The Top 3
LinkedIn Outreach

  • More than 72% acceptance rate
  • More than 50% response rate to follow ups
  • More than 50 booked demos per strategy
Sales Prospecting on LinkedIn - the Tools & Tips You Should Know About

The Guide Which Will Help You Skyrocket Your Growth

This guide contains three strategies, explained step-by-step, which will provide you with the best results. You also get personalised templates and proof of the great results.

Because everyone uses
the same boring templates

I have tried dozens of strategies in the last 6 months myself. It’s 100% based on personal experience (with fails off course ).

Based on this I wrote a killer PDF with my top 3 LinkedIn outreach strategies that convert like BOOM!

So, I decided to share them with  you.

This amazing PDF contains three strategies, explained in depth step-by-step which wil provide you with the best results. I’ve put in also all personalized templates and proof of the great results I’ve got.

It gave me:

  • +70% acceptance rate in general
  • +50% response rate on follow ups
  • +50 Booked demos every single week per strategy

Scrape facebook groups

Facebook groups are a great place to find your target audience. Every Growth Hacker wants to target people in specific Facebook groups because the people in a Facebook group are far more interested in a specific topic than anywhere else!


Post engagement

In this LinkedIn outreach strategy, we simply retarget all the people who liked or commented on a specific post, by using Expandi. The reason this works so well is because we’re hyper targeting a specific group of people, and we can already assume their interests!



For this strategy, we’ll be creating an automated outreach campaign, that will still be personalised and mention something unique with each prospect, so we don’t lose track of the personal touch when we create an automated outreach campaign.

Would you like to generate 10x more leads and skyrocket your social selling outreach?