Mastering LinkedIn Video Messaging: A Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Ready to make a fantastic first impression with your prospects? Move over ordinary LinkedIn messages and try LinkedIn video messaging instead.

Before you wonder if a professional platform like LinkedIn promotes video messaging, here are two statistics to prove otherwise:

  • Insivia’s 2023 marketing report found viewers retain 95% of a message watched on video and just 10% compared to reading on texts. 
  • The report also claims LinkedIn users are 20 times more likely to share videos over texts. 

In this guide, we’ll show you how to attract prospects and get more responses with LinkedIn video messaging and introduce the best tools to do so.

What is LinkedIn video messaging?

LinkedIn video messaging lets you communicate with prospects using engaging video messages. Just like text messages, LinkedIn video messages land in your prospect’s messaging inbox.

However, you must be connected to your prospects on LinkedIn to video message them. If not,  you could drop them an InMail, considering you’re a LinkedIn Premium user. 

How to send video messages on LinkedIn?

Below are two ways to send video messages to your prospects on LinkedIn:

1. On the web 

Not a fan of the LinkedIn mobile app? Here’s how to add a video link to LinkedIn messaging using the web:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account on a fresh browser tab.
  • Launch the Messaging window on your LinkedIn home page.
  • Select the prospect you’d like to chat with and click the “attach” icon to attach a pre-recorded video file.

how to add a video link to LinkedIn messaging

Note: LinkedIn’s desktop version does not allow video recording, and you can only share pre-recorded messages as files.

2. On the mobile app 

Here’s how LinkedIn enables video messaging through its mobile app:

  • Launch your LinkedIn mobile app and click open your messaging inbox.
  • Type in your prospect’s name to start chatting.
  • Click on the “attach file” icon.
  • Select “Send a photo or video” to send a pre-recorded video file, or select “Take a video” to record a fresh video message.

video messaging on LinkedIn

7 reasons why sales videos work so well in LinkedIn outreach 

Sales videos bring the much-needed “human touch” to LinkedIn outreach that’s missing in traditional text-based messaging. 

Below are seven more reasons why you must upgrade your LinkedIn outreach process with sales videos:

1. To build a personal connection  

Nothing beats talking face-to-face with a person. There’s something about eye contact that builds instant trust among prospects that regular outreach messages lack.

It’s human nature to trust someone when you can hear them speak. So use pre-recorded or fresh sales videos to form an instant connection with your prospects and get them moving to the next stage of your sales funnel.

2. To increase conversions

Why be restricted to writing words when you can say something impactful without restrictions using a video?  

Video offers extra room to speak your heart out and address your prospects’ needs without seeming too pushy. As a result, your prospects would appreciate you going the extra mile to reach out to them and are more likely to convert.

3. To personalize 

Did you know personalized videos can triple your conversion rates? So put your creative hats on with video personalization. 

Here are some example video personalization strategies for prospects: 

  • Tailor videos by learning about each prospect’s hobbies, educational backgrounds, standout skills, and more. You could refer to their LinkedIn profiles to learn more.
  • Keep the sales video interactive by asking custom questions so prospects are persuaded to respond.
  • Suppose you’re an SEO expert reaching out to a Marketing Manager. Add a video recording of you critiquing their website, for example, what may need improvement and how you can help them. 
  • Share a recent client success story within their industry and how you brought them results. 

4. To simplify topics 

You can use infographics, animations, and mini tool demonstrations to break down complex topics using videos and embed storytelling.

Say you’re selling a Smart outreach sequence product. Instead of writing a step-by-step guide, you can record a quick video of you using the product so your prospects are more engaged. 

LinkedIn video messaging

5. To save time 

Videos can be repurposed and edited to add personalization on the fly. This saves you time and effort from writing lengthy texts with screenshots.

6. To reduce miscommunication   

Texts can be misinterpreted due to the absence of clarity or context. On the other hand, sales videos capture attention better by adding clarity and tone with sufficient pauses between statements.

7. To act as an icebreaker 

Choose videos over text-based messages if you’re reaching out to a prospect for the first time. That’s because videos offer a wider platform to add humor and shared interests–perfect for icebreakers. 

4 practical use cases for LinkedIn video messaging for cold outreach (with scripts)

We have four most practical use cases for you to get started on your LinkedIn video messaging journey and bag high-paying clients. 

Use case #1: An icebreaker video for the LinkedIn connection message

Sales icebreakers can be used to get people comfortable talking to you and establishing a genuine connection. 

They can be short and personalized. For example, a video talking about the mutual connection you share can break the ice and get them talking more openly as if they’ve already known you.

Here are some LinkedIn outreach campaigns you can run for this use case:

Next, create a short connection video message. For example:

“Hi [first_name],

I noticed we graduated from the same college – [college_name].

It’s great to see [college_name] alumnus part of the [industry_name].

Would love to catch up over a quick call with you and discuss what it’s like working in this industry!


Finally, set up a personalized LinkedIn video message with Sendspark and integrate it with Expandi – the LinkedIn outreach specialist (more on this in the next section). 

Here’s what it may look like for prospects who’ve visited your product’s pricing page: 

LinkedIn video

Use case #2: Content retargeting  

Content retargeting is a foolproof LinkedIn outreach strategy that has fetched us tremendous response rates.

All you need is to scrape a viral LinkedIn post using a tool like Expandi. For example, a post from a popular influencer in your industry that your targeted audience will most likely comment on. 

 You can record a quick LinkedIn video message talking about the fellow influencer, your thoughts on the topic, or how your product helps fix the pain point the post addresses. 

Here’s a sample video script for content retargeting:

“Hey [first_name],

I came across [influencer_name]’s recent LinkedIn post referring to [topic]. And while scrolling through its comments, your comment caught my eye.

Loved your unique angle and thought process.

Did you know [your product] is designed just to solve the [topic]? I’d be glad to walk you through a 2-minute product demo. Let me know where you’re free to chat!”

Use case #3: Personalized follow-up 

Say you’ve reached out to a prospect using a text message or email but failed to receive a response. A personalized LinkedIn video follow-up could be the perfect twist to get them interested. 

Here’s a typical script you could use:

“Hey [first_name],

Remember me? I dropped you an email last week talking about [product name] and how it could fit right into your marketing tool stack.

I wanted to see if you’re interested in knowing more about our solution. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Please reach out to me on LinkedIn or email, and I’m all ears.”

Use case #4: Re-engagement video message

Did a prospect show interest but lose touch with you? A video message may refresh their memory on why they were interested in your offer in the first place.

Think of re-engaging as re-qualifying your potential leads. So ensure you remind them what you do, how your solution differentiates from your competitors, and how you can help them. 

You could make your LinkedIn video message extra engaging by adding product screenshots and real customer results. 

Here’s a re-engagement LinkedIn video script:

“Hi [first_name], it’s been a while since we spoke.

Glad to inform our recently released upgrades for [your_product]. Our client – [client_name], saw [results] using our most-loved feature [feature_name]. Their initial challenges were very similar to yours, which led us to reach out to you. 

Would you like to try our free trial? Let me know, and I’ll drop you the link to sign up!” 

5 best tools for video messaging on LinkedIn

It’s time to execute the above use cases and win over prospects. And for that, we have five brilliant tools for video messaging on LinkedIn:

1. Sendspark 

how to add a video link to LinkedIn messaging

Sendspark is a web-based solution that helps sales teams connect with prospects using personalized video messages.  

You can easily record custom videos on the go or combine them with pre-recorded videos for a ready-to-send video outreach message for LinkedIn and email. 

Sendspark standout features are: an in-built video recorder, video analytics, and dynamic personalization. 

Bonus tip: Integrate Sendspark with Expandi to automate your LinkedIn video messaging outreach campaign. With this, you can send personalized LinkedIn video messages at scale, build instant connections, and make room for more conversions in less time. 

Refer to this step-by-step guide on how to send personalized video messages on LinkedIn using powerful tools like Sendspark and Expandi.

2. Animaker 

video messaging on LinkedIn

Animaker for LinkedIn video messaging lets you create attention-grabbing videos for outreach and brand building. 

You can either choose a pre-made video template and drag-and-drop elements onto it or create a video from scratch. 

Animaker’s standout features are: 1000+ pre-built video templates, text-to-voice conversion for videos, and an AI platform to convert text-based scripts to videos. 

3. BombBomb

LinkedIn video messaging

BombBomb is another great LinkedIn video messaging platform tailored for sales teams. Using BombBomb, you can easily record yourself and your screen and embed them into your LinkedIn outreach messages to prospects. 

BombBomb’s standout features are: dedicated features for sales teams’ video outreach process, custom LinkedIn video templates, team collaboration, and reporting.

4. Vidyard

LinkedIn video

Vidyard lets you create custom videos to share as a direct LinkedIn message, to your company page, or on your feed.

It integrates with LinkedIn so you can create and share videos with your prospects as a direct message. 

Vidyard’s standout features are: its native integration with LinkedIn, a centralized place for recorded videos and sales resources, and powerful video performance analytics.  

5. Loom

how to add a video link to LinkedIn messaging

Loom is an asynchronous video recording and messaging platform suitable for sales teams looking to add a personal touch to their outreach campaigns.

Loom highlights asynchronous video communication that helps build a personalized sales experience.

Loom’s standout features are: customizable calls to action for videos, video engagement insights, and custom video branding.

Automate LinkedIn video outreach with Expandi  

Stand out from the crowd with attention-capturing LinkedIn video messaging. Add a LinkedIn automation tool like Expandi for your outreach efforts and watch your conversion numbers rise. 

Where can you begin?

Expandi’s 7-day free trial is a great start! 


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