LinkedIn Limited Listings: a powerful tool for free automated job posting

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Did you know that about 61 million people use LinkedIn to search for jobs each week? LinkedIn has been a go-to social space for recruiters and job seekers, and things are only improving for them.


LinkedIn made several updates to help job seekers find opportunities and for recruiters to post job alerts more efficiently. For example, value-based job searches help individuals connect with companies that share their values.

In this article, we dive into one such powerful automation tool for recruiters like yourself to post LinkedIn jobs and find the right talent–LinkedIn Limited Listings.

But first, let’s understand how LinkedIn adapts to the current job market.

LinkedIn’s impact on the job market 

The job market today is different from what it was a decade ago. There has been a significant spike in job applicants due to more educated people.

So, how does LinkedIn keep up? Here’s how:

  • Changing dynamics of job posting and applications 

LinkedIn uses an automated approach for recruiters to post jobs using third-party ATS (application tracking systems) and LinkedIn Limited Listings. Thus helping them reach wider audiences with little to no effort.

  • Encouraging quality over quantity in applications

LinkedIn offers best practices so recruiters find the perfect-fit candidates for open roles without compromising their hiring standards and company values. For example, optimized LinkedIn job descriptions let candidates easily search for open roles through keywords.

  • Shaping employer and job seeker behavior on the platform

LinkedIn helps employers and job seekers build solid social proof, enable networking with industry peers, and create a personal brand. So, unlike regular job search platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn has more powerful outreach and branding capabilities.

Understanding LinkedIn Limited Listings

Limited Listings are free job postings published by recruiting companies to LinkedIn that are visible to job seekers actively looking for a job opportunity. 

Using Limited Listings, you can publish about open positions on your LinkedIn company page and automatically publish to the LinkedIn “Jobs” section using an integrated ATS.

manually post to limited listings linkedin

Differences between Limited Listings and traditional job postings on LinkedIn 

LinkedIn Limited Listings vs. job slots – Here are some differences between the two approaches:


Flexibility to automatically or manually post to LinkedIn Limited Listings for free. Whereas LinkedIn job ads are paid and widely published manually.


Limited Listings are unsponsored job posts appearing under the “jobs” section once candidates actively browse through jobs. They do not appear in the job recommendations sections, such as “Jobs you may be interested in,” “Work With Us” ads, etc.

Job slots, on the other hand, appear as ads and recommendations and are prioritized across the site. 

Paid ads appearing as job recommendations:

how to limited listings linkedin

Ideal use cases

Limited Listings are perfect if you have a non-urgent opening at your company and want active candidates to approach you at their own discord. Meanwhile, LinkedIn job posts and ads are perfect for filling up urgent or top-level roles.

How Limited Listings appear to active candidates looking for suitable roles:

linkedin limited listings vs job slots

Pros and cons of Limited Listings 

We’ve curated a list of the pros and cons of using LinkedIn Limited Listings to post job offers so you can make a well-informed decision. Let’s dig in:

The pros:

  • Affordable – Limited Listings are free of cost and perfect for recruiters with limited budgets on their hands. 
  • Ease of publishing – You can publish open roles as Limited Listings automatically or manually to your company page or Jobs section.
  • Expand your reach – Your free Limited Listing ads are highly reachable to active candidates across LinkedIn who are looking for specific roles.
  • Posting multiple openings –  Unlike paid ads, you don’t have to worry about paying for every open role ad. You can easily post multiple positions from a single subscription.

The cons: 

  • Less discoverability – Compared to promoted jobs, Limited Listings lack discoverability. For example, they do not appear in job recommendations, candidate notifications, promotions tab, etc.
  • Limited duration – Free job postings like Limited Listings are only active for a 21-day time period.
  • Unsuitable for top-level roles – If you have a senior position you’d like to fill ASAP, Limited Listings may not be the right first choice. That’s because promoted job ads are better at targeting the right candidates and getting them to apply.
  • Lack of analytics – You would not get any feedback on how your posts perform via Limited Listings. However, you can access statistical data if you’ve integrated your software with an ATS.  

How do LinkedIn Limited Listings work?

The best part about Limited Listings is their flexibility with job postings. 

You can either manually post jobs directly on LinkedIn or use an external recruiting software with an ATS to automatically pull open job positions across job boards and your company website, for example, the career page, and publish on LinkedIn. All this while being super affordable and strain-free! You no longer have to waste time copy-pasting each job title, description, etc., on multiple platforms. 

An ATS can also auto-publish open roles to your company page on LinkedIn under the “Jobs” section. This way, active, interested candidates visiting your LinkedIn business page can instantly apply to your open position without hassle. 

Linkedin job slots vs limited listings

3 must-use customization options for free LinkedIn job listings  

Imagine scouring through multiple job applications from unfit candidates. So, to save time and effort from this mistake, you must ensure your job postings have accurate information to pull in the right applicants.

Here are three customizations you must use for every open role:

  • Job details

Add accurate job details like the title, job description, target joining date, date opened, job type (full-time, freelance, internship, etc.), skills needed, educational background, work experience, responsibilities, and so on.

manually post to limited listings linkedin

  • Preferred qualifications 

Add preferred applicant qualifications in detail so only suitable candidates apply. Here’s a perfect example posted for a “Sales Consultant” position on LinkedIn:

how to limited listings linkedin

  • Location and remote work options

Adding the job’s location and work options, such as hybrid, remote, on-site, etc., will help candidates filter out positions while searching and also save you time qualifying the right candidates.

How to set up Limited Listings – a step-by-step guide for recruiters 

Follow this quick guide on setting up Limited Listings for free:

Step 1: Have a company business page 

The very first step to start posting jobs is to have a LinkedIn company page. Next, locate your Company ID, which you can easily find in your embedded LinkedIn company page’s URL.

linkedin limited listings vs job slots

Step 2: Click on the “Jobs” section

Click the Jobs icon on your LinkedIn feed at the top of your homepage, and click “Post a free job” on the left pane.

how to limited listings linkedin

linkedin limited listings vs job slots

Step 3: Describe your company’s open position 

Enter mandatory fields to help your job post reach the perfect applicants and boost response rates. Add the job title, work location, job type, top skills needed, responsibilities, screening questions, etc.

Linkedin job slots vs limited listings

Add skills:

manually post to limited listings linkedin

Once done, LinkedIn verifies your email address and proceeds to publish your free job post.

Step 4: Automate job posting using an ATS

If you need an automated route to post Limited Listings, try using recruiting software with an ATS like Zoho Recruit, LinkedIn Recruiter, etc.

All you must do is enter your LinkedIn Company ID and let the software auto-publish open roles onto LinkedIn. 

It’s that simple!

Step 5: Reach out to ideal applicants 

Need to save more time filling a priority position? Try a LinkedIn outreach tool like Expandi to automate the outreach process by sending personalized messages to hundreds of skilled potential candidates at scale. 

Learn more on how to get a 70%+ candidate response rate on LinkedIn. 


LinkedIn is an exceptional platform for recruiting as it has something for every budget and needs. And LinkedIn Limited Listings are proof that filling up open job positions can be streamlined and automated without sidetracking the standard recruitment process, from pre-qualifying candidates to hiring. 

And one aspect that can fast-track your end-to-end hiring process is LinkedIn outreach.

Expandi is your one-stop LinkedIn outreach tool, helping you connect with your ideal applicants before you lose them to other companies. 

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