Top 10 Sales Agencies to Watch in 2023

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As companies and businesses are full-on in 2023, the sales world continues to evolve at an increasing pace. With the urge for innovation, changing customer preferences, and shifting market directions, finding a tailored-to-your-needs sales agency is as important as ever. Finding the right platform is vital for boosting the sales process and equipping your sales team with innovative tools for bringing marketing strategy to another level.

Now, let’s discover more about B2B sales agencies, explore the top 10 list of such agencies, and find out the criteria we used to bring you insights into new marketing efforts. Without further ado, it is time to dig deeper into aspects of finding the agency working to benefit your sales strategy.

What is a B2B sales agency?

A B2B sales agency provides services and products to improve a sales process, lead generation services, sales strategy, inbound marketing, and sales funnel in general. Regarding B2B, this abbreviation indicates that a sales agency provides services to other businesses. In simple words, B2B agencies help other companies to sell products and services in longer sales cycles directly associated with existing B2B transactions.

Regarding examples of what B2B sales entail, consider these two instances:

  1. Professional services like market research, sales enablement, and content marketing offered to other businesses.
  2. Digital or software services like CRMs, marketing automation products, sales influencers management systems, and chatbots sold to other companies.

B2B most often includes a long sales cycle and higher price points. Moreover, you can often find more complex processes and multiple touchpoints over multiple channels with a B2B sales agency. B2B sales agencies often work through sales development representatives (SDRs).

Overall, B2B sales play an important role in helping other companies transition from a traditional marketing model to one that will boost an existing sales funnel. A broad array of tools can be used to do that, including the use of personalization and even videos in sales. In turn, the firm that helps the process is the one that gets the revenue as well. As a result, if you find a good sales agency, it will be a win-win situation in your hands. 

How did we choose the top sales agencies to work for your sales process, sales team, and marketing strategy?

When developing the list of the top 10 sales agencies, we used certain criteria for selection. For each particular agency to stand out, it is crucial to evaluate the company based on these aspects:

  • Revenue growth
  • Customer satisfaction

These two factors provide a general perspective on how well a sales agency is doing its job and what it receives in terms of revenue for the quality of service provision. To give an overview of the agencies on the list, we have chosen these aspects:

  • Niche or target market
  • Unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Notable clients 

Looking at the niche and target market shows what services the sales agency on the list provides, what focus it has in terms of other companies, and what industries the firms operate in.

In turn, USP is something that distinguishes a sales agency from other ones. It is a unique proposition that shows the specific emphasis an agency puts when addressing its niche and target market. 

Finally, nothing speaks better about the industry or market reputation than the clients the company works with or the successful campaigns it conducts. Putting all the factors above together grants us variables for evaluation. Based on these assessment aspects, we managed to look through hundreds of sales agencies and determine the ones worth being on the list below.

Top 10 sales agencies to watch in 2023

Now, let’s discover the 10 sales agencies in 2023. Here are the candidates:

  • TeamRocket
  • Sales Roads
  • Strategic Sales & Management
  • MarketJoy
  • Belkins
  • Sales Hive
  • Callbox
  • EBQ
  • Lead Cookie

1. TeamRocket

sales agency — Team Rocket

Founded in 2013 TeamRocket is a small yet unique B2B sales agency. The company focuses on campaign creation and marketing. With a skilled team of planners, writers, and designers, the company’s clients can engage in crucial marketing aspects like campaign planning, personalization, A/B testing, and multi-channel campaign application. The firm utilizes sales prospecting tools to reach its objectives. 

Moreover, TeamRocket has expertise in email automation, LinkedIn growth, real-time reporting, and intelligent inbox. Overall, the platform has what you need to boost the sales funnel and develop a new marketing strategy. 


The company focuses on marketing campaign automation services. It operates in the healthcare, financial, insurance, retail, and automotive industries. Besides, regarding TeamRocket’s target audience, most of its clients are small businesses and startups. One should note that the company operates within the UK market. 


TeamRocket’s USP is all about generating leads and expanding sales pipelines. In other words, this sales agency’s selling point is to show they will deliver tangible outcomes. 


In terms of clients, these are the well-recognized ones:

  • Nestle
  • hive
  • Nando’s 
  • Quantum


No data

Customer satisfaction

  • No reviews

2. Sales Roads

Sales agency — Sales Roads

Sales Roasd is a leading and award-winning B2B sales agency focusing on provision appointment setting and lead generation services. Founded in 2007, the company recently reached some 100,000 appointments set. There is nothing more to say about Sales Roads except that it is a company that has a proven reputation in the market. 


Regarding niche, Sales Roads is a company operating in manufacturing tech, logistics, construction, industrial SaaS, transportation, and the SLED market. Its key focus is providing outsourcing services in appointment setting and lead generation. In terms of a target audience, this sales agency mostly works with mid-size businesses, with small companies running in second. 


Sales Roads’ USP is about providing sales outsourcing services directed at simplifying clients’ revenue operations and manageable growth. The company focuses on ensuring clients get profits within the sales engagement process. 


The company has worked with these companies:

  • Shell
  • Microsoft
  • Sharp
  • ADP


Since its inception the company has managed to reach $45.2M in revenues. 

Customer satisfaction

3. Strategic Sales & Marketing

Sales agency — Strategic Sales and Marketing

One of the oldest sales agencies in the business, Strategic Sales & Marketing was founded in 1989. The company is known for its B2B inbound lead generation and lead management services. In other words, this agency helps clients to target specific customers and turn them into leads. Overall, Strategic Sales & Marketing is the company that survived various market turmoil and managed to preserve its competitive edge. 


When it comes to focusing on the services, this sales agency emphasizes lead generation and appointment setting. In terms of the niche, the company operates in business services, financial services, information technology, and manufacturing. As to the clients, the business provides services mostly to small businesses and midmarket firms. Yet, there are also instances when Strategic Sales & Marketing worked with enterprises. 


As to the USP, Strategic Sales & Marketing focuses on maximizing the use of technology while managing sales leads and the sales funnel. Respectively, the business emphasizes the role of innovation and technology use. 


As to the clients, Strategic Sales & Marketing have worked with these ones:

  • CT Technology Council
  • Best Hire
  • FFF Associates
  • Outdoor Brokers


Since the firm was founded, it managed to raise a substantial capital of $11.7M. While this indicates, the company has experienced not that rapid revenue growth, it is stable. 

Customer satisfaction


Sales agency — CIENCE

CIENCE is a machine-powered B2B lead generation sales agency founded in 2015. It utilizes its unique method for boosting the sales process. The company’s Outbound method involves in-depth research on target audiences and multi-channel outreach. 

As a result, CIENCE makes sure its clients receive greater revenues through more predictable pipelines. One should also note that the company employs People-as-a-Serivece (PaaS) model for maximizing the outcomes and making them as efficient as possible. What is more, CIENCE is full-on in using innovative tools like LinkedIn Sales Navigator to bring even more leads. 


The core of CIENCE’s business functions is directed at telemarketing. In terms of industries, the company works with multiple segments, including IT, marketing, financial, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, retail, and eCommerce. Finally, speaking of target audiences, CIENCE puts a primary emphasis on enterprises.


With CIENCE’s USP there is a definite inclination toward two elements – people and processes. Namely, the business wants to bring the two together and make such interaction more manageable


When it comes to clients, CIENCE has these in its portfolio:

  • Yamaha
  • okta
  • Microsoft
  • Google 
  • Uber


While CIENCE is a relatively young company, it managed to reach $5M in revenues. 

Customer satisfaction

5. MarketJoy

Sales agency — MarkeyJoy

Founded in 2016, MarketJoy is a B2B sales agency taking the most effective elements of classic lead generation and coupling them with modern innovative business practices. The company pursues a key objective of connecting the business development team with existing market opportunities. 


When it comes to focusing on services, MarketJoy emphasizes email marketing and market research. Regarding the industry focus, the firm operates in the financial, business, energy, and natural resources markets. Finally, as to the clients, MarketJoy predominantly focuses on mid-size companies, with small businesses running in second. 


With MarketJoy, its USP is relatively straightforward. The company focuses on growing the sales pipeline for any business of any size.


As to the clients, MarketJoy has worked with these:

  • Vault
  • Viachem
  • Plore
  • Artemis vision


Even though the company is young, it has already managed to reach $25.3M in revenues.

Customer satisfaction

6. Belkins

Sales agency — Belkins

Founded in 2017, Belkins is one of the frontrunners in the lead generation service provision. Some even name the company as the number one sales agency with lead generation. Belkins reached a recognition and market reputation due to its approach toward innovative marketing, technology, sales solutions, and meaningful partnerships. 


In terms of service focus, Belkins primarily emphasizes sales outsourcing. As to the secondary services, the company works with call center services, content marketing, and email marketing. Belkins works in more than 50 industries all over the globe. It targets predominantly mid-size businesses and small companies. 


As to the USP, Belkins focuses on the provision of the best sales deals out there. The firm wants its products to have an impact on clients’ businesses and bring real results. 


When it comes to the portfolio, Belkins has worked with these clients:

  • Cengage
  • Cisco
  • Citcon
  • Donorox


While being on the market for a bit more than six years, Belins has already managed to show massive revenue growth reaching $51M.

Customer satisfaction

7. Sales Hive

Sales agency — Sales Hive

Founded in 2019, Sales Hive is among the youngest B2B sales agency on the list. The company works in lead generation and focuses on boosting sales revenue by applying long-cycle sales and long-term marketing approaches. One of the key features making the company stand out is the degree of personalization it includes within the services package.


Sales Hive operates in the US and Canadian markets. Its primary focus on services is a lead generation and marketing automation. Sales Hive operates in various industries, including healthcare, financial, insurance, and retail. Small companies and startups are its primary clientele. 


Sales Hive’s USP entails making lead generation easy and affordable. This proposition shows that the company target low-budget firms and tries to get them as high on the sales funnel as possible for the limited budgets they have. 


The company has worked with these clients:

  • Shopify
  • Asurion
  • Plume
  • YouGov


While being among the youngest firms on the market, Sales Hive managed to show massive revenue growth reaching $34M

Customer satisfaction

No reviews

8. Callbox

Sales agency — Callbox

Founded in 2004, Callbox is a global lead generation sales agency with the sole focus of helping its client reach revenue goals. The firm offers an array of appointment settings, lead generation, and data-related solutions. It focuses on multichannel strategies allowing easy reach to intended audiences. During its time on the market, Callbox has managed to complete more than 10,000 successful campaigns. 


When it comes to a service focus, Callbox emphasizes data entry and processing. In terms of service provision, it is known for sales outsourcing, customer service outsourcing, back office outsourcing, and call center outsourcing. Callbox works primarily with enterprises, with mid-size companies running in second. 


Callbox’s USP entails winning new clients without lead generation. While it may sound counterintuitive, the firm suggests it will do all the legwork with lead generation, and you will only close deals. 


As to the portfolio, Callbox has worked with these clients:

  • LexisNexis
  • LiQWID
  • Intrepid Advisors
  • Alima Technologies


Callbox is a big company with massive revenue streams. At the moment, these reach $150M.

Customer satisfaction

9. EBQ

Sales agency — EBQ

Founded in 2006, ebq is the sales agency helping its clients scale through different stages of the sales cycle. The company provides a dedicated team offering support during each stage of a buyer’s journey. 


Regarding the service focus, ebq emphasizes sales outsourcing, CRM consulting, email marketing, and call center services. It also focuses on marketing and sales automation. The company operates mainly in finance, retail, and eCommerce. It works with both mid-size companies and startups. 


Ebq’s USP focuses on people. The company suggests they operate as an extension of your sales and marketing team


As to the clientele, one can note these:

  • Wellview
  • Copado
  • Centripetal


Ebq is a slowly yet steadily operating sales agency. Its revenue stands at $3.9M.

Customer satisfaction

10. Lead Cookie

Sales agency — Lead Cookie

Last but not least, Lead Cookie is a B2B sales agency founded in 2017. It focuses on lead generation through LinkedIn automation tools. The firm is known for its risk-free guarantees and 30-day money-back policies. Essentially, they are sure clients won’t be disappointed. 


In terms of a service line, Lead Cookie is head-on in social media marketing. It operates in the business and IT sectors. The primary client focus is small businesses and startups. 


As to the USP, Lead Cookie emphasizes the fact that its services are tailored-to-clients-needs and hand-crafted. It means the company recognizes particular needs and delivers customized services. 


When it comes to clients Lead Cookie worked with, these are the ones to mention:

  • Cisco
  • Google
  • AT&T 
  • Microsoft


Lead Cookie does not prioritize rapid revenue growths. That is why it currently stands at $416K.

Customer satisfaction

Top 10 sales agencies comparison table

Agency Niche USP Clients Revenue Growth Customer Satisfaction
TeamRocket small businesses and startups generating leads and expanding sales pipelines Nestle




No data No reviews
SalesRoads mid-size businesses simplifying clients’ revenue operations and manageable growth Shell




$45.2M 4.9 
Strategic Sales & Marketing small businesses and midmarket firms maximizing the use of technology while managing sales leads and the sales funnel CT Technology Council

Best Hire

FFF Associates

Outdoor Brokers

$11.7 4.7
CIENCE enterprises and small businesses bring people and processes together and make such interaction more manageable Yamaha




$5M 4.4
MarketJoy mid-size companies growing the sales pipeline for any business of any size Vault



Artemis vision

$25.3 4.3
Belkins mid-size businesses and small companies provision of the best sales deals out there Cengage




$51M 4.9
Sales Hive small companies and startups making lead generation easy and affordable Shopify




$34M No reviews
Callbox enterprises winning new clients without lead generation LexisNexis


Intrepid Advisors

Alima Technologies

$150M 4.6
EBQ mid-size companies and startups operating as an extension of your sales and marketing team Wellview



$3.9M 4.8
Lead Cookie small businesses and startups tailored-to-clients-needs and hand-crafted services Cisco




$416K 5.0

Sales Agency Alternative: Expandi – Top Sales Outreach Platform

Looking for an alternative?

In addition to the top 10 sales agencies to watch in 2023, it’s worth mentioning Expandi as a top sales outreach platform. Expandi is an AI-powered automation tool for LinkedIn sales outreach that enables businesses to generate leads and create relationships with prospects. 

Its features include personalized messaging, automatic follow-up, and campaign analytics. With Expandi, sales teams can save time and increase their outreach efficiency, allowing them to focus on building stronger connections with their prospects.

Here are some of the key benefits of using Expandi:

  • Personalized messaging: Expandi allows users to create personalized messages that can be sent to prospects at scale. This ensures that each message is tailored to the individual recipient, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.
  • Automatic follow-up: Expandi automates follow-up messages to prospects who have not responded to the initial outreach. This saves time and ensures that no potential lead falls through the cracks.
  • Campaign analytics: Expandi provides detailed analytics on each campaign, including open rates, response rates, and conversion rates. This enables users to measure the success of their outreach efforts and make data-driven decisions.
  • AI-powered automation: Expandi uses artificial intelligence to automate tasks such as sending messages, connecting with prospects, and removing duplicates. This frees up time for sales teams to focus on building relationships with their prospects.
  • User-friendly interface: Expandi’s interface is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Overall, Expandi is an excellent alternative for businesses that want to take a more hands-on approach to their sales outreach and lead generation. With its powerful automation features and detailed analytics, it is one of the best sales prospecting tools to help businesses streamline their outreach efforts.


The list of top 10 sales agencies above provides a great starting point for your new sales or marketing strategy. Based on the information we offered, you get a pretty good chance of picking the company that will meet your particular needs.

If you still have questions left on how to make your lead generation stand out, sign up for our services, and we will show you the right way. 


What is a sales agency?

A sales agency is a business presenting itself as an intermediary between manufacturers and retail businesses. The key objective of any sales agency is to promote the selling of manufactured products to retailers. A sales agency operates through sales representatives to build closer relationships with retailers and urge them to purchase products from a particular manufacturer. 

What is a B2B sales agency?

A B2B sales agency is a particular type of sales agency focusing on business-to-business sales and interaction. Rather than offering products and services directly to customers, B2B sales agencies work with other businesses that resell to customers. In most cases, B2B sales agencies provide services like lead generation, sales training, sales forecasting, and market research. 

How does a sales agent work?

A sales agent works as a representative of a sales agency or manufacturer to promote and sell products along with services to potential customers. Sales agents can establish relationships directly with customers or other businesses. The key functions of a sales agent are to

  • Identify potential customers/businesses
  • Build relationships with customers/businesses
  • Present products to customers/businesses
  • Negotiate deals
  • Close deals
  • Offer ongoing support

What are the four types of B2B selling?

Any given sales agency might use four common types of B2B selling:

  1. Transactional selling focuses on efficient and rapid transactions.
  2. Consultative selling emphasizes close work with customers to meet their needs.
  3. Strategic selling involves a sales agency building long-term relationships with core customers.
  4. Solution selling, entailing the development of comprehensive solutions to address multiple customer challenges. 



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