Leveraging LinkedIn Newsletter for Effective Lead Generation [Experiment details, Results + Growth hack]

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LinkedIn has recently launched Newsletters. A week ago I created my own newsletter there about SaaS Growth Hacks:

and during the first 3 days, I got almost 1500 subscribers:

You may think, it’s a good metric, but I’ve analyzed its performance and went even beyond standard LinkedIn analytics to figure out

“LinkedIn Newsletter Worth It?”

The answer is: yes.

But, “not exactly”. I’ll explain all the results I got in detail.

Results (so far)

Context: I’ve published only 1 article and here are the results I’ve got so far:

✅ 1500+ subscribers

Almost everyone subscribed the same day I published the article.

✅ Relevant audience

The majority of subscribers are relevant (considering the title, location & size of the company).

❌ 111 unique views

Even though, there were 1500+ people who subscribed, only 7.3% of people actually read the article.

❌ 5.6% from Impression to Article view

The conversion rate from impression to the actual reader is really low.

At first sight, the LinkedIn Newsletter is NOT a great channel for lead generation & content distribution.

I thought the same, but I went further with my analysis.

(I’ll share it below, my analysis with GPT 🤖)

But let’s start with how to create a LinkedIn Newsletter.

How to Create a LinkedIn Newsletter

Let’s take a small step back and figure out how to create a LinkedIn Newsletter:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and turn on “Creator mode”

  2. Go to your main feed and click on “Write article”

  3. Choose your Profile

  4. Click on “More” & Choose “Create Newsletter”

  5. Add description, logo, etc…

Boom! it’s done!

Now when you write an article, you can publish it as a part of a newsletter:

Analyse LinkedIn Newsletter Audience with GPT

The LinkedIn Newsletter analytics is limited. Everything I showed above was taken from LinkedIn directly, but I wanted to know more info about my audience.

So what I did is – scraped all LinkedIn Newsletter subscribed & analyzed this audience and analyzed it with Chat GPT power.

1. How Scrape LinkedIn Newsletter Subscribers

Here is what I did in detail:

  1. Opened all my Newsletter subscribers:

  2. Scrolled to the bottom of this list (yes I’ve scrolled around 40 times) and used Data Miner to scrape everyone

  3. Choose Column & Easy Column Finder

  4. Choose the needed info:

Such as:

  1. Name
  2. Title
  3. LinkedIn url

  4. Scrape all the list of contacts & download it as a CSV:

  5. Now you have the list of all your newsletter subscribers:

2. How To Analyze LinkedIn Newsletter Audience with GPT

Now with this list, you can dive deeper into analytics to understand your audience better:

For example, I’ve started with analyzing what % of my current audience (1st degree connections) subscribed to the newsletter!

Results shocked me:

29.9% of people who subscribed to my LinkedIn newsletter actually are NOT my 1st-degree connections!

That means they saw my Newsletter somewhere on LinkedIn & subscribed.

The second thing I’ve tried to analyze is who exactly (in terms of titles) subscribed to my newsletter!

41.3% of the audience is my target audience!

(yes, it’s a rough analysis, but still already much better than LinkedIn’s analytics)

So what I’ve decided to do – is download the list of all people who match my ICP.

LinkedIn Newsletter Growth Hack

Now, you can filter this list even more & add them to the Expandi outreach campaign, to reach out to people who subscribed to your newsletter. 

The best way to generate leads on LinkedIn is to reach out in a semi-warm way. So if people already know you, read your content and engage with your profile – they already know who you are, so it’s the easiest way to reach out to them and convert them into leads.

So this campaign is made to convert your LinkedIn Newsletter subscribers into clients!

Go to Campaigns:

Choose the “Messanger” campaign: 

Right a message to them: 

Here is an example of the message: 

“Hey {firstName}!

I’ve seen you’ve subscribed to my LinkedIn Newsletter! Thanks a lot! 

Btw, how do you currently solve “problem”

If you want we can catch up to see what we can do about that”

Now you can generate leads from your LinkedIn Newsletter subscribers!

In conclusion, while LinkedIn Newsletters may initially seem like a limited tool for lead generation, deeper analysis reveals their potential. By understanding and leveraging your audience data effectively, you can transform your newsletter subscribers into valuable leads. This approach not only boosts your reach but also enhances your lead generation strategy, ensuring that your content efforts translate into tangible business results.


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