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Last but not least, we have one final growth-hack that can be really valuable if you’re hosting online webinars.

Think about it – there’s never been a better time to host an online webinar. Almost everyone in the marketing world has access to a computer or a mobile device and is probably working from home.

This is another omni-channel marketing strategy to always keep in touch with your leads. And we’ll also be using reverse webhooks to set up this flow.

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And now, here’s how it works:

  1. Ask for a LinkedIn URL in your webinar registration form (we use Zoom for this).
  2. Connect the form with LinkedIn and Expandi via Zapier.
  3. Prepare a new connector campaign that sends a connection request to anyone who signs up for your webinar.
  4. Continue the sequence after the webinar with follow-ups (e.g. links mentioned in the webinar, asking for their thoughts, and so on).

Using this flow, we managed to gain a 77.8% connection request acceptance rate and a 67.5% reply rate, both of which are well above the average LinkedIn outreach rates.


How to Connect Zoom Webinar to LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

Here’s how to set this up.

1- First, you’ll need a Zoom webinar subscription and when creating a webinar, you’ll need to turn on the required registration (in the settings) when someone wants to attend your webinar.

2-After you’ve made it compulsory for people to register for your webinar, you can select the questions which you need to ask them regarding the information you need from them. To edit these questions, go to Registration Settings and click Edit in the upper right corner.

3- As you might have guessed, you’ll need to create a custom question form that asks for their LinkedIn profile URL. So, whenever a lead gives their LinkedIn URL, the form will be passed along to Zapier, and then to your LinkedIn through Expandi.

4- Then, to connect a webinar in Zoom with Expandi, you’ll need to create a Zap. App: Zoom and Trigger Event: New Registrant.

5- Next, choose your Zoom account in Zapier. In the Customize New Registrant section, choose the webinar from which you’ll be sending new registrants.

6- Finish editing and click Test & Continue.

Now, for the second part, we’ll need to create a reversed webhook in Expandi which will import the attendees into our LinkedIn outreach campaign.

So, first, you’ll need to create a connector campaign in Expandi.

Then, we need to connect it to Zapier. Select Webhooks by Zapier as the App and POST as Action Event.

Then, go back to Expandi. Select the outreach campaign you’d like to use, and in the Integrations section, copy the URL to use.

Go back to Zapier and paste the URL we just copied.

Select Payload type to JSON and map out the fields which you gather with Zoom (see screenshot). Most importantly, map profile_link to the answer to the question you previously set up in Zoom. 

Finally, press Test & Continue and if everything is working correctly, you should have just added a person who signed up for your Zoom webinar (yourself, colleague, or someone with a different LinkedIn URL) to your Expandi connector campaign!

If the flow is working correctly, whenever someone signs up for your Zoom webinar now will get automatically added to your Expandi LinkedIn outreach campaign.

Now, here’s the exact Expandi template sequence we used that you can copy and adjust for your brand.


Connection request message

“Heeyooo {​first_name}! 

I just popped open the champagne when I saw your name on the list of attendees for our next Expandi Live Demo! 

I realized “is this really {​first_name} from {​company_name}? I must say hi right away!

See you in the webinar! 


Follow up message #1, after 15 minutes of connecting

“BOOM! Welcome aboard, {​first_name}!”

Follow up message #2, after 5 days if no reply to the above

“Just checking back in because you’ve attended our live onboarding demo. 

Quick question: was it valuable for you? Did you already get some campaigns running? 

Share, please your feedback.”

Follow up message #3, after 45 minutes if no reply to the above

“I’ve also researched your profile (It’s me on the GIF), and thought it makes sense to invite you to join our LinkedIn Outreach Family on Facebook where we share tons of valuable resources to get the best results out of your campaigns.”

PS – check out our safest LinkedIn personalization outreach guide to learn how to create dynamic and hyper-personalized GIFs like the above to gain a reply rate of 72.9%+ in your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

And here’s a sample of the many, satisfied replies on LinkedIn:


And there you go!

Using this simple, but effective LinkedIn flow, we managed to hit a 77.8% connection request acceptance rate and a 67.5% reply rate.

This guide was the 3rd part of our reverse webhooks strategies. 

You can check out the first 2 on connecting your LinkedIn outreach with your Facebook ads and Calendly integrations here:

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Now, are you ready to start using reverse webhooks to make your marketing strategy truly omnichannel?

Get started using Expandi with a free 7-day trial now.

PS. If you’re looking for even more info on outreach marketing strategies and templates to copy, be sure to join our private Facebook group—The LinkedIn Outreach Family.

And if you’re looking for other LinkedIn lead generation marketing strategies, also check out:


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