21+ Must-have Tools For B2B Lead Generation Companies

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In this guide, we’ll be covering the best tools for companies and agencies that provide outbound and inbound B2B lead generation services. With separate categories for outbound and inbound and all the main information, you need about each tool.

For B2B lead generation companies, it’s hard to get work done and generate results for clients without the right set of tools.

Tools that generate leads on autopilot, create outbound campaigns to build relationships and handle all the other parts of the process. Whether it’s scraping data or closing deals with the right e-signature tool.

A simple “lead generation tools” Google search would reveal there are 99+ tools for each process. But that’s an incredibly easy way to get overwhelmed by the paradox of choice.

Here are the exact lead generation tools we’ll be covering below:

📌 LinkedIn Sales Navigator
📌Make (formerly Integromat)
📌Hello Bar

Do this right and you’ll have a fully ready tech stack to generate leads on autopilot.

b2b lead generation agencies

But before we begin…

If you work in B2B marketing or lead generation, chances are, you’ll be spending a lot of time on LinkedIn. If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn with the latest, proven outreach strategies and proven templates, then, you’ll want to join our private Facebook group The LinkedIn Outreach Family!

13 Best Outbound Lead Generation Tools For B2B Companies And Agencies

Outbound lead generation tools help businesses identify potential customers who may be interested in their products or services, and reach them via email, social media, and calls.

Whether you’re looking for clients yourself or you provide B2B lead generation services as an agency, you’ll find some of the best outbound tools you can use below.

1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

b2b lead generation companies

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides advanced search filters to help find your target audience on the platform.

This includes filters such as company headcount and type, headquarters, seniority level, years in current company or position, and more.

The premium version of LinkedIn is ideal for finding and qualifying leads on the platform. And for companies who are already getting the most out of the free LinkedIn version, Sales Navigator costs around $64.99/mo depending on your location.

See our full guide on LinkedIn B2B lead generation for more info on Sales Navigator and how to get the most out of the platform. 

2. TexAu

lead generation companies b2bTexAu is an automation and web scraping tool for sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, Reddit, and many more.

TexAu offers 200+ powerful automations for 10+ websites to enrich data and automate your growth strategy.

For example, you can scrape LinkedIn search results with TexAu and use the next B2B lead generation tool in this list to create an outbound campaign.

TexAu starts at $29/mo but you can get started with a 2-week trial for free.

3. Expandi

b2b lead generation agency
Expandi, yes, that’s us. But there’s a reason we’re including it in the list.

It’s the #1 LinkedIn automation tool trusted by 12,500+ businesses, including growth marketers, B2B companies, agency owners, recruiters, and more. 

Unlike many other LinkedIn tools, Expandi is the safest as it mimics human behavior and stays ahead of the LinkedIn algorithm. 

With it, you can reach leads on autopilot on LinkedIn as well as email, all from one place. 

Getting started is as simple as setting up outreach sequences to take full control of your sales processes. Then, you can add different actions and as many steps as you wish to reach your leads.

For agencies that want to generate profits for their clients, omnichannel outreach campaigns are the way to go.

Expandi costs $99/mo, but you can get started with a free 7-day trial and see results in 24 hours.

Or, check out 5+ proven LinkedIn lead generation strategies to learn how to generate 500+ leads using Expandi.

4. GoHighLevel

lead generation agency b2b

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform to grow B2B lead generation agencies. 

The platform allows you to connect with leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger. This way, you can nurture leads into customers, or capture new leads with full-funnel features.

All these lead generation features and more, you get for $97/mo, which also includes a free 2-week trial.

5. Clearbit

b2b lead generation for digital marketing agencies

Clearbit is a B2B data enrichment and activation tool to better manage your data.

Meaning, if you have a list of leads to reach out to, you can use Clearbit to find out more information about them. Such as their contact or company information to capture intent from best-fit prospects.

From there, you can convert your pipeline faster with the other B2B lead generation tools from this list.

Though, their pricing depends on your needs and volume, so you’ll have to get in touch for a custom quote.

6. Hunter

b2b lead generation agencies

Hunter.io is a lead generation tool to find professional email addresses, verify them, and send cold campaigns in seconds.

The tool is equal parts for data enrichment (finding and verifying emails) and outreach (sending cold emails and integrating with other apps).

You can either send email campaigns directly from Hunter or use it as a data enrichment tool and extract emails as a spreadsheet file for your other lead generation tools.

Hunter starts at $53/mo or you can use the free version for 25 monthly searches and 50 free verifications.

7. Leadhype

b2b lead generation companies

Leadhype helps B2B lead generation companies scrape thousands of emails without using a LinkedIn account.

They match their private data with public data to give you the best quality emails possible. If you hate micromanaging your daily limits or uploading new LinkedIn searches, all you have to do is provide a search URL once, and then Leadhype will keep running your search where it left off.

Leadhype starts at $97/mo which lets you scrape around 1,250 emails per day.

8. Clearout

lead generation companies b2b

Clearout is an email verification and validation tool/service that helps businesses improve the quality of their email lists.

This is a great way to remove invalid and bounced email addresses before launching lead-generation campaigns. 

You can use Clearout to find emails and verify them all in one place. Additionally, you can also use it to verify phone numbers and data in Google Sheets.

You can use Clearout with a pay-as-you-go pricing model or pay $58/mo for 10,000 credits.

9. Leadfeeder

b2b lead generation agency

Leadfeeder is a B2B lead generation software that tracks website visitors and provides information about them. This includes data such as turning anonymous traffic into real company names and their exact behavior as they visit your website.

This is useful for lead generation through your website, account-based marketing, visitor tracking, and sales prospecting

All you have to do is add the script to your website and start automatically enriching visitor data. Then, you can sync this information across your tool stack and start generating leads accordingly.

You can use the limited Lite version for free (maximum 100 identified companies) or the Premium version for $150/mo.

10. Showpad

lead generation agency b2b

Showpad helps B2B lead generation companies and agencies with all things sales enablement to align sales and marketing teams around high-impact buyers.

The 4 key use cases include:

  • Sales content management – To find, manage, and distribute high-impact content at scale.
  • Seller effectiveness – Gives sellers the tools, knowledge, and best practices to position themselves as trusted advisors.
  • Buyer engagement – To elevate every interaction and close deals faster.
  • Analytics and insights – For data-led insights across seller and buyer journeys, to turn engagement learnings into better content strategies.

11. PandaDoc

b2b lead generation for digital marketing agencies

PandaDoc is an e-signature and document management tool for B2B lead generation companies to close deals faster.

Usecases also vary across proposals, contracts, eSignatures, forms, and more. And it’s used by sales teams, HR, marketing, operations, legal, and more.

The tool can be used for free and then starts at $19/mo.

12. Make (formerly Integromat)

b2b lead generation agencies

Make (formerly Integromat) helps lead generation companies to automate tasks and processes from one no-code platform. It’s like Zapier but more convenient. Instead of connecting different apps, you can set up different operations with unlimited filters.

With this tool, you can connect just about any app you can think of – from sales and marketing to API and website building. The use cases are unlimited as well, as you can integrate the tool into your current tech stack or use their templates.

Make starts for free with up to 1,000 ops/month and continues from $9/mo.

13. ChatGPT

b2b lead generation companies

You might have heard of ChatGPT by now as it’s virtually everywhere online. As a smart chatbot, the uses are limitless, with detailed responses and articulate answers across different topics.

However, for B2B lead generation companies, the tool can be particularly useful for generating personalized email and message templates to reach out to prospects. All you have to do is input prompts such as: 

  • “Write an email outreach template for (target audience) selling (solution) under 150 words”.
  • “Give me 5 different blog topic ideas to generate new clients”
  • “Explain (solution) to (target audience) in an easy-to-understand elevator pitch.”
  • And so on.

As long as you can provide the prompt the right way, ChatGPT can be of huge help to your lead generation business.

As of now, the AI tool is completely free to use.

9 Best Inbound Lead Generations Tools For B2B Companies And Agencies

Inbound lead generation tools help drive leads to your website.

Unlike outbound lead generation, with this methodology, you need the right set of tools to attract traffic to your website and then turn them into paying customers. Typically this is done via SEO, content marketing, and more.

Some of the best inbound marketing tools you can use to generate leads include:

Let’s take a look.

1. Ahrefs

lead generation companies b2b

Ahrefs is the go-to SEO tool for marketing agencies and companies looking to grow their traffic

As an all-in-one SEO tool, you can use Ahrefs to audit and optimize your website, analyze your competitors, find keywords to write content around, and track your progress as your site grows.

If you’re planning to grow your website via organic traffic, you’ll need Ahrefs. 

Ahrefs starts at $99/mo, but unfortunately, it doesn’t provide a free trial.

2. HubSpot

b2b lead generation agency

HubSpot is one of the largest marketing tools on the market that you can use for inbound as well as outbound lead generation.

To do this, they provide multiple solutions, including a marketing automation software, sales CRM, customer service software, content management system, and an operations hubs.

As a result, you can use only certain parts of HubSpot as needed. Or integrate it with the rest of your marketing tech stack.

Their pricing varies by use and specific tool. But you can get access to all of their foundation tools for free.

3. Unbounce

lead generation agency b2b

Unbounce helps convert visitors into customers with an AI-powered landing page builder.

if you’re looking to boost your inbound lead generation campaigns, you can use Unbounce to build better landing pages that get more sales and signups, popups that grab attention, and start generating copy for your marketing campaigns with an AI.

Unbounce starts at $75/mo, which includes unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars, and AI copywriting for 1 domain.

4. OptinMonster

b2b lead generation for digital marketing agencies

Optinmonster is another inbound lead generation tool that helps users create personalized opt-in and pop-up forms to transform visitors into leads.

With Optinmonster, you can monetize your website traffic through the following inbound features:

  • Lightbox popups.
  • Floating bars.
  • Scroll boxes.
  • Gamified wheels.
  • Page level targetings.
  • Exit intent detection.
  • Geolocation targeting.
  • And 100+ templates.

This way, eCommerce, publishers, and agencies can use Optinmonster to start getting the most out of their website traffic.

Depending on pageviews and lead generation features, Optinmonster’s cost varies from $9/mo to $49+/mo.

5. Hello Bar

b2b lead generation agencies

Hello Bar is a WordPress plugin to create custom call-to-actions and forms to capture leads on your website.

From small busineseses to enterprises alike, Hello Bar is a great way to capture leads as you can adjust the customization, targeting, and integrations based on your branding and tech stack.

If you already use WordPress, this can be a great way to boost your inbound lead generation as you can see what the tool would look like on your site for free.

Hello Bar is free forever if you have up to 5,000 page views a month, and then $29/mo.

6. Encharge

b2b lead generation companies

Encharge is an email and marketing automation platform to nurture website leads based on their user journey.

Since Encharge is not strictly an email tool, you can also use it to automate other tools in your digital stack. So, you can also send in-app messages based on user action, automate sales tasks and CRM actions, score and quality leads, and more.

For example, you can integrate Encharge with HubSpot, so that whenever a user downloads an eBook, they get an automated newsletter sequence.

Encharge pricing depends on how many subscribers you have. But the starting price is $79/mo with a free 14-day trial.

7. LeadSquared

lead generation companies b2b

Leadsquared is a lead generation and management tool to capture leads, track behavior, and score them based on their engagement.

The tool does 3 main things:

  • Increases sales velocity of your business with an execution CRM – Starts at $25/mo
  • Increases field force efficiency to plan your team’s entire workday, recommend next best actions, and measure their performance – Customized pricing.
  • Push your leads faster down the sales funnel with marketing automation – Starts at $400/mo

8. Hotjar

b2b lead generation agency

Hotjar helps better understand your inbound lead generation by tracking how visitors interact with your website and mobile apps.

To do this, it allows you to observe, engage with, and ask your audience questions with feedback and surveys

Hotjar provides a variety of inbound tools for website heat mapping, session recording, form analytics, and collecting and analyzing feedback from polls and surveys.

From there, you can optimize your website based on actionable data insights. Such as how your visitors interact with your website and what parts they pay attention to the most.

9. ChatGPT

lead generation agency b2b

We’ve mentioned ChatGPT as an outbound lead generation tool above. But it works just as well for inbound marketing.

As an AI chatbot, you’re only limited by your prompts. So, the use cases are limitless.

As a result, you can also use ChatGPT to generate copy for your landing pages, blog articles, social media posts, and more.

For this, you can use prompts such as:

  • Create a landing page headline for (solution).
  • Write a landing page section on automating LinkedIn outreach for SaaS business owners with the main benefit being generating leads on autopilot.
  • Create SEO-optimized article for the headline (topic) for the keyword (keyword).
  • Create a LinkedIn social media share text for the following article text (text).
  • What pain points should I focus on for a landing page for (audience).
  • And so on.


Hopefully you have a better idea of how to level up your lead generation now with the right set of tools.

One last thing that’s worth mentioning is that you shouldn’t exclude outbound and inbound lead generation. In other words, you could be using both to truly get the most out of lead generation, whether you’re a B2B marketing or an agency.

If you DO work in B2B, chances are, you can easily find your leads on LinkedIn.

For that, you can leverage automation and save time, while you’re also optimizing your inbound marketing.

So, be sure to grab the free 7-day Expandi trial and start generating leads via LinkedIn and email now.

Or, if you’re looking for more info on getting the most out of LinkedIn, be sure to join our private Facebook group The LinkedIn Outreach Family. Whether it’s through outreach or creating content on LinkedIn!


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