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Growing and scaling a successful sales staffing agency is easier said than done. According to Statista, the main challenges impacting recruiting and staffing agencies are digital transformation, increased competition, lack of cash flow, and recruiting salespeople with industry experience. 

As a sales recruiting firm dealing with challenges like this, the question is—how do you overcome them and set your company up for success and scale?

In this article, we’ll explain how you can address these challenges and highlight the five best ways to grow and scale your sales recruiting agency.

Best practices for growing and scaling a sales staffing agency

Hiring qualified candidates & top talent, improving revenue, and standing out in your industry can seem daunting when growing and scaling your sales staffing agency. 

Below, we’ve explained the best practices you can apply to overcome these challenges and set your company up for success.

1. Market and competitor research

Before you can start thinking big about your sales staffing agency, you need to figure out how your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses compare to your own. Doing this will help you understand the market and identify ways to gain a competitive edge.

Market and competitor research helps you discover what other businesses are doing in your niche and identify ways to stand out. 

Are you filling in sales gaps? 

What are they doing? 

Their business processes or tech stack?

Learning more about the market and your competitors’ companies gives you deep insights into the best ways to position your sales staffing in your industry. 

2. Developing a top business plan

Develop a business plan for your sales staffing agency

To successfully scale your sales staffing agency, you need to start with a business plan. Why do you need a business plan? 

  • It helps you to see the bigger picture of your overall business processes and goals
  • It allows you to execute well-planned strategies to achieve your business objectives 

To build a solid business plan, you need to set the right goals that cover all aspects of your business, like ROI, brand awareness, and growth. 

You’ll also want to conduct market research to determine how your offering can fill important gaps in your industry.

3. Building a solid team

Build a solid team for your sales staffing agency

Your sales team is a crucial aspect of your business. A weak team can limit business growth, whereas a strong team with the right sales mindset is key to success. 

Some of the best ways to build a strong team are by

  • Focusing on hiring sales recruiters with outstanding sales talent 
  • Providing resources and training to help sales reps improve their sales knowledge 
  • Setting the suitable systems and processes to help sales executives improve sales engagement
  • Showing empathy and treating your sales team like humans with feelings and not just team members, during and after the hiring process.

4. Marketing and finding clients

A lack of clients is a recipe for cash flow problems for sales staffing agencies. For this reason, you need to apply the right marketing strategies to attract ideal clients for your company. 

Here are some ways you can begin

  • Launch a client referral program with your existing clients (use discounts, bonuses, or gifts as incentives) 
  • Invest in social media campaigns, paid ads, and link-building outreach
  • Network and build genuine relationships with prospects on a social platform like LinkedIn 

5. Measuring and improving performance

The secret to growing and scaling your sales staffing agency isn’t limited to your marketing and business plan. It also refers to tracking key performance indicators to determine whether you achieve primary business goals. 

You can measure and improve your business performance by using metrics such as:

  • Number of deals closed
  • Hire to submittals
  • Number of meetings booked with sales reps
  • Closing ratio and more 

Now that we’ve explained the best practices for growing and scaling your sales staffing agency let’s move on to using technology to increase efficiency and productivity. 

Leveraging technology for increased efficiency and productivity

When trying to grow and scale your sales staffing agency, it’s essential to free yourself and your sales team from mundane, repetitive tasks that cause team members to spend more time at work. A study by Asana revealed that workers spend 27% more time on skilled labor, and approximately 23 hours of the 40-hour workweek is lost to menial, repetitive tasks. 

How can you prevent this from happening in your organization? By using technology to automate sales processes to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. 

You should use software and digital tools that integrate well with your current tech stack for better sales recruitment and prospecting processes. 

Here are four main benefits of using technology for automating tasks:

  1. Lowering operating costs since the software can execute the work of three to five people. 
  2. Automating tasks can reduce errors and improve accuracy when implementing complex processes. However, this should be done with a series of tests to ensure the process is error-free. 
  3. Setting up automation systems can help drive revenue due to increased productivity, efficiency, and output. 
  4. Automating systems can be easily reconfigured and updated to accommodate new requirements. This provides better system flexibility and quality delivery. 

The best automation tools every sales staffing agency needs in 2023

Successful sales search firms leverage automation to improve workflows and increase efficiency. Here are the best automation tools for your sales staffing agency.

1. Linkedin Automation tool

Use a LinkedIn automation tool for the sales staffing agency

A good LinkedIn automation tool enables you to automatically execute networking activities like sending out connection requests, follow-up messages, and more.

Expandi, our cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool, allows you to send connection requests and in-mails without getting your account restricted.

Here are more benefits that Expandi provides:

  1. LinkedIn outreach enables you to send personalized connection requests, messages, and InMails on autopilot so that you don’t have to waste time looking for prospects.
    Use Expandi to outreach cold leads
  2. Email outreach allows you to combine Linkedin and email prospecting for even better response rates.
  3. With image and GIF personalization, you can add a creative approach to your outreach for increased engagement.
  4. Smart sequences enable you to set up conditions in your prospecting sequence and create different conditions based on your prospect’s behavior.
    Expandi smart sequences

Sign up for a 7-day free trial to explore these features and learn how they can fulfill your prospecting needs. 

2. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software

Human Resources Information System for a staffing agency

A human resource information system provides a set of HR features that allow you to collect, store, and manage all employee-related information in one place. With efficient HR software, you can control all facets of your employee lifecycle, from hiring to onboarding, payroll, and more.

BambooHR is one example of a human resource information system that provides HR management features like payroll processing, time tracking, and employee engagement tools for recruiters, HR managers, and general managers.

3. Accounting and invoicing software

Accounting and invoicing software for a staffing agency

Accounting and invoicing software is essential for managing your business’s financial data and processes. It allows you to execute automatic billing, invoicing, time-tracking, and cash flow management.

Quickbooks is an example of an accounting and invoicing software that provides accounting features like inventory management, time tracking, invoicing, and mileage tracking for small and mid-sized businesses.


One of the best ways to improve your sales staffing agency starts with the systems and processes you have set. Competitor research, marketing, and a solid business plan are all necessary to put the ball rolling to improve your company’s performance.

You also need to set up suitable systems like using automation tools for improving the processes of your sales recruiting firm, like hiring the right sales team and building meaningful connections with prospects and clients.

Our LinkedIn and email automation software, Expandi, helps you overcome prospecting challenges like account restriction, LinkedIn’s 100 connection request limit, and connecting with the same prospect twice. It provides features that allow you to

  • Manage multiple accounts in one dashboard
  • Personalize your email outreach to prospects in a meaningful way
  • Schedule and connection requests and more.

Sign up for a free trial today and set up your sales staffing agency for maximum performance.


How do I find clients for my sales staffing agency?

You can find clients by investing in paid ads, SEO, and a social media platform like LinkedIn.

How can I attract and retain top sales talent for my agency?

You can attract and retain top sales performers for your agency through the following ways:

  • Recognize the top sales professionals in your industry
  • Leverage technology to help your sales talent and recruiters improve their expertise

How do I negotiate salaries and benefits with clients and job candidates?

Here are some ways to negotiate salaries and benefits with clients and job candidates:

  • Conduct market research
  • Be transparent
  • Apply the right sales skills

How does a sales staffing agency keep up with changes in the industry and stay competitive?

Sales staffing agencies can remain competitive and updated in the industry through market and competitor research and automation tools for increased efficiency. 



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