Gmelius Review — We Tried Gmelius For 30 Days, and Here’s What We Found

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Gmelius is an email outreach tool with a twist, as it’s focused on team collaboration first and foremost.

And yet, is it the right choice for you?

In our Gmelius review, you’ll learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision, including all the details on Gmelius’:

  • Key features
  • Primary use cases
  • Pricing policy
  • Ease of use

Here’s an overview of what we’ll go over in detail:

And here’s a summary of our findings:


  • Gmelius is a team collaboration tool that uses email for coordinated project management. It helps marketing and sales teams improve internal and external communication.
  • Its best features include shared inboxes and Gmail labels for easier team collaboration, the ability to integrate meeting schedule links into emails, and email tracking.
  • Gmelius isn’t the best choice for automating email outreach campaigns, as it has elementary automation capabilities.
  • Expandi is the perfect solution for all kinds of users looking for an omnichannel outreach platform focused on LinkedIn. Its advanced automation and personalization options enable you to run your outreach campaigns on complete autopilot. Try Expandi’s free trial today and start supercharging your outreach efforts.

Gmelius review — Our methodology 

We used Gmelius for a month to understand what it can and cannot do. After all, nothing can replace first-hand experience.

But we didn’t stop there.

To provide you with a first-class Gmelius review, we have also talked to a number of former and current Gmelius users to see what they have to say about the software.

Additionally, we analyzed client reviews on all the reputable SaaS rating sites to save you the trouble of doing it yourself.

So. Let’s begin our Gmelius review by answering the first question that pops into the mind of every prospective user — is it easy to use?

Gmelius review — Ease of use


Gmelius has many features, ranging from team collaboration tools to email tracking and lots of juicy stuff in between.

However, that can be overwhelming, especially for new users.

Moreover, since you cannot filter all the notifications you receive, keeping track of all the vitals can get tricky.

Still, we feel the UX is fairly intuitive once you know your way around the software. Sales reps and marketers who haven’t used other email outreach tools will likely need 2-3 hours of training and some oversight for a week or so, but after that, they should be alright. 

Gmelius also has a comprehensive help center, a blog, and short video tutorials to help onboard new users.

When it comes to Gmelius’ support, its team seems to be pretty responsive. You can reach Gmelius’ support team via email, and there’s also a live chat option on its website — a nifty option when you need help ASAP.

Gmelius review — Key features

Gmelius has several noteworthy features, including the following:

Shared inbox

Gmelius allows users to have a shared Google workspace. More precisely, you can opt for:

  1. A shared Gmail inbox
  2. Kanban boards
  3. Shared Gmail labels


Having shared inboxes means your entire team will be able to:

  • Keep track of who opened which email and when. 
  • Know who’s working on what in real time. 
  • Work together on email drafts. This makes the entire process of replying to customers easier and more coordinated.
  • Assign an email to any team member or set up auto-assign options based on different rules (for example, John and Susan are assigned all emails with the “project managers” label). 
  • Create personalized email campaigns using the mail merge tool.

All of this combined facilitates easier overall project management, as you can delegate each task to the most competent team member.

Shared inboxes can also minimize the risk of double replying. 

Email sharing

In addition to providing shared Google workspaces, Gmelius allows users to share emails directly from their personal Gmail inbox.

This means you won’t have to worry about forwarding emails when delegating an email to a team member.

Gmelius also includes a “Share and Assign” button in its dashboard that enables you to delegate any email or emails to any given person in your team.


The team member you assigned the email to will be immediately notified, so they can start working on it as soon as possible.

Email notes

This feature helps you enhance your overall team collaboration and productivity.

Namely, you can leave a note in any email to provide your entire team with additional context. 

Moreover, you can tag any team member you want in the note, as this will immediately get their attention via a notification and enable them to view the entire thread.


You can also give them detailed instructions on what they’re supposed to do or simply ask for their opinion and feedback.

This allows you to skip all the unnecessary steps required for efficient project management — your team will be able to work together on any email thread in real time without ever leaving Google Workspace and Gmail.

Email templates

If you struck gold with a particular piece of email copy, it would be great if you didn’t have to copy and paste it every single time you needed to use it.

Gmelius’ email templates enable you to do exactly that.

You can save the emails that worked wonders as templates. This way, every team member can access them at any time and easily edit them by including things to personalize the email for the recipient. 

This feature is handy when you run elaborate mail merge campaigns, as it simplifies the entire process of drafting personalized messages.

Meeting scheduler

Gmelius syncs with your Google Calendar and integrates with a virtual meeting platform of your choice (e.g., Zoom or Google Meet).

Connecting your Google Calendar to Gmelius allows for the automatic synchronization of your meetings.


You can also incorporate personalized meeting invites into the body of emails and:

  • Share your Google Calendar availability.
  • Allow prospects to book meetings directly from the email by simply clicking on the date and time that suits them best. 
  • Send confirmations and set up automated meeting reminders to ensure your prospects won’t forget about the meeting.


Gmelius’ reporting feature lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your mail merge campaigns and your team’s general productivity.


Gmelius generates various reports that provide insight into things like:

  • Team performance — Including stats about every single team member and their results over a specified period.
  • Overall productivity — Including info on the number of closed conversations, average closing time, the most productive day and time, etc.
  • Tags usage — Including who used each tag, how often tags were used, etc.
  • New conversations Including stats on active conversations, new conversations, busiest times, conversations per day, etc.

However, the usefulness of Gmelius’ analytics reports depends on the plan you subscribe to. 

Only the priciest package has a 6-month reporting window, whereas the other two plans have much shorter reporting periods.

Email tracking 

Gmelius also enables email tracking, meaning you’ll get notified whenever a recipient opens your email.

All you need to do is click on the double tick icon next to the Send button before sending the message or enable default tracking for all emails.


Once an email has been opened, you’ll get a push notification, and you’ll also see a double tick next to the opened emails in your inbox for a clearer overview.

Gmelius doesn’t offer more advanced email tracking options, such as if a recipient has also opened and interacted with your attachment.

Shared Gmail labels

Shared labels are another way to create a shared Google Workspace for your team and enable seamless project management and team collaboration.

In addition to having shared inboxes and Kanban boards for visual project management, you can also apply shared labels to your emails.

You can either create new Gmail labels or share existing labels with your team, and as a result, each email under that label will automatically appear in your team’s shared inboxes.


Again, this can be used equally efficiently for internal and external communication, as you can choose which team members you’d like to share a particular label with.

Gmelius review — Pricing

Gmelius has three pricing plans, as you can see below:

  • Plus — At $15 a month
  • Growth — At $29 a month
  • Pro — At $69 a month


While Gmelius doesn’t offer a free version, there is a 7-day free trial. Additionally, annual billing will get you a discount.

We should note that the mail merge tool is available only with the Growth plan and the Pro plan. Moreover, the most basic plan has a limited reporting history of only seven days

This is nowhere near enough for getting a clear picture of your team’s performance and your campaign’s overall success.

Gmelius review — Use cases

So, who should use Gmelius?

Gmelius is an excellent choice for small to medium-sized sales and marketing teams that need a tool that can enable easier team collaboration within Gmail and Google Workspace.

However, Gmelius cannot be used as a universal team collaboration tool because it’s focused on email outreach alone.

Only teams that use email as their sole or main outreach marketing channel can find Gmelius to be a match.

Want to venture outside the realm of email outreach? Try Expandi

Gmelius is an excellent tool for users looking for a team-friendly email outreach option.

However, some potential users will prefer using a platform that offers more than a single outreach channel.

Enter Expandi — an omnichannel outreach tool with a particular focus on LinkedIn.


Why choose an omnichannel tool over an email outreach tool?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: an omnichannel platform provides you with many more options for finding and reaching members of your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Expandi primarily specializes in LinkedIn outreach, which is a huge deal, considering that LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B sales and outreach.

And with more than 875 million active users worldwide, it’s clear why LinkedIn should be the first place to come to mind when deciding on an outreach channel and strategy.

Expandi’s advanced AI-powered features allow users to easily create hyper-personalized outreach campaigns on LinkedIn

Furthermore, since you can incorporate email follow-ups into your outreach sequences, you’ll be able to create intricate campaigns that leverage LinkedIn and email simultaneously.

Expandi — Key features

  • Sophisticated automation options — While Gmelius has rather basic automation features, Expandi excels in automation. Expandi allows you to easily create hyper-personalized LinkedIn campaigns that run entirely on autopilot. You can automate any LinkedIn action, from viewing and following profiles to sending connection requests and follow-up messages on email and LinkedIn.


  • Safety — Using LinkedIn automation is all fun and games until you get restricted from the platform. With Expandi, you won’t have to worry about this because:
  • It’s cloud-based, so it leaves no trace on your device whatsoever.
  • It has safety limits that ensure you won’t trigger any alarms on LinkedIn. Even with these limits in place, you can still send more connection requests and messages than would be possible otherwise.
  • It allows you to set up working hours and time zones during which it will work, it randomizes LinkedIn activity, it takes breaks between various actions, and it deletes pending requests if they haven’t been accepted for a while.


  • Data extracting capabilities — Unlike Gmelius, Expandi can supercharge your prospecting and lead generation efforts thanks to its scraping feature. It can pull leads from various LinkedIn sources, including polls, groups, and events, and even find users that have engaged with a particular LinkedIn post or viewed your profile. This will enable you to reach your target audience much faster.


  • Rich in integrations — Expandi integrates with multiple CRMs, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zoho. Additionally, you can connect Expandi with many more tools thanks to its integration with Zapier.
  • Advanced personalization — Expandi can personalize every step of your outreach campaigns, from connection requests to email and LinkedIn messages. Its integration with Hyperise enables you to incorporate unique and engaging images and GIFs into your messages — something that can increase your reply rate by more than 55%.


  • No steep learning curve —  Despite being feature-rich, Expandi’s interface is very easy to navigate, even if you’re a beginner. In addition, you can rely on Expandi’s comprehensive help center, video blog, and detailed FAQ section, and Expandi’s customer support team is always there if you need them.

Expandi — Pricing

Expandi has a single pricing plan at $99 per user per month.


This package includes all of Expandi’s features, as well as unlimited access to Expandi’s LinkedIn Outreach Academy and free eBooks. These eBooks include:

  1. 10 Proven LinkedIn Outreach Templates From Top Influencers
  2. Prepare, Market, and Launch LinkedIn Events
  3. Triple Your Leads on LinkedIn

Moreover, there are no additional charges or setup costs, meaning that this is the only price you’ll have to pay to enjoy all the benefits Expandi offers.

Expandi — Use cases 

Expandi is ideal for users looking for an omnichannel outreach platform that’s specialized in LinkedIn.

Its versatile features and a single all-inclusive package make Expandi perfectly suitable for a wide range of users — individuals, teams, and even agencies. 

Is Expandi a fit for you, too?

Start Expandi’s free 7-day trial today and find out.

Final thoughts: Gmelius review

If you’re looking for a team collaboration platform that relies on email for coordinated project management and easier internal and external communication, Gmelius might be the tool for you.

Its mail merge and basic automation options allow you to create automated email campaigns. However, more advanced users preferring an omnichannel approach to their outreach will need a different solution.

That solution is Expandi. Expandi’s cutting-edge functionality enables you to create and run fully automated outreach campaigns on LinkedIn.

Although Expandi is designed primarily for LinkedIn-based outreach, it allows you to add email follow-ups to your automated sequences.

This way, you can reach your leads through both channels simultaneously, which results in more high-quality leads and higher reply rates, ultimately leading to more conversions and improved client retention rates.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Start Expandi’s free 7-day trial today and watch your outreach efforts transform.


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