The Complete Guide to Posting Jobs on LinkedIn

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With more than 810 million users across the globe, LinkedIn is the #1 platform if you want to reach the right people.

It’s not ideal just for lead generation.

You can also reach freelancers and contractors and get more qualified applicants regardless of your niche or the service you’re looking for.

If you’ve ever found a job through LinkedIn, you probably already know how simple it is to filter through different job posts to narrow it down to your niche.

Similarly, you can post a listing that you’re looking for a qualified applicant, down to your requirements and preferences, and reach hundreds of people who want to work with you.

But it’s not that simple, exactly.

You can either post a free or a promoted job listing and reach more targeted applicants and gain a broader choice depending on your total budget.

Or, you can post a free job listing and promote it on your social media manually to save money.

But don’t worry. We’ll be exploring all options inside out below.

In this step-by-step guide to posting jobs on LinkedIn, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How To Post A Job On LinkedIn
  • Should I Promote My Job Listing Or Post It For Free?

But wait!

Before we cover this…

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Now, let’s jump into posting LinkedIn jobs!

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn

LinkedIn for recruitment is already immensely popular for HR managers, talent acquisition specialists, and headhunters.

So, now, further ado, let’s look at the actionable step-by-step process of posting a job on the LinkedIn straightaway.

Here’s how to post a job on LinkedIn:

1. Click on the Jobs icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.

2. Click on Post a free job.

3. This will direct you to the LinkedIn Talent Solutions page.

4. In the Job Details page, complete the following fields based on your job and company requirements.

5. From there, you’ll land on the Job Description page. There, you’ll also need to fill in the job details, such as the job title, description, skills, and more. That is done to target the right applicants. If you’re not sure how to describe your job position, consider looking at similar postings by other companies. You’re bound to find an easy template you can use.

6. On the Applicant Options page, you fill in the form on how you’d like to receive your applicants. LinkedIn will also automatically add optional screening questions here to help you filter your applicants and manage preferences. Though, you can simply remove them by clicking X.

7. Below, you can set up an auto-rate “not a fit” reply. This is so that your applicants who don’t qualify for your questions receive an automated email saying this job ad is not relevant to their skillset. Though, you can turn this off as well.

8. Finally, you can continue with the free job post or promote the listing to be on top of the search results at a price. LinkedIn recommends the Promoted job posting to reach more people, but it’s completely optional.

If you don’t want to pay LinkedIn, don’t worry. We’ll show you another way to reach more applicants below automatically!

Keep on reading!

Finally, you can go live with the job posting from here and optimize it, so it stands out more.

From here, to reach even more people, you can also follow these quick recruitment best practices:

  • Share the job listing on your social media and other marketing channels.
  • Run LinkedIn advertisements to let more people know you’re recruiting.
  • Optimize it and add more information (like the salary) so that interested applicants are more likely to apply.

Now, if you’re wondering whether or not posting a job on LinkedIn is worth it in the first place…

Why post a job on LinkedIn?

Looking for applicants on LinkedIn allows you to reach the world’s largest professional network to reach qualified candidates.

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Jobs was rated #1 in increasing the quality of hires.

It allows you to:

  • Reach the right people.
  • Find your best matches through qualifying questions and automatic insights based on the applicant’s profile.
  • Get to the right interviews by screening applicants with custom, must-have qualifications.

And the process is straightforward too.

  1. You post a job with easy-to-use job description templates provided by LinkedIn.
  2. You get it in front of the right people by promoting it through ads and relevant channel placements (such as emails, across LinkedIn, etc.). As an optional step, you can pay LinkedIn to boost the job listing, so you reach more people.
  3. Finally, you review and rate the best matches. Based on automatic candidate filtering and sorting, it’s easy to tell at a glance who’s relevant and who’s not. That is based on how optimized the LinkedIn profile of the candidate is.

Another way to hire people is through the LinkedIn Marketplace for freelancers.

Now, the follow-up question you might have when posting a job on LinkedIn:

Should I Promote My Job Listing Or Post It For Free?

As we covered above, LinkedIn allows you to make a free job posting or pay to have it promoted.

Here’s the difference.

Free LinkedIn job posting

You can have only one free job post open at a time on LinkedIn.

And the benefits are primarily surface-level:

  • Your job post appears in the search results and is searchable on LinkedIn.
  • You can easily filter and manage your applicants.

Meanwhile, here’s what happens if you promote the job post.

Promoted LinkedIn job posting

If you add a daily budget to your job posting, you can get 3x more qualified applicants through a more targeted and broader reach.

You also gain all the benefits that come with the free job posting option, in addition to:

  • Your promoted job listing coming up at the top of the search results.
  • Your job post being placed in front of qualified candidates based on their profiles and the “viewed similar jobs” feature.
  • Instant mobile alerts to qualified candidates. This way, your job post is instantly recommended to qualified candidates through mobile notifications to receive 3-5x more applicants.
  • Being able to invite applicants with a 1-2 minute video submission.

And that’s about it.

Posting a job on LinkedIn is easy.

But whether you want to make a free post or a promoted one depends entirely on you and a few factors, such as:

  • Your total or daily budget.
  • How urgent and important it is to hire the person for the position.
  • Your network, current organic reach, and more.


Now, to sum up, let’s go over some of the most frequently asked questions on LinkedIn job postings:

  • How to share a job posting on LinkedIn?

To share a job posting on LinkedIn, first, you have to create it from the Jobs section. Once you do that, to share it, you can:

  1. Find your job posting in the Jobs section.
  2. Click on Manage job posts.
  3. Once you find the job posting you want to share, tap the name of the company page you want to post it from.
  4. Tap the job post from the list to share it.
  5. Alternatively, you can simply paste the URL of the job posting and share it as a new post from your profile.
  • Can we post jobs on LinkedIn for free?

When posting a job on LinkedIn, you can post it for free or pay to have it promoted. With a free LinkedIn job posting, the downside is that you can only have one free job post open at a time, and the reach isn’t as high.

  • How to promote a job on LinkedIn?

Promoting a job on LinkedIn is easy. You can either make a free job listing and promote it manually through your profile or pay LinkedIn to make a “promoted job listing,” which has a higher reach and appears at the top of the search listings.

And that’s a wrap!

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