sales


  • Sales teams can focus on high-potential leads instead of low-interest ones
  • Vast integration options
  • The Drift Bot initiates human-like conversations 


  • On the pricier end

Drift pricing: Premium ($2500/month), Advanced (custom pricing), and Enterprise (custom pricing)

18. ChatGPT

Our list is incomplete without mentioning ChatGPT. This free AI chatbot has been a godsend for many departments, especially sales.

It has been well-trained to have human-like conversations based on prompts and research trends. 

Grab Expandi free eBook for 60 ready-to-run ChatGPT prompts for lead generation.

Sales teams, for example, can use ChatGPT to create sales proposals, write emails, generate sales call scripts, research companies, and more. 

best ai sales tools


  • It can be used for a wide range of sales-related use cases
  • Zero learning curve 


  • The free version is limited and prone to inaccuracy
  • Cannot adapt to your brand’s tone

ChatGPT pricing: Free, Plus ($20/month), Team ($25/month), and Enterprise (custom)

19. ElevenLabs: to convert text to speech for outreach

Do you ever find yourself or your team typing and recording answers to repeated queries? Then ElevenLabs can make things easier for you. 

With ElevenLabs’ AI Voice Generator, you can convert text to speech for over 20 languages. The high-quality audio can be used for outreach methods, such as LinkedIn messages, emails, and shared messaging apps.

best ai tools for sales


  • Generates speech in realistic voices
  • Saves time recording and re-recording audio


  • Occasional pronunciation errors 
  • Longer audio is more expensive 

ElevenLabs pricing: Starter ($5/month), Creator ($22/month), Pro ($99/month), and Scale ($330/month)

20. for improved email deliverability

Bad email sender reputations can cause your emails to end up in the recipients’ spam folders, which can hurt your cold email outreach campaigns.

A tool like can help improve your email health score and open rates, and boost email deliverability. The tool’s AI capability writes personalized emails by learning your own writing style.


  • Uses up-to-date tech to prevent your sales emails from getting blocked or ending up in the spam folder 
  • Quick and easy 3-step setup
  • Performs email warm-ups


  • AI-generated emails could lack personal touch pricing: $29/month

Wrapping up

Hope we covered the best AI sales tools for a majority of your sales use cases. 

Before investing in these tools, ensure you’re aware of your specific needs and carefully evaluate options.

It’s also best to consider factors like the tool’s integration capacity with your internal apps and workflows, pricing, security, and ease of use. 

Next steps? Checkout Expandi’s use case on generating leads easily through AI tools.


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