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What if there was a laser-specific way to find your target audience on LinkedIn for outreach and B2B lead generation?

A strategy that works in every niche, takes just under 5 minutes for you to set it up, and can reach up to 1,000 potential sales prospects.

And that’s regardless of your target market, with no need for complicated LinkedIn filters, retargeting, or having to set up time-consuming flows by combining 3 other growth-hacking tools.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, here’s the thing:

If you know where your target audience is on LinkedIn and what kind of content they consume, you can easily use this information in your outreach.

To be even more specific, as long as you know what kind of events your target market attends on LinkedIn, you can now scrape the list of attendees and reach out to them with Expandi.

You need only 2 things:

  • A relevant LinkedIn event with many attendees (your target audience).
  • LinkedIn outreach tool (Expandi) to scrape the attendees and automatically reach out to everyone who clicked ‘Accept’ to an event.

So, if your niche is LinkedIn and B2B marketing, all you have to do is find an event related to that, scrape the event, and in your connection request, mention how you attended the same event.

There’s a ton of potential here and we’ll show you how to set up the exact flow below.

Most attendees will be glad to connect with you because of the mutual interest.

And that’s what most of this guide will be based around.

We’ll show you how we achieved a solid 55% acceptance rate and 66% reply rate 

And we’ll cover:

  • Everything You Need to Know About LinkedIn Events
  • How to Scrape LinkedIn Events for Laser-Specific Outreach Using Expandi
  • How We Achieved 55% Acceptance Rate and 66% Reply Rate in 2 Days Through LinkedIn Scraping Events

Let’s begin with LinkedIn events!

LinkedIn Events: An Intro

LinkedIn events provide members with an easy and convenient way to join any type of professional – such as meetups, online workshops, seminars, and more.

Regardless of your niche, whether it’s best LinkedIn practices, creative marketing, or something else, you’re bound to find a target market interested in the topic and an event with many attendees.

And you don’t even have to know the event organizer or speaker to find the events. All you have to do is enter keywords related to your niche, and switch the filter to ‘Events’.

Then, you’ll find different kinds of events, whether they’re niche-specific ones. Or an event by a viral influencer with 1,000+ attendees.

With this growth hack, we’ll be scraping an event’s attendees – no matter how many people will be there.

That’s 600+ people interested in growth-hacking. Not bad for an automated outreach.

Especially considering it takes under 5 minutes to find the target audience.

Before we cover how to set up the outreach and the templates we used, here are few more things you need to know about LinkedIn events.

There are few different types of LinkedIn events you can find out there to scrape:

  • Networking events for people interested in the same topic who have the same goal.
  • Online workshops for people who want to learn something new.
  • Product launches and feature demonstrations.
  • Meetups, conferences, or other similar interests.

Depending on the type of event, you can set up different objective-based outreach campaigns.

Meaning, if the event is about LinkedIn outreach, we can assume its attendees are probably interested in growth-hacking and lead generation tools (like Expandi)!

Do you see what I’m getting at here?


You should base your outreach campaign based on the type of event, as we’ll cover examples below.

We’ve covered a similar outreach campaign to steal our competitor’s audience by scraping their Twitter followers.

But this is even a more simplified version of that growth-hack. As all you have to do is find your competitors on LinkedIn, see if they’re regularly hosting events, and then scrape their attendees.

If you are going to go down that route, you should be ready to sell your product and know in what way is it better than your competitor’s.

We did something similar by scraping our competitor’s Facebook group and reached out to its members. To go one step beyond, we even set up a custom landing page in which we compare our product to that of our competitor’s.

To learn how to scrape Facebook groups for LinkedIn outreach and how we achieved a 72% acceptance rate and booked 42 demos, check out the full guide for that.


Now, let’s get back on topic and cover how to scrape LinkedIn events using Expandi and reach out to the attendees.

How to Scrape LinkedIn Events for Laser-Specific Outreach Using Expandi

To scrape events on LinkedIn using Expandi, first, you need to go to LinkedIn, find any event, make sure you’ve clicked ‘Attend’, copy the link to Expandi, and let the tool take it from there.

Here’s how:

1. Copy URL of the selected LinkedIn event (make sure you’ve clicked ‘Attend event’ so that Expandi can scrape it properly.


2. Then, to scrape its attendees, go back to Expandi.

3. Go to the Search tab.

4. Click New Search.


5. Then, simply paste the URL in the Event Search section here and click Search.


If you already have a LinkedIn outreach campaign selected, you can automatically add search results to that campaign.

Or, you can just create a campaign afterwards.

Now, here’s the campaign flow and the templates we used to achieve the above mentioned connection rates.

How We Achieved 55% Acceptance Rate and 66% Reply Rate in 2 Days Through LinkedIn Scraping Events

The reason this campaign worked so well is because people are more likely to connect with strangers they have something in common with.

In this case, it’s the LinkedIn event you’re both planning to attend.

So, if you bring up the event name in your connection request (like we did below), or use some other form of personalization, you can expect to gain a higher acceptance rate.

Below, we ran a campaign to connect with prospects before the campaign in an attempt to network with them. So, this was before the event even happened.

But alternatively, you can bring up something specific from the event (after it happened) that you liked. In return, you can then ask your prospects what they liked from the event best.

In short, this is to build rapport and use personalization. Your prospects will be more likely to respond to this more.

Here’s the outreach flow we used and the exact templates:

Connection request

“Hey {first_name}, I see you are planning on attending the DigiConf21 hosted by OST Marketing. Me too, very much looking forward to Philip Storey’s Marketing automation session. What is your favorite?

Would love to get connected before it.

Talk soon, Amy”

Sent from my iPhone


Follow-up message 1


(PS – Wondering how to use personalized dynamic GIFs like this in your LinkedIn campaigns? Check out our guide to advanced LinkedIn dynamic personalization for more info.)

Follow-up message 2

“Hope the event will bring you some value!

I’d love to share a playbook on growth marketing tactics for LinkedIn I recently wrote with my team

Would you like a copy?”

(PS – Want to save time and use some standard replies that you often use for your prospects? You can use reply templates to save some standard replies directly from the Inbox tab in Expandi.)

Follow-up message 3 (if they say ‘yes’)

“Awesome! Here you go:

Let me know your thoughts! I’d love some feedback- please feel free to send your honest opinion.”

Feel free to copy and adjust the above templates based on your campaign specifics.

Obviously, you’ll want to change the event name. But feel free to experiment with your outreach messages too as you can also A/B test your messages in Expandi.

So, once you perfect your outreach messages, you can expect a connection request rate higher than 55%!

Because many people aren’t doing this type of outreach yet, we saw that a lot of people were quite impressed.


And that’s a wrap!

Hope you found this guide useful as there’s a ton of potential in scraping events on LinkedIn.

You can find LinkedIn events with up to 1,000 attendees (sales prospects) and scrape it with Expandi in just under 5 minutes.

As a cherry on top, this type of outreach is still relatively new and many people won’t even realize it’s automated.

Ready to start scraping events on LinkedIn and reach out to your laser-specific target audience today?

Get started using Expandi with a free 7-day trial now.

And to help make sure you’re running the most efficient lead generation campaigns, be sure to also check out:


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