Expandi’s Best LinkedIn Content Retargeting Growth Hack for 2023

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Wondering what’s the best way to find your target audience on LinkedIn, get quality leads, and achieve a crazy high engagement rate?

Then this post is for you.

Today, I’ll be covering:

  • How I make sure to target the right audience on LinkedIn based on the content they like.
  • How I gained 72% acceptance rate(!!!) by using LinkedIn automation.
  • How I scrape profiles, target my ideal customer personas, create engaging messaging and the exact tools I use.

When people hear the phrase “LinkedIn outreach automation”, more often than not, they get scared and want to turn back.

But can you blame them?

Now, I’m not a guru (yet! 🤣), but I’ve done a deep dive into this and here’s what I found:

NO-BO-DY likes responding to automated LinkedIn outreach messages, because, well, THEY’RE ALL THE SAME!

Ever received something like this from someone selling you something on LinkedIn?

“Hello [FIRST NAME]. I saw you working at [COMPANY NAME]. I love [COMPANY NAME] and what you do! Let’s connect so I can tell you more about what I do. Beep Boop. This is definitely not automated.”

LinkedIn automatic outreach template bad example

If you want to rise above the spam, you need to level up your LinkedIn templates.

People Are Tired of the Same Requests Every Single Time

We get it – LinkedIn is a bottomless well full of sales opportunities.

It’s a lot easier to reach a decision-maker via LinkedIn Messaging than any other platform.

But this also brings SPAM and low-quality Templates.

And people, especially those that properly manage their LinkedIn inbox, hate that.

Want to make sure you’re targeting the right people?

You can do so by looking at the content they like and engage with.

And in this article, I’m going to share with you my learnings about the LinkedIn content retargeting growth hack and how you can get awesome results with this.

Sounds great, right?

Let’s dive into the steps we’re going to take to achieve that:

1. Find a significant influencer in your target market – In this case, it was Ugljesa Djuric.

2. Find a post with a significant engagement rate that’s related to my “offer”, so you know the audience will be relevant to your message.

3. Scrape everyone who liked and commented on the influencer’s post with Expandi (the safest LinkedIn lead generation and automation tool that works 24/7 on the cloud, lemme know if you have any questions about the tool! 😉)

4. Setup the campaign in Expandi and write the “automated” Messaging Sequence.

1. Finding a Significant Influencer on LinkedIn For Your Target Market

To make sure you’re doing excellent LinkedIn lead generation, you need to have a laser-specific target audience and know where they hang out.

(In case you haven’t heard of buyer personas (Ideal Customer Profiles), make sure you read about it first and create a persona for your company!)

Every Growth Hacker wants to have a buyer persona that’s as specific as possible. Down to their interests, and motivations.

Once you have an idea of your customer personas and know which LinkedIn influencers they follow, we can then move onto the next step.

No idea which influencers your target market follows? Check out this post on Lempod on some of the best LinkedIn marketing influencers to follow in 2022 to start with.

As mentioned above, we’re going to focus on Ugljesa for this strategy.

Who’s he?

Ugljesa is a cool guy who knows a lot about all things LinkedIn hacks, Growth Hacking, marketing, and more.

His LinkedIn profile is great, as his posts are constantly going viral, and he always shares immense value to all people looking for the latest LinkedIn growth hacks.

LinkedIn Influencer

2. The Post With the Significant Engagement Rate

Scrolling through Uglijesa’s LinkedIn profile, you’ll find there’s a lot of high-value posts with a lot of engagement.

In this case, we’re going with the post below.

LinkedIn Influencer

3. Scraping Everyone Who Liked and Comment On Ugljesa’s Post With Expandi

Now that we have the post in sight, here’s how we’re going to target everyone who interacted with it. Picking this post should help us get more quality leads.

3.1 Go to the post and copy the post URL.

LinkedIn post scraping

3.2. Login to your Expandi account.

3.3 Go to search in the left menu.

3.4 Click on start new search.

3.5 Give your search a name.

3.6 Choose the tab Post Engagement.

3.7 Paste the post URL.

3.8 Fill in the post ID and let’s rock.

For more information and ideas about Expandi and its features, go here.



4. Setup the Campaign in Expandi and Write the “Automated” Messaging Sequence

When writing the automated messaging sequence, it’s important you write in a way that your target audience will connect with.

The “problem” with automation and LinkedIn lead generation is that it doesn’t seem authentic anymore.

So, it’s important you come across as natural and authentic.

Try to find something that you have in common, and preferably, something that’s not too obvious.

Here’s what I did to create awesome templates for my target audience:

4.1 Make awesome content for this post engagement campaign

In our case, we know that our target audience liked or commented on Ugljesa’s post.

That’s a great Conversation starter right there!

If we bring that up in a natural way, the prospect will be more likely to accept our connection request.

To them, it doesn’t feel automated, because, well, it’s a genuine question.

You can find the template I used below.

After going over the results, I saw that more than 70%(!!!) of the people accepted my invitation and 40%(!!!) responded to my follow-ups.

I’m more than OK with those numbers!

After accepting the request, I proceed to give value and share another step-by-step growth hack that I wrote myself (which you can find here).

From there, I offer a trial, and start a retargeting campaign Facebook for awareness about my solution (but that’s a topic for another time 😜).

You can find the templates I used below:

Connection Request Template (Interest in the Same Post)

“Hi {first_name} ,
Saw you also liked the amazing LinkedIn Growth Hack post by Ugljesa Djuric from Lemtalk.

I guess we have growth in common. Love it!

Let’s connect,


Follow-up 1 (1 day after connection request was accepted)

“Great to be connected {first_name}!
Which part of the Growth Hacking techniques that Ugljesa shared did you like the most?

I just finished writing a step-by-step LinkedIn growth hack that includes the templates and tools that generated me 40 conversions a week. I thought it might be useful for you too… So here it is:


Follow-up 2 (7 days after no reaction message 1)

“Hi {First_name}, was wondering if you had the chance to read my article and if it gave you any ideas for your LinkedIn growth strategy? Would love to hear your thoughts”

4.2 Create a connector campaign in Expandi

Prefer a video to reading? Check out my explanation video below (with the sound on).

  1. Here are the steps taken:
  2. Go to ‘campaigns’ in the left menu.
  3. Click on ‘add campaign‘.
  4. Give your campaign a name.
  5. Choose the connector campaign (standard selected).
  6. Choose between making a campaign for yourself (just you) or your colleagues as well (company).
  7. Write content (in the body part) for your connection request (use placeholders).
  8. Write content (in the body part) for your follow-up messages (use placeholders).
  9. Select the right time delta for your follow-up messages.
  10. Save your campaign by clicking on the ‘apply button‘ at right top.
  11. If you made a campaign for your company, copy the campaign to yourself: go to ‘company campaigns’ → go to the right campaign → copy the campaign by clicking on the ‘copy’ pictogram (next to the garbage can).
  12. Go to setting and click on ‘status on’. When there are people in the campaign it starts running. In the next step I’ll show you how to do that.


4.3 Add prospects to your campaign and send connection requests on the automatic pilot

Here’s how:

  1. Go to ‘search‘ in the left menu.
  2. Click on ‘start new search’.
  3. Give your search a name (the name of your audience is recommended).
  4. Select ‘Post Engagement‘.
  5. Drop the copy of the link post URL.
  6. Fill in the post ID .
  7. Click on ‘search‘ and wait a few minutes while Expandi is searching for your prospects.
  8. When the search is done: select it in the right column.
  9. Select the people you’ve made the campaign for.
  10. Click on ‘assign to campaign’.
  11. Select the right campaign.
  12. Click on ‘add select contacts to campaign’ and the campaign starts running.

Launch the campaign, sit back, and watch the leads coming in after they’ve read the article.

LinkedIn reply
LinkedIn Inbox

Here’s why the above approach works so well:

  1. By liking or commenting on a post, we can assume that the person is actively using LinkedIn.
  2. Because of the specific post engagement, we can also gather their interests (e.g. related to LinkedIn / Growth hacking).
  3. By bringing up the post they liked, we’re not being intrusive and have something in common to talk about – without being too random or spamm-y.

The results?

Expandi outreach LinkedIn campaign results acceptance rate.

4.4 Why Expandi is the best LinkedIn automation tool on the market    

Of course, you can always approach all your prospects manually with a fully custom message each time.

But that’s TOO time-consuming, and well, incredibly BORING.

So, why do that when you can use LinkedIn automation instead?

Using Expandi is basically child’s play and targeting prospects has never been easier.

To compare, I’ve done my research and tried the other LinkedIn lead generation and automation tools on the market.

I’ve tried Dux-Soup, which is one of the leading brands in the market. However, as it is a browser extension, I kept facing the same issues:

  • there is always a risk of being banned by LinkedIn while using it
  • It turns off automatically when you turn off your PC since it’s a browser extension.
  • I had to follow up with my leads using LinkedIn chat, which meant opening a whole separate tab and logging into LinkedIn every time. This was very inconvenient.

And here’s where Expandi comes in.

The tool runs 24/7 on the cloud, can’t be detected by LinkedIn, and has a ton of unique features.

Here’s why Expandi stands out:


Safety should always be the #1 concern when using any LinkedIn lead generation and automation tool.

With Expandi every user has their own unique, dedicated and local IP address.

Therefore, it’s undetectable by LinkedIn.

That’s huge!

If you’re using a LinkedIn browser extension, there’s always the chance of it getting detected.

Our algorithm is also designed to mimic human behavior.

So, there are no suspicious activities that would tell LinkedIn these actions are not done by a human.

LinkedIn account restricted suspicious behavior

Expandi Runs Online

Expandi is cloud-based!

This means it’s running 24/7 on your PC (or during specific times, you can adjust that in the settings).

When you use a Chrome extension, it turns off after you close your laptop because the tool is based on your browser.

This isn’t the case with Expandi.

Don’t want to contact people during the weekends or public holidays?

No problem!

You could also set it to reach people at 9 AM when most people check into work.

With Expandi, your campaign runs when you want it to.


To make things simple, Expandi is designed with a very ease-to-use and clear interface, with all the core UX principles in mind.

You (and your colleagues) will easily find your way around the tool.

You can set up multiple campaigns at the same time, and customize each follow up accordingly as well.

If you happen to have any questions, you can always check out the Help Center where we post tips on how to use Expandi and start generating more leads.

And if you have any other questions – you can always reach our savvy customer support team, or me personally!


To make your messages stand out even more, Expandi has partnered up with Hyperise and built a never-before-seen integration allowing you to, in addition to the message, personalize your images and GIFs.

Expandi can help you put Hyperise’s dynamic images right into your prospect’s inboxes, allowing you to get even better results with lead generation.

Key Takeaways

If done well, LinkedIn automation can have a ton of value and can have you generating leads while you sleep.

To recap, here’s how you can boost your LinkedIn acceptance rate and LinkedIn lead generation efforts to a never-seen-before number:

  1. Find the right post with high engagement from your target market.
  2. Scrape the list of profiles who liked or commented on the post using Expandi.
  3. Set up the campaign and prepare to do outreach to your ideal target market.
  4. Write templates that your target market will enjoy and resonate with. The more natural you sound – the better!

And voila!

Now, you launch the campaign, kick back, and wait for the leads to start rolling in.


Are you ready to start generating crazy high engagement numbers and new leads?

I’m offering an EXCLUSIVE deal that is not available on our website:

A 7 Day Free Expandi Trial


Here’s how you can claim it:

  1. Send me a friend request on Facebook
  2. Ask for the Expandi 7 day trial in a personal message.
  3. Receive the voucher for free access.

Yes, it’s that simple.

One final request though – find your own influencer post, the one by Ugljesa is mine! 😜


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