How to write LinkedIn prospecting messages [25 examples that work in 2024] 

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LinkedIn has been a go-to outreach platform for B2B salespeople. But they are often stuck in a creative rut when writing personalized LinkedIn prospecting messages. 

Are you in the same boat? If yes, our guide can help you.

We’ll cover LinkedIn prospecting basics and offer 25 best LinkedIn prospecting messages examples. 

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What should you do before sending LinkedIn prospecting messages?

LinkedIn prospecting should be built on a strong foundation to turn connections into customers. And the good news is, it’s not that hard. Follow these two simple steps to get started on the right note:

  • Build ICP and buyer personas

ICP and buyer personas let you picture the “dream” prospect who can turn into a paying customer through your LinkedIn prospecting campaign. 

ICP, or ideal customer profile, is a fictional representation of an ideal company/person whose needs are fixed by your product or service. For example, a marketing agency owner with 20+ employees working with eCommerce clients.

And buyer personas drill down the specific characteristics of your “perfect” customer. For example, John Smith, a marketing manager in his mid-30s from California, earns between $200,000 and $500,000 annually. 

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile

You now know what your goal is once you’ve set your ICP and buyer persona. For instance, get  connections on a sales call and enquire about their pain points. 

It’s now time to optimize your LinkedIn profile based on your ICP and buyer persona’s needs and turn your profile into a lead magnet. It should clearly speak of your expertise, how your product or service helps the high-intent lead, and what makes you stand out.

Here’s a quick LinkedIn profile optimization checklist for effective prospecting:

  1. A high-quality headshot as the profile picture
  2. A compelling one-liner headline that packs your unique selling point
  3. An engaging summary highlighting your skills/product/service 
  4. Updated education
  5. Up-to-date skills
  6. Recommendations from other clients

Need a deep dive? Check out Expandi’s free eBook on LinkedIn profile optimization.

How to create effective LinkedIn prospecting messages

Below are some specifics to keep in mind while crafting LinkedIn prospecting messages:

  • Effective LinkedIn prospecting messages anatomy

If you want to nail a LinkedIn prospecting messaging, ensure it covers three main components:

The hook:

The first sentence of your message is the first thing that pops up on the prospect’s screen and inbox preview. So using a powerful hook to “hook” the reader increases the chance of response.

Your hook could be something engaging, like a witty question, specific observation, or an appreciation. 

The value proposition:

This comes right after your hook. Within two sentences, offer the prospect clarity on how you/your product or service solves their ultimate pain point. 

The CTA:

End your message by telling the prospect what they must do next. Should they click a link and book a call? Or respond with something specific – like “Interested” or “Tell me more”? Make it crystal clear. 

LinkedIn prospecting messages

  • The shorter, the better

The best part about LinkedIn messaging is its informality. You don’t have to write lengthy greetings and explanations like emails. 

Also, shorter prospecting messages have been shown to have a better response rate than longer ones.

  • Open with a strong hook or an ice-breaker

Instead of saying something generic, it’s best to perform some background research on your prospects so you can hook them with the first message. For example, you could personalize the message by adding about their recent speech at an event you attended. 

You can also add icebreakers, such as how their recent interaction on a LinkedIn poll caught your attention. 

Here are some ways to do so:

1. Scraping LinkedIn events

About 5000 events are happening on LinkedIn as we speak. 

LinkedIn prospecting messages template

You can easily filter out your niche-specific events using a simple LinkedIn search to look for prospects. Once you have the results, you can scrape attendees of a LinkedIn event and start personalizing prospecting messages. 

Example of a personalized hook:

So let’s say you scraped people attending “SaaS Con” and you want to use it to open the prospecting message and establish a commonality. 

“I see we’re both attending SaaS Con this Feb. I’m looking forward to [thought leader]’s session, and I think we all are. So see you there!”

Read this step-wise guide on how to scrape LinkedIn events for lead generation.  

2. Scraping LinkedIn polls

LinkedIn polls are one of the most engaging content formats. 

Say your targeted ICP is interacting over a popular poll by an influencer in your industry. Using a tool like Expandi, you can easily scrape the people interacting with the poll and use it as a personalized hook in your prospecting message. 

Example of a personalized hook/ice-breaker:

“Confused about what performance metrics to track? Well, that’s what your recent poll answer on [person]’s poll said.”

Learn more on how to scrape LinkedIn polls for lead generation

3. Scraping people who engaged with a LinkedIn post

Want to turn engaged users into potential customers? Try
scraping people who engaged with a niche-specific LinkedIn post, for example, on posts by an influencer or one of your viral posts. And finally, use this personalized hook to start your prospecting message body.

Example of a personalized hook based on a post’s engagement:

“Saw you shared [person]’s post about increasing website traffic. Would you mind checking out our free eBook on boosting website traffic in 2024? We’ve heard some great reviews about it!”

4. Website visitor growth hack

You could track website visitors using a tool like Leadinfo and further filter your target ICP for outreach. Next, you can create a fresh Expandi
automated LinkedIn outreach and follow-up campaign.

Example personalized hook:

“I noticed you recently visited our website – [website name]. So wondering if you want to scale your online store’s performance using our tools. Let’s connect and discuss how our tools can your store grow.”

5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator growth hack

Using your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can filter your ICP using more advanced filters to find common ground, copy their URL address, import to Expandi, and start automated outreach. 

Just like the example below, use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to drill down users from a specific LinkedIn group. Next, you can open the LinkedIn prospecting message by sharing how you both are part of the same group and wish to connect in person, too. 

best LinkedIn prospecting messages

  • Maximize personalization

Try using ChatGPT prompts to come up with prospecting message personalization ideas. For example, run prompts based on a user’s LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn post engagement, and recent articles/media mentions.

Personalization need not be limited to text. You could also add creative GIFs and images to attract prospects, like so:

LinkedIn prospecting messages templates

Read this guide on how dynamic personalization got us a new talented Scrum Master!

  • Stay away from pitching in the first message

Building rapport is key to establishing a genuine connection with a prospect. So pitching straight away can strain a potential relationship and make you seem too salesy. 

So firstly, try to understand the prospect’s pain points and their goals for the following quarter or year. 

  • Provide value

Give prospects a good reason to reply by providing value. It could be a resource, such as an article, a case study, an eBook addressing their pain points, or talk about what you bring to the table.

For example, “We helped a business like yours achieve 20% more website conversions in just a month with our email marketing tool.”

  • Create an omnichannel follow-up sequence

Your prospect could be active on other touchpoints like email along with LinkedIn. So it’s best to tie both the sales channels for higher response rates. 

An omnichannel follow-up campaign lets your offering stay fresh on top of prospects’ minds. 

Using Expandi’s Smart Sequences, you can tie up LinkedIn messages and emails for initial contact and follow-up, like the example below:

LinkedIn prospecting messages

You can set specific conditions, add intervals between follow-ups, and add multiple messaging sequences based on precursors, like someone visiting your profile, liking a post, etc. 

Now that we have best practices for LinkedIn prospecting out of the way, it’s finally time to explore examples.

25 LinkedIn prospecting messages templates

We have 25 ready-to-edit templates for LinkedIn prospecting messages across use cases. So choose one that fits your bottom line.

1. Using a catchy hook

Start with a witty hook so prospects can open your connection request. Remember not over to do it as it could lead to clickbait and marking you as spam.

Hey [Prospect],

I could tell you’re a Marketing Maestro by your recent posts!

I’m [first name], a [designation] at [company]. It would be a pleasure to connect with industry thought leaders like you. 

So let’s connect?

2. Offering a value proposition

What is the best trick to receiving a prompt response? Offer value before asking for something in return, for example, a solution to pain points, case studies, or an eBook. Prospects will love how thoughtful you are despite reaching out to them for the first time.

Hi [Prospect],

I’m [first name], a [designation] at [company].

I saw your brand’s website and noticed a [challenge]. Just last week we helped [competitor name] fix their [pain point]. 

Would you mind taking a look at their video case study and eBook about [challenge]? Let me know, and I’ll be happy to send the links.

3. Talk about a mutual connection

Two people in the same industry could have many mutual connections on LinkedIn. For example, you could also mention how a particular mutual connection referred you to this prospect. 

Hey [Prospect],

[Mutual connection name] pointed me your way for website development services. We’ve been working with them for the last two years and are an extension of their company.

Would love to understand what problem your brand has been facing.

Can we schedule a call this evening? 


4. Approaching an event attendee

Be it a digital or in-person event, scrape event attendees so you don’t miss sending a personalized connection message to an event attendee matching your ICP. The message can be short and precise. 

Hello [Prospect],

I see we’re both attending [event name]. I’m looking forward to [thought leader]’s session, and I think we all are!

I’d love to share a playbook my team put together on [event topic]. Would you love a copy?

Looking forward to connecting with you, [Prospect].


5. A follow-up message for a lead magnet

Did you know LinkedIn follow-up messages can boost response rates by 9 to 13%? So don’t miss following up with prospects by not being too pushy. 

Hey [Prospect], 

Bumping this up in case my previous message was lost in translation. I was hoping you’d love to take a look at our free playbook.

Shall I send the link? Just say “Yes,” and I’ll be happy to!

6. Personalizing based on prospect’s past engagement

If a thought leader or an influencer in your niche had some viral post, there’s a high chance prospects could be commenting or liking them. 

Personalizing based on their recent engagement is a great way to catch prospects’ attention. 

Hi [Prospect],

I saw your comment on [mutual connection]’s post on the best web development agencies. 

I’m a [designation] at [company], a web development agency for B2B brands like yours. I took a look at your website, and I’m sure you’re looking for help to optimize it.

Can we have a chat over this tomo? Let me know, and I’ll send a few times to chat.

7. Icebreaker

A professional platform like LinkedIn doesn’t stop you from being witty and funny with your prospects. So try breaking the ice using niche-specific humor.

Hey [Prospect],

What’s a marketer’s favorite drink? It’s Brand-y. Get it?

Jokes apart, I’m [first name] a [role] at [company], looking to grow my marketing network. 

So I would be glad to connect with you!

8. For website visitors, part of your buyer persona

Track your website visitors and see who fits into your buyer persona. Target them by sending personalized LinkedIn connection messages.

Hey [Prospect],

Would you like to learn about what we do at [company] and how we can help you? 

I’m a [designation] at [company]. So let’s connect, and I’ll set up a quick demo. What say?

9. Connecting with a prospect from a mutual LinkedIn group

If you’ve found the prospect on a LinkedIn group and noticed their interactions, you can add about this connection to establish a common ground. 

Hey [Prospect],

I noticed you love connecting with sales and marketing professionals and learning about trends like me since we’re both a part of the Digital Marketing UK group. Love that we share this interest!

Let’s connect?

10. Using image/GIF personalization

Syncing Expandi and Hyperise lets you add dynamic images and GIFs to your otherwise bland LinkedIn prospecting messages

Hey [Prospect],

“Free for a virtual coffee?”

I see you’ve been hunting for a solution to fix [challenge]. Curious to know what solutions you’ve been trying so far.

Let’s catch up, say, this Friday? Let me know!


11. Connecting with an alumni

You can scrape alumni from LinkedIn and build a network of like-minded alumni, as you may probably have the same target audience or are part of your ICP.  

Hi [Alumni/Prospect],

Fellow [alma mater] here! 

I would love to connect with you and learn about your work at [company]. I majored in [field] and currently work as a [designation].

Let’s stay in touch!


12. Posted on a specific topic – LinkedIn Sales Navigator search

If you’re using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you must be familiar with its advanced LinkedIn search filters. For example, you could search ICP posts using a keyword, for example, “growth hacks.”

Hi [Prospect],

Your recent post about growth hacking really struck a chord. Love that we share a mutual interest in exploring growth hacks for SaaS companies.

Would you mind checking out a growth hacking eBook I put together? Let’s connect, and I’ll send it across.

13. Connecting request to industry thought leaders

Sending a LinkedIn connection request or a prospecting message to a thought leader can be tricky. However, with some personalization, you can get noticed.

Hello [Prospect],

I’ve heard a lot about you from my colleagues. They rave about your work and tips in [niche].

I would love to connect and learn from you.



14. Congratulatory messages

Your prospects may have had recent accomplishments they discussed or mentioned in the media. So dig them out as congratulatory messages can make great conversation starters.

Hey [Prospect],

Just wanted to reach out and congratulate you on your recent promotion to [role]. That’s an amazing feat in such a short time.

I would love to connect and chat with you!



15. The social proof

This prospecting strategy is perfect if you’re reaching out to a specific ICP whom you’ve helped achieve outstanding results in the past. For example, a Fortune 500 company, a bootstrapped EdTech company, etc.

Hey [Prospect],

I’ve read extensively about how your [company] grew over the last few years. That’s an incredible achievement for a startup. 

We’ve had a client similar to your business and helped them achieve [results]. I believe your company, too, can achieve this goal.

Could you block a few minutes this week to talk about it? – [Signature]

16. Reaching out to existing clients

It’s always a great idea to upsell to your existing clients who’ve loved your work. It shows you’re willing to continue collaboration and are keen to help them achieve more goals. 

Hey [Prospect/Client],

We loved working with you and your team on fixing [challenge]. 

I have some exciting ideas for building on the [solution] and taking [client company] to greater heights.

Are you open to a quick call this week?

17. Reach out to users suggested by LinkedIn

LinkedIn “People also viewed” section features LinkedIn users who majorly fit into your frequent searches or network. So you could reach out to them with a personalized message.

Hey [First name],

Your profile came up under the “People also viewed” section, so I was curious to check out your profile and found that we work in the same [industry] industry. So let’s connect and have a virtual coffee once in a while?


18. Reach out to a former colleague

Worked with a colleague who moved out? It’s best to connect with them on LinkedIn to explore their network if you share a similar target audience.

Hey [First name],

Remember me? We worked together at [company] on projects like [project]. I’m sure you do!

Let’s connect and catch up as it’s been a while!



19. Approaching a prospect in your locality

Prospects in your locality create an instant point of connection. It opens doors to many collaboration opportunities like in-person events or regular meetups. 

It can also be a great conversation starter to approach them for prospecting on LinkedIn.

Hey [Prospect],

I noticed we’re both from [city/town], and I’m super pumped to connect with people in my area. 

I’ve worked with a few [industry] businesses from our city/town [name], and we’ve built amazing relationships in the past. So I’d love to connect and exchange insights!


20. Event promotion

Hosting an event and want industry professionals in your targeted ICP to attend it? The best way to promote them is by reaching out to your target audience with tailored LinkedIn prospecting messages. 

Hey [Prospect],

Hope you’re doing well! 

I’m [name], a [role] at [company]. We are hosting a hands-on session on [topic], and I think you’d love to attend it based on your company’s profile. 

Here’s the link to the event: [link]. See you there?

21. Reach out to members who’ve reacted to a LinkedIn poll

LinkedIn polls can be used for lead generation if you know how to scrape poll results. For example, your target audience may vote “Yes” on a poll by an influencer talking about companies facing a pain point.

Hey [Prospect],

I saw you voted “Yes!” on [person name]’s recent LinkedIn poll on [topic] and also asked a question. 

I would love to connect with you and share some resources we put together on this topic. So let’s connect!

22. The community strategy

Apart from common LinkedIn groups, you and your potential client could be a part of a Slack channel, Facebook group, or a local community. So use this opportunity as a conversation starter and build your LinkedIn network.

Hey [Prospect],

I found you on the Slack channel – [channel name] and looked up your profile on LinkedIn. I guess we share a common passion for sales optimization. That’s awesome!

Let’s connect!


23. Reach out to a prospect for market research

Potential customers love feeling valued. You could reach out to them asking for their unique insights on a specific topic they may know of. 

Hi [Prospect],

My company, [company] is conducting research on [specific trend/topic] to publish as an eBook.

I’ve read your articles and could not help but reach out to you for a collaboration. I’d love for you to add your thoughts on the same. Let’s connect over a brief chat?

24. Reach out to an author of a LinkedIn article

Most companies’ key decision-makers publish long-form, thought leadership articles on LinkedIn on specific topics. So dig into them through a LinkedIn Sales Navigator search to find the right decision maker for prospecting.

Hi [Prospect],

I came across your article on LinkedIn on [topic]. Working in [industry], I could resonate with your thoughts about [specific section]. 

I’d love to keep in touch and learn more about your ideas!

25. Target competitors’ followers

Do you have top competitors in your industry? Visit their LinkedIn profiles and use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to extract a competitor’s followers who could be your potential clients (exclude employees by adding a “Company name” filter).

Hey [Prospect],

I’m [name] from [company]. We are a [key differentiator] and achieved [unique selling proposition] in the last year. 

We’d love to help businesses like yours achieve [goal]. 

I see you may be using [competitor solution]. Could we connect over a brief call to understand how that’s going? 



Wrapping up

Here’s hoping you had access to enough templates to win LinkedIn prospecting. Remember, you can mix and match templates to match your use case.

A/B test your favorite strategies and continuously optimize them based on your prospects’ engagement.

Here’s what your next steps are:

Until then, happy prospecting!


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