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Looking for the right LinkedIn marketing agency to take your business to the next level?

LinkedIn is one of the best B2B lead generation platforms.

With over 774+ million members on it, it’s perfect for reaching just about any type of business out there.

But there’s a difference between reaching a company on LinkedIn and consistent, high-quality lead generation.

You might know how to find your target audience on LinkedIn, but do you know how to connect with them and send follow-up messages that get them on a demo call with you?

Do you know how to work around the new LinkedIn limit and connect with more than 100 people per week?

This is what you need to succeed at Linkedin marketing.

And then, you should be able to automate your LinkedIn outreach at scale.

Which can be quite time-consuming. Especially if you’re also working on your business.

The point being – if you want to scale up your business, you need new leads and clients.

You can find them on LinkedIn and use a LinkedIn lead generation tool like Expandi to contact them.

But sometimes, you need a second pair of hands to handle all this.

Which is why we’ve compiled this guide to making the most out of LinkedIn marketing agencies.

Below, we’ll explain what a LinkedIn agency does and how they can help your business.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • LinkedIn Marketing Agencies: What They Do and Overview
  • 15+ Top LinkedIn Marketing Agencies


Here’s what you need to know before working with a LinkedIn marketing agency.

LinkedIn Marketing Agencies: What They Do and Overview

So, first of all, what does a LinkedIn marketing agency do, exactly?

Well, a lot depends on the specific agency and what services they offer.

But for the most part, here’s what they can help with:

  • Defining your target audience and looking them up on LinkedIn.
  • Automate and handle the outreach and sales sequences follow-up messages.
  • Help you set up weekly or monthly lead appointments.
  • Helping you set up LinkedIn advertising, if needed.
  • Prepare you to close deals, help you create LinkedIn content, integrate into your marketing ecosystem, and more.

More specifically, here are the main LinkedIn marketing services you should be looking at when considering these agencies.

LinkedIn lead generation overview

Through LinkedIn automation tools, agencies automate sending out connection requests, follow-up messages, and other activities you would have to perform manually otherwise.

It’s like an email outreach campaign, but for LinkedIn!

During your campaign, you gain access to campaign analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.


For example, if your campaigns have a high acceptance rate but low reply rate, chances are, your leads aren’t interested in what you have to say.

This could be because you’re targeting the wrong group of people or your LinkedIn cold messages can be better.

Either way, the right LinkedIn marketing agency should be able to help you find your audience and set up the right.

Here’s what you need to know about that:

LinkedIn lead generation outcome and results

If you’re going to be doing any kind of lead generation or sales outreach, you need to have set the right KPIs and data metrics to decide what’s successful.

Aside from obvious meetings booked or sales demos closed, consider the following LinkedIn sales metrics:

  • LinkedIn profile views.
  • Post views and content reach.
  • Search appearances.
  • LinkedIn social index.
  • LinkedIn outreach campaign and lead generation stats (connection acceptance rate, reply rate, demos booked, etc.).

Make sure you’ve set the right sales metrics and defined what’s successful before launching your LinkedIn marketing campaigns with your agency.

Now that you know what goes behind LinkedIn marketing and some LinkedIn lead generation services, let’s take a look at some of the best LinkedIn marketing agencies and what they offer.

20 Top LinkedIn Marketing Agencies

In no order, here are the top LinkedIn marketing agencies who can help you generate leads and skyrocket your business:

  1. Cleverly.
  2. BAMF.
  3. Keystone Click.
  4. Content Way.
  5. The Marketing Family.
  6. We Are Team Rocket.
  7. Accelerate Growth.
  8. The Social Effect.
  9. Rewind Creative.
  10. Altrincham HQ.
  11. ModumUp.
  12. Direct Online Marketing.
  13. Royan Nidea Marketing.
  14. Are You B2B.
  15. FILT Pod.
  16. SalesBread.
  17. B2Linked.
  18. HyperSocial.
  19. Oppilo Marketing.
  20. Luminetics.

Now, let’s take a look at what each does.

1. Cleverly


Cleverly is the only LinkedIn agency in the world with 800+ 5-star reviews. They can make almost anyone successful on LinkedIn due to their experience with over 1,500 active clients across all industries and sizes. They’re the most affordable, premium done-for-you service in the market.
  • Founded year: 2018
  • CEO: Nick Verity
  • LinkedIn services: Done-For-You LinkedIn outreach, LinkedIn content, LinkedIn Ads, response handling, cold email outreach
  • Noteworthy achievement: 800+ real 5-star reviews on Trustpilot and Clutch
  • Price range: $300/month-$1,000/month


BAMF (Badass Marketers & Founders) is a LinkedIn growth marketing agency that focuses on LinkedIn marketing done-for-you.

With over half a billion organic LinkedIn views, their clients are some of the most viewed people on LinkedIn. If you’ve spent any time on the platform, chances are, you’ve come across their content.

Founded by Houston Gold, BAMF is famous for its LinkedIn Bible and working with some of the biggest names on LinkedIn.

  • Founded year: 2017.
  • CEO: Houston Golden.
  • LinkedIn services: Done-For-You LinkedIn appointment setting, LinkedIn lead generation, LinkedIn profile optimization, thought leadership, and influencer marketing.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped Prince EA get 12 million views (503,000% growth) in just one year, more than 100 million LinkedIn views, 1M+ views in 3 months working with Russel Brunson, and more.
  • Price range: Bespoke, depends.

  3. Keystone Click

Keystone Click is a digital marketing agency that helps clients make intelligent business decisions.

On the LinkedIn side, they provide lead generation training, strategic profile management, and paid campaigns done for you.

Lori Highby, the founder, has a 20+ year career of educating and empowering others to reach their goals. And through Keystone, she and her teams help small businesses and Fortune 500s alike.

  • Founded year: 2008.
  • CEO: Lori Highby.
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn training, strategic profile management, and paid campaigns.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped client 15x his website related sales in 12 months with their digital strategy.
  • Price range: Starting at $2,000/month.
  • How many people work in agency: 7.

  4. Content Way

Content Way helps B2B companies implement effective LinkedIn strategies.

The agency, founded by Tomasz Maciejewski, helps clients get new customers from all over the world.

Tom has been in digital marketing for 7+ years now. And his interest initially came from his desire to gain more freedom in life and the possibility of traveling more often and longer. He also promotes remote work opportunities and runs his own podcasts and conferences (mainly in Poland).

Primarily, they offer LinkedIn workshops, consulting, and B2B content funnels.

  • Founded year: 2018.
  • CEO: Tomasz Maciejewski.
  • LinkedIn services: Creating strategy with executives, training and mentoring teams to do outbound, account-based marketing and in-house content.
  • Price range: 1500-4000$ per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 3.

  5. The Marketing Family

The Marketing Family is a B2B marketing agency that helps businesses grow by turning their owners into LinkedIn thought leaders.

They do this through content marketing, social media, lead generation, and custom marketing solutions tailored for their clients.

The agency is owned by 2 marketing experts from Bulgaria: Nikolay Dobrev and Matey Tsolov.

  • Founded year: 2018.
  • CEO: Matey Tsolov, Nikolay Dobrev.
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn outreach, content marketing and management,, email outreach, podcast services.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped US localization client gather more than 2M organic views, generated leads that led to 5-6 figure deals.
  • Price range: $1,100-$5,600+ per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 5

  6. We Are Team Rocket

We Are Team Rocket is a LinkedIn marketing agency run by Tom Simpson.

Team Rocket helps make sure you’re connecting your content to the right audience at the right time, through data and automation.

Working with out-of-date prospect data will only ruin your outreach and lead generation.

This is why they’re so set on using the latest marketing and data strategies to power your sales.

  • Founded year: 2013.
  • CEO: Tom Simpson.
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn growth and social selling done-for-you. Campaign strategies, ICP analysis, LinkedIn automation, Campaign strategies, ICP analysis, LinkedIn automation, outreach, and more.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Drove 1150 positive responses on LinkedIn, 204+ booked meetings with senior decision-makers, drove 140% revenue growth for the year.
  • Price range: $1,340-$2,680+ per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 23

   7. Accelerate Growth

Accelerate Growth helps startup founders, business owners, and sales leaders get more sales meetings with new, ideal customers.

Run by Fanis Rigas, their approach to lead generation is that sales is no longer a form of – there’s a process to it.

And this is something they help automate at scale.

They build sales pipelines with personalized messaging that targets qualified leads with the right message. All you have to do is step in and close

  • Founded year: 2019.
  • CEO: Fanis Rigas
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn Prospecting, profile optimization, social selling, content, cold outreach lead generation.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped clients identify an approach and book real estate co-investors ($1M+ investments in total) in less than 8 months.
  • Price range: $1,700-$4,000 per month, or per-performance basis.
  • How many people work in agency: 3+ founders.

  8. The Social Effect

The Social Effect helps marketing teams deliver social account-based marketing (ABM) to educate, inspire, and win enterprise accounts.

From demand generation to paid social, they help with all things B2B social marketing.

With a triple-tiered approach, they combine creative narratives, orchestrated distribution and account intent to reach and engage your social buyers.

  • Founded year: 2012.
  • CEO: Regan George
  • LinkedIn services: Paid social, organic social, community, strategic ABM, creative.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped clients grow by over $9,000,000 pipeline in 2020.
  • Price range $3,500-$20,000 per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 30.

  9. Rewind Creative

Rewind Creative is a full-service marketing agency that provides digital marketing, digital PR, creative and web lead generation.

Founded by Matthew Layton in 2020, Rewind Creative is a team of big thinkers with the single goal to develop brands without boundaries.

Their approach to marketing is to be bold in digital and creative. And as a full-service marketing agency they provide a completely transparent and jargon-free approach to their services.

  • Founded year: 2020.
  • CEO: Matthew Layton
  • LinkedIn services: Social media management, personal branding, profile setup and designs, optimised video creation, training and up-skilling.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Over 6 months, achieved 1,484% growth in their client’s social media presence and attributed 35% of sales to social media within 4 months of launch.
  • Price range: $330-$1,300+ per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 7

  10. Altrincham HQ

Altrincham HQ is a social media training or management agency that offers a range of services based around LinkedIn and other channels.

Alex Mccain, the founder, has over 14 years of experience with social media and over 20 years of experience in online marketing in other companies.

Now, he helps with all things social media mentoring and training related services.

  • Founded year: 2009.
  • CEO: Alex Mccain
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn and Twitter training, social media mentoring and management, and more.
  • Noteworthy achievement: £15,000 order on LinkedIn within weeks of working with a business.
  • Price range: Mid-range, depends.
  • How many people work in agency: 1

  11. ModumUp

ModumUp is a social selling and lead generation agency that specializes in personal branding in the B2B world.

They help boost B2B sales by focusing on your positioning, organizing target audience growth, nurturing leads with the right content, and identifying sales-ready leads.

This way, they make sure you don’t spend too much time on content creation.

  • Founded year: 2018.
  • CEO: Olga Bondareva
  • LinkedIn services: Social selling outsourcing (positioning, content, target audience growth, communication with potential customers in a personal profile), social selling, corporate mentoring course and training.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Generated 13 B2B customer deals for a client, during 6 months project with total revenue of $500K.
  • Price range: Around $2,500 per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 40+

  12. Direct Online Marketing

Direct Online Marketing provides custom-tailored lead generation and marketing services that grow online businesses.

By being ROI-focused, they continue to prove themselves through marketing tactics that work, based on data and results.

With certified expertise of working since 2006, they provide a range of different marketing solutions – from SEO to LinkedIn.

  • Founded year: 2006.
  • CEO: Justin Seibert
  • LinkedIn services: Bespoke LinkedIn marketing strategies, from unaware audiences to nurturing. Helps generate awareness, leads, and job applicants for growing midsize companies.
  • Noteworthy achievement: In many of their campaigns, an average quarter over quarter reduction in cost per conversion by 17%
  • Price range: $5,000+ per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 10-49.

  13. Royan Nidea Marketing

Royan Nidea is a LinkedIn consultant, marketer, and personal brand who helps business coaches get more clients in 30 days, without spending money on ads.

For the last 4 years, Royan has been helping people grow audiences, build a brand, and strengthen their online presence through LinkedIn.

He does this through strong systems in place and processes that bring in a consistent flow of relevant connections and leads.

  • Founded year: 2020.
  • CEO: Royan Nidea.
  • LinkedIn services: Outreach marketing, LinkedIn lead generation, coaching, and more.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped dozens of clients add $10k/month with Linkedin.
  • Price range: $899 to $1499 per month
  • How many people work in agency: 15.

  14. Are You B2B

Are You B2B helps transform businesses and thought leaders from a hard-selling approach to becoming an authority in their niche by sharing educational and entertaining content on LinkedIn.

Unlike other agencies, they take a content-centric approach to lead generation.

They focus mainly on LinkedIn and email. And make sure their clients have a committed, unique personal branded marketing strategy.

  • Founded year: 2020.
  • CEO: Mellonie (Amin) Francis.
  • LinkedIn services: Consistent strategic content creation, distribution, and publishing.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped clients land strategic partnerships with likes of Mercedes Benz and Foxtel & Zurich insurance.
  • Price range: $3,600+ per month.
  • How many people work in agency: 15.

  15. FILT Pod

FILT Pod is a marketing SaaS tool that helps business owners amplify their content to drive more leads and sales.

They do this through engagement pods and advertising, designed for growth.

After creating a LinkedIn post for your industry, you can join the next FILT Pod session, share the link to your post, and gain positive comments and engagement from other industry leaders.

  • Founded year: 2021.
  • CEO: Jacob Hill.
  • LinkedIn services: Engagement advertising, content amplification, lead generation.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped LinkedIn training service provider client generate 17 clients using their platform – gaining $35K booked in total.
  • Price range: $30/month.
  • How many people work in agency: 8.

  16. SalesBread

SalesBread helps founders, consultants, and sales teams get more leads by sending fewer cold emails.

They focus primarily on LinkedIn and emails to get your ideal customers excited about your offer, even if you don’t have a large sales team or extra time to spend on prospecting.

SalesBread provides 2 main lead generation services: a done-for-you lead generation and 1-on-1 sales consulting.

  • Founded year: 2014.
  • CEO: Jack Reamer.
  • LinkedIn services: Ultra-personalized done-for-you lead generation, email and LinkedIn outreach.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped a startup client land a $21M contract with one of the top 10 banks in the U.S. after 4 months of outreach.
  • Price range: Between $3,000-$7,000 per month.

  17. B2Linked

B2Linked is a LinkedIn ads agency that helps generate high-quality leads at scale.

What makes them stand out is their LinkedIn expertise, being a LinkedIn marketing partner, their detailed reporting, and expert targeting that drives the highest-quality leads possible.

On a more practical side, they provide account management, consulting, and LinkedIn ads services.

  • Founded year: 2014.
  • CEO: AJ Wilcox.
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn ads campaigns for a variety of companies, worked with the largest spenders on the platform, and then hundreds of others.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Grew one of their client’s qualified leads by 300% in a single quarter. Cut their cost per qualified lead in half for 3 quarters in a row.
  • Price range: From $3,000 per month.

  18. HyperSocial

HyperSocial is a B2B marketing agency that has rapidly grown into a social selling powerhouse, from lead generation to content marketing.

They create engaging, personable marketing campaigns that result in real, targeted leads and sales. Whether it’s for their lead generation or LinkedIn services, they approach marketing as human-to-human and help everyone from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Founded year: 2019.
  • CEO: Braden Wallake.
  • LinkedIn services: Cold outreach services via LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, relationship building, cold email campaigns, account-based marketing, and more.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped a client go from 14 employees to almost 30, doubled their MRR in under 6 months. Grew HyperSocial from $0 to almost $75k in MRR as of September 2021.
  • Price range: From $447 to $997+ per month.

  19. Oppilo Marketing

Oppilo Marketing helps generate thousands of leads for B2B companies, coaches, consultants, and other selling professionals, with personalized digital marketing services.

More than an agency, Oppilo operates as business partners who help their clients build custom solutions to win in their market and track real results in their private dashboards.

  • Founded year: 2019.
  • CEO: David Hamilton.
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn profile optimization, content marketing, LinkedIn and email outreach, ads management, and more.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Added 6 new clients to CEO coaching client in 6 months, each with $100K in lifetime value.
  • Price range: Solutions start at $495 per month for content marketing, most clients invest $2,000-$3,000 per month.

  20. Luminetics

Luminetics is an award-winning agency that has partnered with B2B brands for over 11 years – helping them increase their brand exposure and revenue through LinkedIn marketing and done-for-you solutions.

They mainly work with B2B enterprises who want to better leverage LinkedIn and increase their social selling revenue. Their clients range in size from 100 employees to 10,000 employees, spanning across different industries from tech, real estate, education, and more.

  • Founded year: 2021.
  • CEO: Mandy McEwen.
  • LinkedIn services: LinkedIn training, personal branding, done-for-you marketing.
  • Noteworthy achievement: Helped a client increase 400% in profile views, 10x more content views after the first post, and gain 3,566% more company page visitors.
  • Price range: Enterprise-level solutions. Everything starts at $15K.


Now, let’s recap everything you need to know about LinkedIn marketing agencies.

  • What is a LinkedIn agency?

A LinkedIn agency is an agency that specializes in LinkedIn marketing or lead generation services. Though each agency will offer a different service, for the most part, they can help with all things:

  • Defining your target audience for outreach.
  • LinkedIn automation and lead generation sales outreach.
  • Handling the sales sequences and follow-up messages.
  • LinkedIn advertising, setting up lead appointments, content creation, and more.
  • How do I use LinkedIn as a marketing agency?

LinkedIn marketing agencies can help you generate more leads through a variety of different services. To make the most out of an agency though, make sure you decide on the KPIs and data metrics to decide what’s successful beforehand. For example, meetings booked LinkedIn outreach campaign stats (connection rate, reply rate, etc.)

  • Can we do marketing on LinkedIn?

Yes, LinkedIn is one of the best B2B lead generation and marketing platforms. With over 774+ million members on it, it’s perfect for reaching just about any type of business out there. For the best results, you should be doing outreach as well as content creation to attract your ideal leads.

  • What are the types of LinkedIn ads?

There are a few different types of LinkedIn ads, they are as follows:

  • Sponsored Content.
  • Sponsored messaging (InMail and conversation ads).
  • Video Ads.
  • Text Ads.
  • Dynamic Ads.
  • Carousel Ads.

For more info on getting the most out of ads, check out our full guide to LinkedIn advertising.

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